ofc you can ask for more pidge!!ive thought bout pidges role in this au and this is what i have so far:

  • Pidge was an apprentice of Corans(the village engineer) along with hunk but after a month or so coran deemed pidge smart enough to work by his side
  • After Matts disappearance pidge took a great interest in studying dragons and how they communicate with each other in hopes of finding a way to the nest

  • pidge still has a slight fear of large dragons but a love for small ones

  • pidge is allowed to fight and hunt dragons but prefers not to (mainly due to fear)

  • later on in the story pidge is actually the one who creates the flying suit that hiccup wears in the 2nd movie

  • pidge uses lance as their test dummy for new inventions and lance swears one day pidge is going to be the death of him 
  • once pidge was older they built shiro a new arm (that he loves dearly)
  • keith is always hanging around pidge and has deemed her his closest friend but will deny that they are bffs (to which pidge replies with “keith what the fuck”)
  • pidge is the messiest viking in the village someone teach this child some manners
this is pidges dragon btw:

more dragon AU here

Fair warning here, this is a final project for storyboarding class, so it’s not related to any of my stories, Endertale or otherwise, and it also has “Evil Chara possessing Frisk” so if there are any Chara lovers out there that don’t like that, this probably won’t be your cup of tea. I had to make the whole story clear for my teacher which is why I just went for the possession thing instead of the real story (my real story anyways) I didn’t have as much time to do what I actually wanted to do, I had to really cut it down big time

Also I tried a bit of sound and music so there’s that XD music used are “In My Way” and “Megalo Strike Back” as well as a few UT sound effects :D so it’s not all dead silence anymore 


Yuri!!! on Ice Toy’s Works Collection Niitengomu! Vol.2 features eight rubber keychains and comes out out in March! It’s being released by Chara-Ani

One box will retail 4,800 yen, although some sites may offer it cheaper. 

edit: the following rubber straps are exclusives if you order from specific sites.

  • Victor- Animate
  • Yuuri- Animega
  • Yurio- Chara-Ani

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Dang this archive is long can someone recap all this?

Frisk starts an askblog. It’s the pacifist ending and everyone’s happy! Yay! OR ARE THEY. Just kidding it’s a nice wholesome askblog over here and nothing bad happens. Wait! Gaster’s in the void still! But Sans saves him by tearing open a big gaping plothole! The plothole is so big that Chara crawls through it. Frisk fails at an innocuous social situation, which leads Monster Kid to stupidly risk their life for a flower that doesn’t exist. Frisk stupidly runs after them without calling for the help of any adults. Chara shows up and Frisk realizes that they did a bad. Sans shows up and can’t keep his eyes on the danger baby and gets bodysnatched. TORIEL DIES! Just kidding she’s fine. And Sans causes half of the internet to cringe with second hand embarrassment and the other half to squeal with childlike glee as he transforms into a meme… which I guess means that nothing changed about him really if you think about it. CHARA DIES! Just kidding Sans spares them. SANS DIES! Just kidding he’s fine. THE KETCHUP DIES. Not kidding about that one. Everyone goes home and everything’s fine OR IS IT. Chara’s got a secret plan and wants everyone to sign a petition for their secret plan that they aren’t going to tell anyone about. Everyone’s like “What? No! Why would we-” and then they sign it anyway. Everyone’s asleep now. Sans has a wetdream. What? A crossover with another blog? Behind the scenes the authors meet and Trash Queen says “I will cure your skelewaifu” and Rei says “Oh thank you Trash Queen, however shall I repay your magnanimous acts? I know! Here, this dog.” and a deal was made. TORIEL DIES! Just kidding, I mean really though she just can’t catch a break. Flowey soul grew three sizes that day. The crossover ends. Frisk has a crazy sister. She kicks Papyrus in the face because he gave a guy nicecream and took him to the hospital. How dare he. She gets dunked/doodled on. An Edgelord comes out of the plothole. He’s totally not Asriel from a dystopian AU. Frisk’s sister and her friend get jumped in an alleyway by the creature from the black lagoon, the easter bunny’s punk rock sister, and Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. Frisk’s sister gives Children of the Corn a bad review. This pisses off Stephen King’s skeleton. The Edgelord one-shot’s Stephen King’s skeleton. Frisk apologizes for procrastinating on family reunions. They all hang out for a while and nothing happens. Until some stuff happens. And there was another crossover…? And they started an exorcism band…? And… Man I’m sleepy. I’m going to take a nap now. Bye.


9990zara  asked:

Does Chara subconsciously mimic any habit from the Dreamurrs?

Mostly mannerisms!

Asgore & Chara, Asgore being the first to use the Determination/Determined line (Alphys being inspired by him at the time, she used Asgore in her notes the same as she does with Undyne)

“Here we are!” Being used quite a few times in the game but I feel like most were definitely inspired by Asgore… SINCE HE’S BEEN AROUND FOREVER

“How curious” Definitely feel like Asgore inspired a lot of Charas speech

“Greetings” Self explanatory

Puns, NarraChara is FULL of puns! Fantastical jokes and probably got it from both Toriel and Asgore really

“Hell” Toriel has been known to (and even so in game) to say Hell… Chara does too! (So does sans but shhh)

Roleplay: This is mostly to do with how easily Asriel fits into his Flowey role without feeling weird or off while also being able to imitate many others. Seems to fit to me that he’s previously enjoyed role playing as such without any problem until it became a bit too real. Same applies to Chara, while reacting to God of Hyperdeath first form with excitement and wonder! While losing all hope when faced with the second form…

At the end of Pacifist, Asriel says the line “Don’t you have better things to do?”

Chara says it too when running away! (Although the line hasn’t been fixed lol)
“I’ve got better to do.“

YOI x Chara-Ani Toy’sworks Collection Niitengomu! Rubber Straps

Original Release Date:
July 2017

Featured Characters (8 Total):
Viktor (Original + Animate & Animega Exclusives), Makkachin, Yuuri (Original + Animate & Chara-Ani Exclusives), Yuri (Original + Animega & Chara-Ani Exclusives), Christophe, JJ, Michele, Phichit

These fun rubber straps feature the select skaters in their free skate costumes, as well as select moments for the main trio (Drunk Viktor, press conference Yuuri, cat whisperer Yuri)!

The three retailer exclusive straps on the bottom row were as below:

  • Animate - Yuuri jumps to embrace coach Viktor
  • Animega - Viktor and Yuri enjoy the onsen/hot spring
  • Chara-Ani - Yuuri and Yuri from the History Maker OP

More from the Toy’sworks Collection series!

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I was thinking... if Goth doesn't like any chara, that means he doesn't like us!chara too?



YOI x Kadokawa/Chara-Ani Toy'sworks Collection Niitengo SisterS Acrylic Clips

Original Release Date:
May 2017

Featured Characters (4 Total):
Viktor, Makkachin, Yuuri, Yuri

These cute clips have unique backsides.

Love how the main trio’s favorite things are visible from the rear!

More from the Toy’sworks Collection series!

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Does Goth know Reapertale Chara by any chance? If so how do they get along with each other? If not well how would they get along with eachother?

His step-sister managed to be the alpha in the house <:3c

Goth was traumazed <:3c

He’s sorta afraid of all Chara(s) & knife because of this event <:3c

This is his 7 years old self btw, not his current one <:3c he met Reaper!Chara in the past after all..



So I’ve been wanting to do commissions for awhile now but I have no confidence in my art skills just yet. BUT, since it’s about to be christmas I decided to do finally open my first ever commission! O wO

You can have your very own floofball for only 5-8 dollars! And when I said any character is gonna be drawn as a floof, I meant ANY chara. Let it be from an anime, cartoon, game, tv series, OR AN OC O 7O

So just message me here through my tumblr and we’ll talk about getting you some chickies U wU <33



cheskitten-sm  asked:

How many of the rainbow of children were abused like Frisk and Chara? I hope it's not too many...

Most of them had okay enough home lives. Two were orphans at a pretty okay orphanage. Only one besides Frisk and Chara was abused in any way. Paolo was one of the ones who came from a loving family.


hi please boost this!

im opening up commissions because my family is struggling greatly and i want to help them! we might lose our house and one of our cars broke down ): i can lower the prices if they’re too high!

❌ — i will not do nsfw/ any furry charas ! only sonic ocs
✔️ — i can draw humans as well! they apply to the prices below

a simple full body sketch is $10! - sonic ocs & sonic characters !

full body charas - limit is 2! lined and colored!!- is $20!

im only accepting paypal! please allow a week up to advance for me to finish since im still in school!

gamerlegend09  asked:

So when you mentioned "The power that comes from LOVE has a corrupting effect" and "Those who taste it only want more and more" I can understand that, but since Chara became a wizard when passing the Barrier does that make them more Resistant to those Effects? Is there still a chance they can come back to being apart of the family?

Being a wizard doesn’t have any effect on LOVE. However things aren’t completely hopeless for Chara. I mean… technically because of the resets, Chara hasn’t gained any LOVE. And even if they had, LOVE can decrease. LOVE is a measure of the metaphorical hardness of a heart, but hearts can change.