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I struggle with the coloring arden so i just wanted to ask how many adjustments are you using for your psd? In general? I don't want to use too much.

hmm it depends! looking at my last several psds, i generally use the following “formula”:

color balance, curves, selective color, gradient maps, levels, vibrance + extra additions based on the gif (such as saturation or channel mixer) = anywhere from 10-12 layers for each set 

however, for difficult colorings, like this home party one, i used 20 layers (!!) to get rid of all the blues… it helps if you have a certain image in your mind of how you want the final product to look. personally, i rely on the feelings or mood i want to convey? like for my last yoongi set

  • wanted to create a late night mood but the back lighting was very harsh > increase the levels to remove the light’s glare
  • highlight and add some color to his puffy face to make it seem like he just woke up > increase vibrance and decrease selective color in reds
  • the air is usually more blue (?) during nighttime > add blues/cyans in color balance to even out the warmth on his skin and cool the air around him

so in the end, don’t be afraid to experiment! the trick is what you’re doing with those layers rather than the amount you have ;u; good luck!  

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Hey!! Can you recommend me some good Klance fics? Thank you

You got it!!!! I’m really picky with my Klance fics so I don’t have a lot, but these are some of my bookmarked ones!

call me, beep me by orphan_account 

one of the best klance fics imo and one of the most popular/well known! the wrong number au we deserve!!!*

i can’t help but want by aknightley

this is one of the first fics i’ve ever read for this fandom and i fell in LOVE. lance gets stranded on a planet and only has keith to communicate with. tbh i’d rec anything by aknightley, they regularly post klance fics and they’re all amazing!!

you had me at merlot by ryamokun

keith and lance become youtube costars and their channel is about cooking while drunk and it is SUPER CUTE. very funny and lots of pop culture refs with pidge and hunk helping out with their channel. 10/10 would recommend

in stasis by ilgaksu

ONE OF MY FAVORITE WRITERS AND FICS. pretty angsty. lance gets hurt during a mission and has to wait and live his life as an AI while he waits for his prosthetics to come online. it’s not a typical langst, because while he does go through a traumatic experience, he ends up being super capable, just needs the help of his teammates. 

ceasefire (series) by ilgaksu

the keith and lance as exes au we all deserve. also one of the first fics i’ve read in this fandom!!!

Let the Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

so i really got a thing for sci-fi fics and that slight angst oomph to it, along with the fluffy stuff. BUT this fic is about lance getting stuck in a dream simulation and has trouble differentiating it from reality, and keith is determined to get him out

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what if Sportacus and Íþró had a YouTube channel just called “10” where they showed exercises you can do in ten minutes for people who felt like they didn’t have enough free time to exercise? people would send in requests like “10, could you show us a 10 minute exercise for folks who can’t walk?” and they’d be like “Of course!” and they have videos for people with all kinds of disabilities who can’t do some of the more popular exercises and they have videos for people who are deaf where Sportacus signs all the explanations while Íþró performs the exercise and they always say things like “if you can’t do it all the way, that’s okay! You’re doing your best!”

aus cooking shows are the apex predator of all television entertainment. the second coming of christ could be on tv but if its on at the same time as a huey rerun i guarantee im clicking over to channel 10 to watch that bastard cook something absolutely inedible

Anime Recommendations

Why hello people of the internet! Here are some anime recommendations. If you want to hear more about these anime I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel soon.

10. Yona of The Dawn

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9. Vampire Knight (because Zero. Like come on Zero!)

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8. Snow White with the Red Hair

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7. Maid-sama

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6. Ouran High School Host Club

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5. Fruits Basket

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4. Attack on Titan

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3. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

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2. Kamisama Hajimemashita

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1. Noragami

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paladin: Jesus was definitely a paladin, he cast purify food and water on those fish cleric: no, he was a cleric. he healed people. paladin: lay on hands! that heals people! cleric: channel divinity! *10 minute argument* paladin: dm, which is it! dm: you take 4d6 psychic damage

And the moral is: Sometimes your players need a little nudge, and sometimes your players need a slap in the face.


hi everyone! i would firstly like to thank u all for the notes on my last post about learning anything in 3 steps! i am so grateful and happy that i can help people study and achieve what they want to achieve! 

today i decided to make a post about the night before the exam. for me, i get incredibly anxious at this time and i start doubting myself and all the hard work i have put in. however, i want everyone to know that these feelings are normal, and in order to deal with them, i have made a post to help u out!! no matter what happens in the exam, you will come out a better person for it, knowing more than u did when u went in. this can be difficult to realise the night before so i hope this post gives u some tips in dealing with those nasty feelings!

i’m so proud of you and what you will achieve, no matter what!

best luck and wishes to all,


asmr channels that are 10/10 (idrk how to explain what it actually is, but all these channels should have some info on it in the description bar if ur unsure!!):

albinwhisperland // whispersred // psychetruth // lauralemurex