Coconut oil - an all-round talent
  • nurtures dry skin -> when applying it make sure your skin is a little bit wet (but not the water dripping down kind of wet). The skin absorbs it quicker this way.
  • fights bad skin and acne -> due to it being antiphlogistic (be careful not to overdo it as it can clog your pores)
  • suitable as make up remover
  • prevents and removes stretch marks
  • suitable for mani- and pedicure
  • can be used for a body peeling -> mix it together with either sugar or salt to remove skin scales
  • fights herpes -> apply it with Q-tip on the affected spot
  • can be used as bath supplement
  • soothes skin after shaving
  • regulates acid-base balance and hence counteracts first wrinkles
  • suitable as hair mask
  • supports wound healing ->especially soothing for cuts and scrapes
  • prevents cellulite -> frequent and long-lasting usage is required
  • fights dark circles
  • for full and smoothe eyelashes
  • chapstick substitute for velvety and soft lips

My chapstick goes everywhere with me, and over time we’ve developed a very… close relationship…

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Humans - Chapped lips

Imagine a human scouring the ship, searching for their “chapstick,” which they have misplaced. Again.

An alien crewmate finds the small yellow tube they have seen the human use before and return it to them.

The human applies the chapstick to their lips and smile.

“Ahhh, it burns.”

“What? Oh no, I’m sorry, oh no, I must have…I must have mistaken… Oh flarg! Human Karen, are you okay? I’m so sorry!”

“What? Oh no, the burn means it’s working,” and walks off towards the flight deck.

The alien crewmate stands in the hall, looking after her. “What the actual frewan is wrong with humans?”