Obito… That will that drove you back then… Even till this day. Has stayed with me. The only thing left for me to do now, Is to be Naruto’s shield…  You.. No… Not just you… Everyone will eventually… They’ll become just like me. Sasuke’s gone rogue. According to protocol… We’d have to eliminate him. As for me, this is all  I can do right now. I’ll do what i must.. In order to protect the old Obito, even if that means having to… Kill the current one!“..

I actually want Minato to pop shit like, “Holy fuck, it’s Obito! What the hell? The fuck is going on? Someone save him! Oh my god, he’s still alive!! Why are you letting him die?!! What the fuck is wrong with you people?! AS YONDAIME FUCKING HOKAGE I ORDER YOU TO-” (Not l like that exactly. Anyone who knows me knows I tend to exaggerate.. Anyways) and then someone, preferably Naruto, tells him, “(Dad,) He started this war in the first place! He’s the bad guy, he set the kyubi on Konoha!” And then.. I wan’t to see Minato’s reaction. (“What the fuck, Obito! Why the fuck would you- (etc.))

Naruto Chapter 636

Yes, I am perfectly fine with just this one scenario for this chapter. I felt it was needed to resolve the broken friendship between Obito and Kakashi. Although my feels for this chapter aren’t what could have been if I had, oh I don’t know, my babies having their moments. But I’m not going to let my shipping heart get the better of me!
I felt that this chapter, though, was pretty short in comparison to previous weeks. Maybe because they lingered on in the parallels of the past to their fight in the present. Which I thought was pretty sad considering this wasn’t just some kumite like they used to have, but an actual fight to the death; to protect what matters to them.

And at the end of their past fight, notice how their reconciliation hand sign is what build up to the final blow in the NaruSasu fight in part 1 scene was from their past. Hmmm. Idk about you, but I find that to be extremely significant!

Can I point out something that I don’t think I’ve heard anyone has announced before? The whole parallel between the young Obito and Naruto is kind of ironic. Being that Obito is an Uchiha and Naruto is an Uzumaki. But Kakashi is paralleled to Sasuke and he isn’t an Uchiha, yet he possesses the Sharingan.. I don’t know, I just thought it was interesting.
But I can see how they paralleled Obito with Naruto, because if you think about it. Kakashi is trying to protect the past Obito (Naruto), and because he couldn’t back when he was on that misson that led to Obito’s “death,” he wants now, so Naruto doesn’t end up like Obito.
The manga also pointed out that Naruto and Sasuke’s roles could have been switched if it weren’t for Iruka-sensei and Kakashi-sensei. Because they made him feel of importance. And Obito, being an Uchiha, is the resemblance of Naruto turning out like Sasuke.
Sorry if this isn’t making much sense. xD It’s pretty hard to explain! Have any questions? Feel free to message me and I’ll try to explain the best I can!