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Beauty and the Beast

“She wanted to write to him. Tell him she was glad he was back, that he was alive, that he was home and safe. But words to him no longer fit right in her her mouth.Words which belonged in his ownership were no longer hers to give. Silence was the only acceptable state her heart would grant. He would never know what he missed, because she refused to be heard in his presence. All the words he could have had, all the phrases he might have danced with. The smiles which would have been imprinted upon his heart, would never be. And his lips would never be able to reply to the words she could not say.” ― Coco J. Ginger

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why cant u just avoid it then? no one is forcing u to play it or get into it... i mean im sure u have a connection to the past games but just because the series is the same doesnt mean they are one game (if that makes sense.) the range in fe players is very large now and the game appeals in diff ways now. it feels like a lot of game elitism to me, where ur just mad its not like the old games when it wouldnt make sense to go backwards.

i am a grumpy old man when it comes to fe lmao i already know this but the reason im upset isnt because of all the new features fe13/14 have been getting. its been a long time and of course the games are gonna grow and new games are gonna have new stuff, a lot of them are really cool and its great that theyve added ways to make the games more accessible to new players, thats not what im upset about

ive just been really bothered with the direction theyve been taking wrt the characters themselves and how they interact with each other. yeah it wouldnt make sense to go backwards for a new game but the way theyve been designing the characters feels a lot like the games are going backwards in another way. it just seems like theyve become a lot more tropey and the designers and writers are focusing a lot more on how marriageable they can make everyone, and maybe its unreasonable to blame that entirely on the marriage system but i do think that has a lot to do with it

of course i havent played fe14 yet so maybe ill be pleasantly surprised w the characters backstories and personalities and such but for now i dont think its unreasonable to say that the way theyve been designing the ladies is a huge step backwards from say fe9/10..

Rereads Reverse!AU discussion

Oh, once Tenor catches on and Flare seemingly manages to get him to lay off the first time, he’ll investigate

After all, it’s not too hard to send a little minion ‘bot out to see what’s going on; and track down sweet little Tempo…

and make sure she never opens her mouth again.

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In regards to the Yulin thing you reblogged a second ago, just wanna point out that whilst I do agree w/ it being their food source and we shouldn't judge, I think it's more down to the conditions in which the animals are kept and methods of slaughter that are causing this boycott. Slaughterhouses (in the UK at least) have to adhere to certain criteria of humane slaughter, and this is lacking in this case.[...]

also there are accusations that these dogs/cats are being stolen/taken from owners (whether these rumours are true or not I don’t know- media is obviously known to lie)

Aiight this is gonna be a bit of a long winded answer frond, and I’ve actually had a bit of a look around after getting this ask, just to throw this all together for you if you’d like to read it all :p

Anyway… I’m not sure whether you’ve heard of it, but a little while ago, there was an uproar in the live cattle trade between Australia and Indonesia, after there was footage released of them torturing the animal before it’s death; breaking it’s tail, laughing, beating it ect and you can have a look at the whole fiasco herehere and here

Now more recently, a similar thing is happening in northern Vietnam abattoirs and you can read/listen about the problems here

Now what has that got to do with this ask, you may wonder?

The Australian cattle industry is animal welfare driven; they will go so far, as to ban live exports from a province and/or country that has been known to abuse the cattle before their deaths. With the Vietnamese cattle trade however there’s a little bit of a problem - not only are they becoming one of the bigger markets for Australia, they’re also sending off cattle to smaller unapproved abattoirs, which is where this entire shitstorm decided to kick up

What’s going on in Yulin could be considered similar. 


Now, I don’t really know how to word this so…. I’m gonna try, alright? Just… don’t expect it to be that great.

… It could be considered similar, except they’re not only being cruel to the dogs in question right from the get go, they’re cramping far too many animals in cages way too small. It’s unsanitary, there’s infection running rife, the animals aren’t even prepared in a clean environment (I live in Malaysia, and let me tell you the wet markets where chickens are killed to order, is far cleaner than what I’ve just seen).

Not only is this asking for trouble in terms of disease and illnesses, it’s fucking harrowing to look at (I will warn you, the pictures/video are quite distressing to the faint of heart). And honestly? It wouldn’t surprise me if - like you and these articles have said - people have stolen pets to take them to this market. What easier way to get produce than from someones backyard?

I have no problem with people eating what they want; go for it. You do you.

However, when there’s blatant cruelty involved, thievery of a families beloved pet, unsanitary practice that makes the cook in me shudder at what the meat could be exposed to - that’s not gonna fly. I don’t…. I don’t know how to word it. Does it upset me? Of fucking course it does, and I don’t want to offend or upset anyone but geez.

Basically what I’m saying, is if people want to eat cats or dogs - fine. Go ahead. But if it’s not done within animal welfare regulations, and the animals themselves aren’t treated with the respect they deserve, I hope the perpetrators step on a thumb tack. 

If the Australia can sort it’s shit out (*cough*) for animals exported out beyond our borders, why the fuck can’t these guys?


So. Because I’m insane, I turned the fanfic The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 into a hardcover book. And got class credit for it. 100%, I may add. AND my professor wants it in the school gallery show. Heck yeah, man. It literally took weeks of work, but I am pleased.

Click here to see more details that didn’t fit on the photoset. Please.

If you have not read this fic, go do so. Seriously. I TURNED IT INTO A FREAKING ACTUAL BOOK. I would not have done that with something that isn’t quality, man.


So I met Hayley Atwell at FL Supercon today and it was kind of one of the highlights of my life. I gave her a graphic I made and a letter I wrote for her, we had a short chat, and we did a photo op together (with ~Howard Stark~ and ~Dum Dum Dugan~ mustaches on sticks that I made. She favorited my tweet about them last night, so she remembered me today when I had them!).

Aaaaaand she tweeted the graphic.

No big deal.


The People Too Must Rise -> Les Misérables Wizarding World AU

Fifteen years after Voldemort and the Battle at Hogwarts, that period of history has faded out of common conversation and slipped into the textbooks used in History of Magic classes; all seems to be well in the eyes of many, yet a new and much more subtle threat begins to emerge. With the sudden appointment of a seemingly-charming man as the new Minister of Magic, an institutionalized prejudice begins to be instated. Hidden behind smiles and claims for a “better, more organized world,” blood and ancestry is given greater importance than ever before. Pureblood, halfblood, and muggleborn become labels that systemically define and categorize people in unfair ways, affecting their wages, their families, and their lives. With a campaign that’s becoming increasingly more sinister, the Ministry of Magic claims it is all for the better, and so many blindly follow or are too scared to defy those who lead.

Enjolras, a halfblood Gryffindor student, intently follows the news and sees this systemic oppression for what it truly is. The catalyst for change comes when one elderly Ministry worker named Lamarque dares to try to speak out, and he “tragically dies” in an “accident” for his trouble. Enraged and determined, Enjolras begins to spread active awareness amongst those at Hogwarts, and students from all houses begin to listen. His impassioned speeches lead to the formation of a group, which is appropriately named Lamarque’s Army. House hostilities are forgotten in the face of a larger prejudice, and the group quickly comes to care for not only their cause but each other. Amongst them are Enjolras’ closest friend, a clever halfblooded Ravenclaw whose straightforward strategies keep them all organized; the pureblooded Slytherin girl who always fights for the good, though her parents are in Azkaban; the muggleborn Hufflepuff, who strings together beautiful words to inspire everyone and is perhaps the fiercest of them all; and the Gryffindor boy who is publicly labelled a blood traitor by his wealthy pureblood family for fighting for the cause. Their efforts catch the eye of the Ministry and The Daily Prophet, and a Ministry worker named Javert is sent to discourage such “unruly misconduct.” Headmaster Valjean, who is clearly on the revolutionaries’ side, consistently attempts to dissuade Javert and keep Hogwarts in line, as other students take the Ministry’s words to heart and become violent.

Forced to be stealthy and work in secret, hated for fighting against hate, Lamarque’s Army makes the Wizarding World wake up, take notice, and consult history. Though many have not forgotten the horrors of fifteen years prior, even more don’t truly understand or weren’t taught the whole story. Voldemort’s evil began with his own prejudices, and though this threat does not have his mark, it is not any less of a danger.

My typographical portrait of Tom Hiddleston, using 30 adjectives that describe this incredible man.

As you can probably tell, this was something that took me a very, very long time to do, but it was worth it. I was inspired, as I often am, by Mr. Hiddleston’s personality and character as a person. I once wrote a post trying to explain how much Tom means to me, and how I hope to someday be able to thank him for being who he is, because he truly restores my hope in humanity on some days. But, since I found that attempting to string sentences together to describe how much he means to me proved insufficient, I turned to Photoshop to express some of my respect and admiration. And so, this is my tribute to Tom. These 30 adjectives are not the only words one could use to describe him, but they are some of the main ones that immediately come to my mind when I think of him. I hope to someday show him this, and maybe it will go a little farther than an insufficient “thank you” could ever express.

I am going to tweet this to Tom in the hopes that he’ll see it. If you choose to do so too, all I ask is that you please tweet him the link to this post, not just the image. I want him to know why I made this, and how much he means to me for simply being who he is. Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this, and thank you to Tom Hiddleston for being an inspiration for me daily.

(Edit: some close-up details can be seen here)