Changing and what it did to him

questions i need answers to:

why has harry changed the lyrics from “need you to keep me from falling apart” to “you’ll always keep me from falling apart” ??

why did louis get the dagger

why the fuck did zayn leave cause “wanting to be a normal 22 year old” is a fucking joke alright

is lima proposing to his lady

has niall lost the hat yet

what the fuck happened in wellington

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:i really love mickey milkovich's hair and i really want to know how it looked between 3x12-4x01 and 4x12-5x01 since they both changed so much. how did mickey transform from never showering in s3 to a clean trimmed god in s4? and after s4 did his hair start to get so long that ian made him get a haircut? did ian cut it for him? when did mickey's Mop Hair Era begin and when did it end? ?? ????

so little clifford would be about nine months old, you three were at Luke’s annual summer barbecue. everyone had their swim suits on, even baby boy clifford. you were in the pool holding your baby boy, everyone around you gushing about how much him and michael looked alike and how curly his blonde hair is. when michael came outside from changing into his swimming trunks everyone suddenly went silent. you weren’t sure why, but decided to ignore it.

later on when everyone was gathered around eating and sipping on a beer or two is when you finally knew the reason for why everyone went silent when they saw mike in his swimming trunks. “you think you’re gaining a little bit of daddy weight, mikey”, ashton spoke up to break the awkwardness. michael nearly chocked on his hamburger that he was eating and glared at ashton. “i what?”, michael looked at him in disgust. yeah sure since his little man was born he did gain a bit of dad weight due from not getting the right amount of sleep and eating frequently. “you know, you’ve gained like fifteen pounds since baby clifford has arrived..”, ashton said softly as he motioned to michael’s tummy. yes it did get a little bigger, but you didn’t mind or even notice that much. you would love michael wether he was skinny or chubby. “ashton, until you become a dad i don’t think you should judge..”, you budded in putting a hand on michael’s leg. when you got home and put little clifford to sleep is when he broke down. “you think i’m fat too dont you?”, he mumbled through the tears. you shook your head and laid down next to him on the bed. “michael gordon, i do not think you are fat. yes you have gained a little weight but so have I! i would love you no matter what, you having a little tummy means there’s more of you to cuddle..”, you smiled and grabbed his tummy and squeezed it and rubbed it causing him to softly giggle. “thank you baby..”, he pecked your head and for the rest of the night you were the big spoon, rubbing his tummy while giving him little pecks.

I was about to make a really cute Connor post about how when he got home he was probably just so giddy and his dad asks him what up and he’s like “my boyfriend is gay” and his dad is just like “uh yeah…” like thinking this isn’t new information but honestly now I’m just wondering did Connor go home all dressed up or did he change before he got home? Was he so happy that Jude labeled himself gay (super gay for him might I add) that he ended up telling his dad? 

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Top 5 "Percy checking out Luke/male character" moments, because there has to be at least 6 xD

so I went through a couple of the books looking for the best scenes that exemplify this, and you know what? I could probably do this list solely with Percy in TLT. 

  • okay so we all know the bit right before That One Scene when Percy comes upon Luke practicing and marvels at how focused and intense he is and makes so many notes about how he’s dripping with sweat and his shirt is sticking to him right? fun fact: I tried to rewrite this bit when I did this fic in which Percy is older and he and Luke have an obviously unstraight relationship, but aside from changing some of Luke’s dialogue, I found I couldn’t make it gayer.
  • “It was cool enough that Luke had come to say goodbye. I’d been afraid that he might resent me for getting so much attention the last few days. But here he was giving me a magic gift…It made me blush almost as much as Annabeth.” me @ RR: JUST SAY IT. JUST SAY HE HAD A CRUSH ON LUKE. JUST SAY IT. OH MY GOD. JUST S
  • ANOTHER SCENE in SoM when Percy sees Luke for the first time after his betrayal and ofc gets right down to telling us how he looks and I think he calls Luke “evil male model”? He literally compares him to a model. I can’t deal w this.
  • I haven’t reread BOTL in over a year(shame on me), but I’m p sure there’s a scene where Percy is dreaming about Luke post-his getting the Curse of Achilles and he keeps talking about the light glinting off his skin and his leg muscles and he compares him to a young god. Y’know, like Hazel does re: Percy in SoN when she calls him hot.
  • near the end of TLT there’s the moment where the original trio are in Hades’ throne room. You wouldn’t think getting interrogated by a deity for a crime you didn’t commit would be a good place to look for subtext, right? You would be wrong because Percy spends several paragraphs talking about how lithe and muscular Hades is and his mesmerizing, “evil” charisma, and how he wants to surrender and bow at Hades’ feet. Almost exactly the same reaction he had to Medusa, who was renowned in the original myths for being mesmerizing and beautiful despite her deadliness. HMMM.
  • SECOND SERIES BONUS ROUND: there are multiple moments in Son that fit the bill, like Percy saying Frank looked solemn like an old Roman statue, or not being able to resist his pouty begging face. Pssst Percy thinks Frank is cute.

send me top 5/top 10s

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so did seth macfarlane really blocked you on twitter...WHAT HOW WHY

well it all started when i was in the living room, working on something i couldnt just move to my room

my brother wanted to watch family guy, so i put it on for him and lo and behold it was a disgustingly transphobic episode where one of the character’s parents undergoes a sex change operation to become physically female, the dog has sex with her, and throughout the whole episode, everyone keeps referring to the woman as “it” or “he” and then the dog pukes when he finds out. its a disgusting episode. it deserves to die.

anyways, i was also on twitter during this and i was tweeting about how gross the episode was. i tweeted to Seth that he was a horrible person, and he blocked me. I didn’t discover it until four days ago when i tweeted at him that he needs to stop pretending to be an ally when two of his shows have episodes focused on people being disgusted by a trans woman (american dad has some transphobic and transmisogynistic jokes as well but nobody ever really pukes because of a trans woman). i then clicked the twitter handle thing and was greeted with this lovely message

so that’s the story of how i got seth macfarlane to block me, an irrelevant 17 year old with 15 followers. apparently he’s that much of a pissbaby.

Black Ships Paint the Sky.

Drive-By Truckers – the Three Great Alabama Icons

After going to Graceland, a place that one must visit when in Memphis – not for the tour, but to pay hommage to music – i jumped into a taxi and asked the gentleman to take me to the civil rights museum. Now there is a must visit when in Memphis. There is no way around that. 

Being Swedish I had naturally read about slavery, about segregation, about the civil rights movement – but I did not know. If you are in Memphis you have to go to the civil rights museum.

The gentleman driving the taxi was a black american in his mid 50s and I had to ask him what he remembered from his youth. He was 6 years old when they shot Dr. King, he told me, and he still remember that day clearly. I asked him how the world had changes since he was a child and he said “enormously. It is a completely different world now.” 

We continued to talk for the 10 minutes that the ride from the museum celebrating the white man that turned black music mainstream to the museum commemorating the struggle to turn black men and women as mainstream as the music they created. A fight that, in the eyes of a foreign beholder, seem to be far from over.

The US just got equality in regards to marriage. Do not stop there. 

Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

all these ‘fans’ are so convinced Sasuke is out of character. I don’t think they know what “changing for the better” means as that is exactly what Sasuke did to atone for his sins after the war and for what he did to the people dear to him. If ya’ll want an out of character Sasuke either go read fanfiction or Sharingan Den. 

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Hi! Do you like Stiles? Do you think he deserves to be happy and should be able to be happy? Of course you do, and hate to break it to you but he's happy with Malia. He smiles whenever he sees her, he looks at her like she's his moon. Stiles is finally happy, and has what he's wanted since season one. And yes, he did envision himself with Lydia at first, but then he met this amazing girl who blew him away, and y'know what? He doesn't want Lydia anymore. He's happy with Malia and he loves her

I don’t care, bruh. Stydia is endgame ♥

I honestly think this man has changed. What he did was wrong and he knows that, but he’s trying to speak out to those who are hurting and waiting for a response from him. Like he said, he isn’t asking for forgiveness. He just wants to be heard. So hear him out. And if you don’t support him then just completely erase him from your mind and move one. Don’t be the one who keeps sending hate comments telling him to kill/harm himself. That doesn’t make you any more of a better person.
~Watch his video~

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I need some advice pls. So my boyfriend recently was offered this once in a lifetime opportunity to do something he loves. But he chose not to because of me. At first I felt really special & loved and now I feel so bad. Idk what to do. Advice pls :/

Well there’s no changing it now so you might as well just enjoy your time with him and make him feel really special! Show him that you really appreciate what he did and that you’re lucky to have someone like him :)

My review for The Fosters 3x04

The episode was beautiful(as usual) I just wished we got more Jonnor. And I also don’t like that Jude just had a random personality change after that that talk with Cole. I loved Lena in this episode. She absolutely got what she deserved as did Nathan. As for Callie and Cole I don’t think it’s happening but we might have to watch out for AJ and Callie. Brandon is getting cockier and cockier with every episode that comes. I’m glad Kat got what she deserved. But what about Brandon what’s going to happen to him? Callie is starting to see his true colors and he doesn’t want that cause I think he still loves her. And when is Marianna going to admit sleeping with Wyatt. What happens when Mat finds out, we he still be mad? The next episode I think will really focus on Callie and AJ and Brandon’s reaction of it too.

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Hi! Do you like Stiles? Do you think he deserves to be happy and should be able to be happy? Of course you do, and hate to break it to you but he's happy with Malia. He smiles whenever he sees her, he looks at her like she's his moon. Stiles is finally happy, and has what he's wanted since season one. And yes, he did envision himself with Lydia at first, but then he met this amazing girl who blew him away, and y'know what? He doesn't want Lydia anymore. He's happy with Malia and he loves her

Shut the fuck up you stupid gray ball of bullshit . “OMG MALIA MAKES HIM HAPPY SO LET HIM BE HAPPY HEHEH” fuck you. Just because sucking face with Malia makes him happy doesn’t mean shit, it doesn’t change the fact she treats him like shit or the fact he treats her like a kid. It doesn’t change the fact that their relationship is toxic and super problematic. Malia wasn’t an amazing girl that blew him away, she punched him in the face and then BLEW HIM.  I think Stiles deserves to be happy but not in a relationship like this? He doesn’t love her, he likes her he has never once said he LOVES Malia. 

I don’t give a fuck if he and Lydia end up together at this point, i would love them to be together but i’m not going to get my hopes up. But what i don’t want is Stiles to spend the rest of his life with a girl that treats him like shit and a girl that he doesn’t treat so great either, that relationship is disgusting and it is toxic and if you love Stiles so fucking much then maybe you’d realize that he deserves better. And this isn’t even hate towards Malia, i don’t hate Malia this is hate towards Stalia, they don’t deserve each other.

It’s not always about who makes you ‘happy’ especially in the case of Stiles and Malia for Stiles she is the first girl to ever ‘want’ him and for Malia he’s the only person she can depend on. But that doesn’t mean that this relationship is healthy.

I was tagged by this rlly cute & amazing person stopminghao; thank you so much for tagging me <3

1. why did you choose your url?

my feels for mingyu were all over the place so I just tried to search a url that is related to him and I ended up with this??? don’t be fooled by my mingyu url tho in reality I have no idea who my bias is lmao. I might change to smth for hoshi or woozi

2. what’s your middle name?


3. if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

a dragon most likely yes and it would be pastel colored hehe

4. favourite colour?

hmm faves would be red and purple and pastel colors…but if we’re talking what I usually wear it’s black  and some blue & white lol

5. favourite song?

aghhh I have a lot but atm I really like Who Are you OST called “Return” by Wendy & Yuk Jidam; Teen Top’s “Ah Ah” 

6. what are your top three fandoms?

are we talking kpop?  if so ARMY(BTS), IGOT7 and Seventeen <3

7. why do you enjoy tumblr?

because there’s a place where I can talk with people about our same passions and things we like plus everyone is so hilarious and I love seeing what new memes you guys come up with lol but at the same time tumblr helped me become aware of some social issues that I wasnt aware of before, It helped me learn a lot of new things which helped me grow as a person;

PLUS I GET TO MAKE AMAZING FRIENDS (if any of u wanna be my friend pls message me im always open to talk…altho sometimes i forget to reply but i do my best)

8. tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes [im using xkits tumblr crushes thingy btw]

wooziu svt17 kinghoshi chowhansol h5nsol wonwoosgf wonwco itseventeen the8ght

y’all have awesome blogs and you’re super nice <3 

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My current boyfriend and I have been on and off for two years and some change now. When he left for college I made a HUGE mistake by cheating on him, and I still haven't told him about it. I love him so much but I know that I don't deserve him after what I did. Would staying with him be selfish? Is letting him go the right thing to do? And if I do should I tell him why?

everyone makes mistakes. your guilt tells me youre not a bad person. let him know what happened and that it wont happen again, talk it out with him and decide your future together 

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AO is pretty screwed up to me. I know Truth hates Eureka and Ao, but if Truth is the antagonist, what is his purpose? Is he trying to destroy the Scub Coral and those infected by it? Is he using Naru to help him kill Ao? Is he trying to defeat Generation Bleu? Is he just trying to take the Nirvash from Eureka? Most interesting is, why did he become an ally to Ao after becoming Nirvash's archetype?

The thing about Truth is that his entire existence in Ao’s time is incorrect. He knows himself that the time line of events occurring in this period is wrong/changed because of the Scabs’ arrival.
When Truth executes all of those actions you mentioned, it’s him trying to discover the truth of that world. He’s a confused and broken character who’s trying to right the world, and in the end if he cannot do that he wants to transport himself out of it because he doesn’t belong there.
As for the archetype thing, that was the writer’s choice to create a time line where Truth is a communicative archetype. There’s no real reason, it’s just a different time line now merged with Ao’s c:

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Ridiculous sentence meme for Vaeyin and Faycen! “So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.”

Vaeyin shook his head with a sigh as he gazed over the edge at the dark blue water below. He looked back over his shoulder at his boyfriend. “You broke your arm the last time you did this. You do remember that right?”

Faycen turned toward him, his mouth stretched in a wide grin. “So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.” 

“Is there anything I can say to make you change your mind?”

“Nope!” he shouted as he dove from the rock headfirst with a whoop.

Vaeyin stared over the side until Faycen bobbed up, waving both arms in the air.

“I’m not dead! Your turn!”

Vaeyin smiled with relief. He was pretty sure Faycen was going to be the death of him.

USA Today asked me to talk about the John Green “Tumblr Incident” (their words, not mine), and I agreed to as long as my comments weren’t edited. Well, they didn’t change my comments, but they were cut down severely for length without my input, which … is editing. Omission is perhaps one of the more strikingly effective tools we have for changing meaning. 

So here is the short piece, but here is what I actually said, in full: 

Could you tell me more about the situation- what exactly happened and how did it come to your attention?

I think I oughta say, up front, that I know John Green no better than most of the rest of the planet. I’ve read three of his books; I follow him on Twitter & Tumblr; I once passed him in the hall at a literary conference; our interactions are all out there on Twitter for the world to see. Some of his real-life author friends have swept to his defense already, but that’s not my perspective: we are friendly colleagues. I make this clear because I would like to shout: this is not about John Green. This is about being a public creator on the internet. John Green just happens to be the unlucky subject of this specific incident.

Cassie Clare and I had just done an MTV interview on the challenges of being a public creator with a fandom when I first saw Green’s response to the posts. There’s a lot of outrage on the internet these days — everything is a kerfuffle, everything is binary right/wrong, everything is an emergency — so ordinarily I would have just scrolled right past. But this post in particular caught my attention because John Green was tagged in it. For those not familiar with Tumblr, tagging means that it pings that person; they get a notification telling them to look at it.

This post was not just outrage. It was hate, hand-delivered to the creator, hate as performance art. They wanted him to see it. “It” = a series of posts accusing John Green of possibly the worst thing you could accuse a teen author of: writing for underage kids because you are sexually attracted to them.  

I had to say something. Not because of the nature of the posts, although they were distasteful and borderline libel. But because the grotesquerie was being force-fed to the author.

What are your thoughts about the Tumblr posts insinuating that John Green sexually abuses children?

It doesn’t insinuate that, actually. I encourage everyone interested in this to actually read the original post, not secondhand accounts. The very first post says this, in its entirety:

“i bet john green thinks people don’t like him because he’s a “dork” or a nerd or whatever

when in reality it’s because he’s a creep who panders to teenage girls so that he can amass some weird cult-like following. and it’s always girls who feel misunderstood, you know, and he goes out of his way to make them feel important and desirable. which is fucking? weird?

also he has a social media presence that is equivalent to that dad of a kid in your friend group who always volunteers to “supervise” the pool parties and scoots his lawn chair close to all the girls.”

The other posts add “also his writing is some booboo” and “lets get this enough notes so he has to address it and try to defend himself lmao.”

These posts don’t constitute valid accusations. This is not justice; it’s sport. “lmao.” Laughing My Ass Off. Justice and truth are not served through Tumblr notes. For the last nine months, there were entire Tumblr blogs intent on proving that Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife was faking her pregnancy. Does the sheer scale of that gossip lend it legitimacy?

On Twitter, victims of sexual abuse tweeted to me about how non-accusations like the original post about pool-dads hurt those who are genuinely abused.

Because Tumblr posts and tagging are not how we take down sexual predators in this country. The police are a good start. An author’s publisher is another possibility. In this case, that won’t happen, because you cannot prosecute a feeling.

To those folks who say that John Green makes them feel uncomfortable in any way: John Green is not in their house, or school, or real life. If he makes you feel uncomfortable; easy fix — watch something else, read something else, don’t go to his author events. I don’t like Woody Allen; I don’t watch Woody Allen movies; I don’t read Woody Allen interviews; I would not frequent a blog written by Woody Allen.

Everything about John Green’s Internet presence is voluntary attendance.

That’s what makes this post facetious. Walk away, Internet.

What are your thoughts on John Green’s response on Tumblr?

There’s a lot to work through there. It’s not what I would have done — I wouldn’t have jumped to sexual abuse from those posts. He talks about the cycle of outrage, and how unproductive it is, and how damaging it is to use the language of social justice lightly; I agree. But the real takeaway for me, as a fellow author, is this:

“I think at this point it’s impossible to continue to use tumblr in the way I’ve used it since 2011.”

When I first became an author, non-interactive websites and blogs were the norm. Authors had stationary websites with updated original content. Blogs lived on platforms that didn’t allow easy responses to each comment (with LiveJournal the notable exception — also notable because those blogs were often friend-locked, so that you chose who could see your content and comment). Slowly the world shifted to an interactive model, like we have now. Readers can interact with authors one-on-one; it’s dynamic and exciting.

But the world has changed, or our role in it has changed: we’ve become celebrities. Every week there is a new “kerfuffle” or “incident”; the internet is our tabloid and authors at all levels find themselves on the front page. Are we being held accountable or are we being served up for the entertainment factor? It’s impossible to tell the difference in a world where real problems and gossip are addressed using the same language. It’s hard to tell the difference between asking folks to be more thoughtful and silencing marginalized voices.

So I understand John Green’s impulse to back away. A lot of authors are, and I can easily imagine a future where I, too, have turned off my comment sections and disabled my inboxes and returned to that simpler, colder world. It’s a world where I call out original content into the void, not listening for the response. It’s a world where I am discussed — not one where I am asked to discuss myself. It’s a more sterile world, but safer. Less poisonous.

I can also imagine a future where exhausted readers and bloggers do the same: retreating again into password-protected forums and making their Tweets friends-only.

The internet is facing a toxic Apocalypse. Everyone’s either mutating or locking their doors. 

ETA: my last comment on this.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:the character specs from the musical newsies confuses me. He has glasses as his defining feature, and yet he is assumably a poor orphan. Where did he get these glasses from? I doubt wiesel or pulitzer purchased them for him. And even if he got the glasses before becoming a poor newsie, isn't it likely the prescription he needs has changed? What if his eyes have gotten worse and his specs have been rendered useless? Also, in the number "the world will know," he confesses to having lost his shoe, a conflict that goes unresolved for the rest of the show.

There was a point when I was in 7th grade where a boy called me a lesbian. And to be perfectly honest, I was definitely probably staring at girls in my classes. I know I definitely did this because I would think about what it would be like to hold their hands and kiss them and I probably stared a lot. I don’t know what compelled him to call me a lesbian exactly, but he did. At the time I didn’t know what that meant. I could just tell from his tone that it was said in a derogatory way. And so when I found out what the word lesbian means, I… my first reaction was, well, why is that a bad thing? That’s… me.