Arrangement 004

“Okay, so there’s a flight attendant,” Draco looked up from his coffee, confused. “Sorry, Leo, what on earth is a flight attendant?” “Sorry, dear. A flight attendant is a person who works on a plane, taking care of the passengers.” Draco shook his head, even more lost. “What is a flight?” Y/n rolled her eyes, “Did you pay any attention in Muggle Studies?” He looked at her, as if she just noticed his hair was blonde. Leo continued, “Anyway, so this flight attendant is taking care of the captain, right? She tells him they’ll be landing soon, and to give the announcement to the passengers.” Draco whispered to Y/n after almost every sentence, ‘I’m so confused.’ She would shush him, trying to hear the story. “So, the captain goes on the radio, and says ‘Alright, passengers, we’ll be landing in Hawaii in twenty minutes! Hope you enjoyed Pacific Airlines!’ But what the pilot doesn’t know, is that he’s left the radio on! He continues talking to the copilot and says ‘You know what I could use right now? Some hot coffee and a nice blow-” “What is a radio?” “DRACO!” “The flight attendant, who’s in the kitchen, hears that the captain left the radio on, and starts running to the cockpit to let him know.” “Is a cockpit what I think it is?” “Draco if you don’t shut up right now,” “And as the flight attendant is running to the captain, a passenger shouts out, ‘HEY, TOOTS! DON’T FORGET THE COFFEE!” Leo, Veti, and Y/n erupted into laughter while Draco stared, baffled. Helvetica stood up, grabbing Leo. “Well, this breakfast was fun, but we have some business here in Paris. You two enjoy your honeymoon! Breakfast tomorrow?” Y/n nodded, sipping her tea. “Of course! Goodbye, you two!” They exited the cafe, leaving Draco and y/n. “So, what do you want to do today?” Y/n frowned, “I don’t really know. I was thinking of shopping, maybe visiting a museum.” Draco bit his inner cheek, “Am I included in any of those things?” She looked at his puppy dog eyes, and rolled hers. “I suppose a museum is big enough for the two of us.” He smiled, dragging her out of the diner. “Come on! There’s something I want to show you!” He took her towards the back of an alley, and apparated them to the outside of a short, but large building. Y/n couldn’t see the sign on top, which left the identification a mystery. “Malfoy, where on this large earth did you take me?” He giggled, dragging her indoors. “Combien de billets voulez-vous, monsieur?” Draco pulled out one hundred and twenty French pounds. “Je voudrais deux toute l'année passe pour moi et ma femme , je vous remercie.” The woman at the entrance smiled, passing him two tickets. “Profiter de votre visite, monsieur.” She winked at Draco as he hauled y/n into the large building. “Was that woman flirting with you? And since when have you spoken French?” He laughed, passing her the ticket. “Which do you want me to answer first?” She narrowed her eyes, challenging him. “Alright, fine. I’ve known French since I was a kid. Mother thought it would be important. And I wasn’t really paying much attention to the woman at the entrance, so I can’t answer you.” She didn’t know why, but that simple wink made her uncomfortable. She had a rare feeling of insecurity at the fact that Draco and her were arranged. He could have any woman, but he got stuck with her. And to top it off, in one year’s time, he could shag whomever he wanted. For some reason, the room became ten degrees hotter, and y/n began to sweat. “Are you hot? I thought it was rather cold in here. Let me take your jacket-” “I’m fine. So, what is this place?” Draco blushed, covering his hands over her eyes. “It’s a surprise. I want you to be absolutely shocked when I reveal where we are.” He guided her through the building. All her senses were peaked. Every parent and child passing by was heard, as were the mops on the marble, and the air conditioner. However, one noise was unidentified. This only added to the enigma. She felt her breath speed up when, as a group of school children passed, her back bumped into Draco’s chest. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she enjoyed the warmth it provided, although she was heating up. Finally, he stopped walking, and removed his hands. He leaned in towards her ears, whispering, “Open.” She finally lifted her eyes, and screamed. She jumped into Draco’s arms, half squealing and have laughing her heart out. He hugged her tight, watching what made her react. “Do you like it?” She got out of his grip, smacking his arm. “You bloody sod!” As she hit him, she looked behind his figure, and shrieked once more. “I thought this would be an appropriate place to take you, considering. And, I bought all year passes! So, we can come here whenever we want!” Y/n laughed, “You mean, we can come here again? For a year?” He pointed to her ticket, and noticed its quality ended in a different year. They both became silent as they realized the ticket’s expiration date was also their’s. Y/n looked up, trying to ignore it. “I cannot believe you brought me to a bloody aquarium.” “Ah, not just any aquarium, but the shark tank!” She giggled, walking towards the glass. Different breeds of the predator circled the couple in a menacing fashion. Draco walked next to her, leaning against the railing. “They’re such fascinating creatures! So misunderstood.” Y/n nodded, bumping his shoulder. “Thanks for taking me here. It was a bit scary at first, but after a while, I’ve grown to like it’s solidarity.” He smiled, “Yeah, not many people come to see the sharks ‘cause they’re scared.” She leaned her head against his shoulder, biting her lip. “I like it, though. I get it all to myself.” 

After their lovely trip to see villain of the past night’s film, y/n went shopping, leaving Draco to do whatever he wanted. Tomorrow would be their last day in the city of love, so he wanted to do something special. He wasn’t too sure how he’d plan something romantic, and if she freaked, keep it under a friendship facade. While he worked on the surprise, y/n was at a very high end store for young witches, Le Chapeau Pointu. She roamed the beautiful dresses and blouses, admiring each elegant fabric she found. A young witch, a few years older than her walked up with a name tag, signifying her qualification in sales. “Hello, how may I help you today? Is there anything a beautiful witch like you is interested in?” Y/n smiled, contemplating. “Actually, there is something I’d like. See, I just got married-” “Combien il est passionnant ! Je suis si content pour toi!” “Anyway, tomorrow is my last night in Paris, and I would like something a bit more..” “Sexy? Ready to impress your lucky man? Chérie je suis si heureux pour vous!” She blushed, “Actually, we’re arranged!” “Ce que le baiser! How terrible! How do you manage?” Y/n bit her lip, “Actually, I think I might be..catching feelings for him. I don’t know, we hated each other.” “I don’t know how you do it! If I had to marry my enemy, I’d kill myself!” Y/n sighed, “I’m not sure. I want to hate him, but I can’t. Not after these past few days..” “Mon amour, who is your man?” “Draco Malfoy” The saleswoman gasped, attracting other shoppers. “You’re husband is-” “Draco Malfoy, notorious death eater, I know.” “Cheri, you do not want to love that man! He is danger! Oh mon Dieu!” Y/n frowned, looking at the dress she had planned to wear to dinner. She decided to go in the dressing room anyway and see if she at least looked decent. After zipping herself up, she turned around and smiled. The gown was an off the shoulder, black satin, which flowed down her in a most elegant fashion. She knew that even though she wouldn’t wear it, at least not this next year, she did desire to feel beautiful, and this dress did the trick. Y/n left the store, with a blush bag hanging in her left palm. The cool, Paris air followed her like a pet as she took two lefts, made sure she was out of sight, and apparated. In a blink, she was surrounded by the neat beds and empty hotel room. She was alone, since Draco was still out and about. She wondered about him, but figured it unhealthy. She decided the person to talk to was Helvetica. She rang the girl on the telephone the hotel provided. It buzzed for a moment, until her melodic and cheerful voice was heard on the other end. “Hello?” “Veti! It’s y/n.” “Y/n! Darling! What’s up?” She smiled, chatting away with her foreign friend. “Well, uh, I just got back to the hotel. Wanna come to my room for drinks?” She was barely able to finish her sentence when a knock on her door was heard. “One sec, someone’s at the door.” She looked through the peep hole, smiling. “That was fast!” Helvetica smoothed past her, smirking. “I’m a fast girl.” She hopped on Draco’s bed. “So, where is he?” She bit her lip, sitting on her bed. “He’s out.” Helvetica nodded, smoothing the sheets as she rested. “Have you given any thought to what I said?” “Yes, and I gave him a chance last night, but today, I was talking with this woman in a store, and when I mentioned his name, she…she became scared.” Veti nodded along, accepting the information. “I don’t really mind him that much. Draco hasn’t done anything rude or harsh. Really, he’s been a gentleman. In fact, today he took me to the aquarium!” Helvetica smiled, perceiving how her friend’s attitude changed thinking of him. Y/n bit her nails, thinking. “You know, something strange happened.” “What was it?” She shifted her position, hugging her knees to her chest. “Well, while he was buying the tickets, speaking French, while at it, the woman at the” “She what? Did she eye his arm, or something? Say ‘nice ink?’” She shook her head, “She winked at him.” Veti’s small, playful smile, turned into a large, surprised grin. “What?” “You have feelings for him!” “I do not!” Helvetica jeered, “You don’t find him attractive at all?” She thought for a second about his blonde hair, or pale skin and eyes. She thought of how, when he smiled, childhood dimples would reappear, or when he laughed, he couldn’t help it. It just happened. She thought about his hands. He really did have nice hands. She shook her head, smiling. “I’m not sure. I like his as a friend, right now. If it becomes something more, then that’s that.” Her friend stood up, crossing towards two cups, upside down in the pantry. She muttered an incantation, filling the glasses with wine. “Now, let’s discuss what’s in that large, Le Chapeau Pointu bag!” 

After, what seemed like, hours of laughing and crying in between giggles, y/n became worried. They sipped at their drinks, casually, while discussing tabloids, but something sparked in her mind. “Wait, I haven’t heard from Draco all night!” Helvetica looked up, frowning. “Darling, I’m sure he’s just wandering the city.” “No, no, no!” She rushed around the room, tapping her arms. “No, he should have been home by now-” She stopped herself, her eyes widening. “Wha-What? What did I just..” Home. That word resinated in her head, sinking in like seasoning on a sizzling pan. “I, I’m sorry. He should have been here by now.” Helvetica got up, walking to he door. “I’ll check with Leo. Tonight’s a big quidditch match, maybe the boys are in my room.” Y/n nodded approval, running to the bed. She couldn’t understand. ‘I’m supposed to hate him. This is a one year thing. This isn’t home. Wherever he is will never be home. He’s nothing but a selfish, cruel, death ea-’ The door clicked open, the tall man rushing inside. “Y/n! I heard you were in trouble! I-” “I’m fine.” She spit her words with venom, hitting him directly. He gulped, running a hand through his hair. “I,uh, thought you wanted to spend some time alone, so I-” “Its fine. Barely noticed you were gone. Where were you, anyway? Because wherever you were, you should have stayed.” He bit his inner cheeks, “I was at a place.” “Obviously, Malfoy, get to the point.” He closed his eyes at how coldly she would use his name. “I can’t tell you.” She laughed, humorlessly, staring at the ceiling. “What, were you at a bar? Just say so.” “No, I wasn’t. Alright, I was at this little place in Hossegor.” She snarled, “You were at a beach?” He smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “Not to swim.” It was then that he pulled a small bag from his inner coat. ‘Enchanted pockets.’ He looked down at the ratty, white bag, before passing it to the girl on the bed. He looked like a child, giving their parent a gift for Christmas. He was, in his own way, proud of it, but still overly eager to receive approval. However, Draco was much more nervous. From parents, he could expect, at least, fake kindness. Y/n, however, would do no such thing. She glared at the bag, hating that this was what worried her. It was the idea, however, that she was nervous about his whereabouts that upset her. He clenched his hands, ringing them in fear. “W-W-Well, aren’t you going to open it?” She sighed, avoiding his eyes. She knew if she looked into those icy pools, she’d drown. “What is it?” He tried to lift the heavy tension, laughing to himself. “Well, it’s a wedding present, of sorts.” Her e/c eyes, immediately, shot up to his, despite her previous contradiction. The way he stood, shaking a bit from insecurity made her heart melt. She softened her gaze, patting the spot next to her. She took a deep breath, slightly blushing at his gesture. “ didn’t have to get me anything.” He lifted his knees, leaning his feet on the side of the bed. “I know, but I wanted to buy this for you.” She smirked, “And they only sold it in Hoosegor?” Draco nodded, determined. “Yes, actually! I searched for it everywhere! I couldn’t find anything in Paris, so I had to go all over the place! Finally, in some hole in the wall, I got it!” Y/n lifted the paper filling, smiling. “Why’d you go through the trouble.” He looked down, his cheeks dusted pink. “You’re my wife. Why wouldn’t I?” It felt like her heartbeat stopped for a moment. The way he spoke about her, it made er feel..guilt. She didn’t ever say ‘My husband, Draco Malfoy’ with such fondness. For a split second, she imagine their life filled with galas, parties, and multiple events to introduce herself as Mrs. Malfoy, Draco’s loving wife. Then the remembrance of 363 days left of their marriage hit. She tried to distract her thoughts, and just looking into the cheap bag worked. She squealed, holding up a old disc of Jaws. “Oh my Lord! You bought the DVD!” He smiled, more to himself, and knocked his knees. “Well, I thought you should have it. After all, it is the perfect combination of our absolute favorite films. Really, it’s our movie. If everything in separate, like your bed, and my bed, or my house, and your house, this one thing will be..ours.” She gaped, her mouth slightly curling. It seemed like every minute she spent with him, the more Hufflepuff he became. “There’s more.” She peaked back into the bag, and pulled out a blue shirt with the movie logo pasted on the front. She frowned, placing it on her lap. Draco’s nervous nature only escalated. “Oh no, you don’t like it! I knew you wouldn’t! How could I have been so stupid, of course you wouldn’t like it! Its too ugly for you! I’ll return it! You must hate blue! Well, at least now you do! Gosh, I’m so bloody stupid! I should-” “Draco!” He stopped rambling, slowing himself to a helpful speed. “I love the shirt! So much!” He beamed, like a seven year old receiving a participation ribbon: innocent and happy. “Really? You really like it?” She smiled, rushing to the bathroom. In two seconds, she returned, wearing the shark over her pajama pants. “How do I look?” She posed, imitating a model. He flushed, fiddling with his fingers. “Beautiful.” She looked at the floor, giving a lop sided smile. “Thank you. And, as a proper thanks, you pick the movie tonight!” He gave a school boy grin, thanking God that she meant what she said the night before. He scrolled through titles as she made popcorn. His eyes stopped on a picture of a woman’s face, covered slightly by a butterfly. He rented the film, and shut off the lights with his wand. When Y/n returned, she laid the popcorn on the side table, munching on a handful. “What did you pick?” “Well, a detective from fibby-” “Fibby?” “Muggle thing. Anyway, she’s a part of the fibby, and they seek help from a caged psychopath to catch another crazed psychopath?” She nodded, “So, like, the take’s one to know one kind of thing?” He nodded, explaining a bit more of the synopsis. After only a few minutes, she shifted, uncomfortably, in her sheets. “Something wrong?” He, with instinct, leaped to her bed, kneeling by the side. “’s just a bit scary.” He nodded, thinking of something to do. “We could sit on the floor? That way, if you’re scared, you can tap my shoulder, and I’ll tell you when you can look.” She nodded after a minute, and climbed down to the floor. He dragged his comforter around them, along with his pillows. “Malfoy, it’s fine. You don’t have to-” “I want to.” They smiled at each other, never revealing their true intentions of huddling under a hotel blanket. Throughout the film, Y/n would unconsciously move closer to him, hiding in his shoulder. See, Draco was a very smart man. He knew this particular film would be not too scary, to completely turn her off, and go to bed, but enough to attract her to continue watching, with precautions. Really, she cuddled against him the entire time. That was the night that Draco Malfoy’s favorite movie became The Silence of the Lambs.


Hello, my lovelies! I’m sure all of you are as excited as I am about this series! I know things seem all fun and dandy right now, but in the next part, everything will change.

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