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So. Because I’m insane, I turned the fanfic The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 into a hardcover book. And got class credit for it. 100%, I may add. AND my professor wants it in the school gallery show. Heck yeah, man. It literally took weeks of work, but I am pleased.

Click here to see more details that didn’t fit on the photoset. Please.

If you have not read this fic, go do so. Seriously. I TURNED IT INTO A FREAKING ACTUAL BOOK. I would not have done that with something that isn’t quality, man.

My typographical portrait of Tom Hiddleston, using 30 adjectives that describe this incredible man.

As you can probably tell, this was something that took me a very, very long time to do, but it was worth it. I was inspired, as I often am, by Mr. Hiddleston’s personality and character as a person. I once wrote a post trying to explain how much Tom means to me, and how I hope to someday be able to thank him for being who he is, because he truly restores my hope in humanity on some days. But, since I found that attempting to string sentences together to describe how much he means to me proved insufficient, I turned to Photoshop to express some of my respect and admiration. And so, this is my tribute to Tom. These 30 adjectives are not the only words one could use to describe him, but they are some of the main ones that immediately come to my mind when I think of him. I hope to someday show him this, and maybe it will go a little farther than an insufficient “thank you” could ever express.

I am going to tweet this to Tom in the hopes that he’ll see it. If you choose to do so too, all I ask is that you please tweet him the link to this post, not just the image. I want him to know why I made this, and how much he means to me for simply being who he is. Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, and thank you to Tom Hiddleston for being an inspiration for me daily.

(Edit: some close-up details can be seen here)


“Sentiment?” – “Something like that.”  |  a Captive Prince playlist

For the future kings known as Laurent of Vere and Damianos of Akielos, and for the evolution of their relationship together.

From their identities as individuals, to “slave and master” shifting towards something else, to desire and love… into (hopefully) a united partnership against the Regent and Kastor.



(originally posted on Twitter here)

HAPPY ASEXUALITY AWARENESS WEEK! Please click the photos so you can actually read them.

Yeah, I know, the week ends tomorrow and I’m just now posting this on Tumblr… sorry, I’m a bit late. I originally made this for Facebook (and I did actually post it on Monday!) to come out to and educate my 500+ friends/acquaintances, most of whom have never heard of asexuality, hence the length. I then modified it for Twitter (and i was too lazy to modify it for Tumblr…) and now it’s finally on here too.

Feel free to reblog/share :)

Clickable bibliography link from Skeptics slide

Art source for Attractions slide

Asexual skeleton art source

(Oh, and I know there’s more variations within the ace spectrum, but this was meant to be an introductory crash course, not an all-encompassing encyclopedic post)


Soooo I planned, designed, and constructed an Avengers popup book for my handmade books class from scratch. No, seriously. It took forever, and it required many, many experiments, but I AM SO PROUD OF THE WAY IT CAME OUT. Look at this monstrosity.

These pictures aren’t the best ever (weird lighting, and please excuse the background), and it’s really hard to show the structure well in photos… but it’s a hardcover book, about 17x23 inches when open. A tower comes up with all of the characters popping all the way around off of their respective logos (which I recreated from scratch in Illustrator in order to make them big without pixelation). The base has profiles on each of them. The information is partially from the website, but I also edited/added to it as per my liking. :P

The bottom right shows you kind of how it folds down and in on itself because, yes, it does close! Hallelujah. Popup book indeed. Oh, and the cover has nothing on it because it just has this really nice textured paper, which the picture doesn’t show too well. It’s nice in person though.

So… yup. Let me know what you guys think :D


From this amazing Avengers fic by scifigrl47.

Because we all love Calcifer. After all, he is the reason why Sci’s Avengers fics are known as The Toasterverse. (;

If you’re an Avengers fan, and you have no idea what I’m talking about? Start here. Thank me later.