• Season 2 is set in 2019!
  • The killer’s color is different this season. It’s a completely new killer.
  • This year is more “sinister”
  • The Red Devil costume won’t be used this year
  • The hospital is a former asylum, though it’s not the one we saw at the end of season one
  • The show is more “relatable” this year
  • There is a NEW killer in season 2
  • Jamie has said that the season is set 3 years later
  • The show is “a lot less glamorous (but in a good way)." 
  • This season will deal with "female empowerment” and “equal female rights”
  • Ryan is already hinting about a third season!
  • This season is more “sexual and hotter”
  • Season 2 will feature a “drastic turn”
  • The cast were originally told that season 2 would be summer camp


  • “That’s the gag with the show. Everyone is inspiring to each other.” - Keke Palmer
  • The hardest scene to film was the heel in the eye scene for Lea
  • “It was seamless. We’re a week in and we’re all besties.” - Taylor Lautner
  • “As far as I know Hester isn’t the killer this year, but I think it would be hilarious if it was me!” - Lea Michele
  • Emma’s favorite Chanel insult is “idiot hookers”
  • The majority of the cast thought that Grace or Wes was the Red Devil killer in season 1!
  • “Every time I see a pair of earmuffs, I’m like I need them right now.” - Billie Lourd
  • “This is not an easy show to do. The people up here are brilliant.” - John Stamos 
  • Cecily Strong will visit the hospital this season!
  • Lea thinks both Hester Ulrich and Rachel Berry are “pretty badass”.


  • The Chanles are BROKE in season 2!
  • The Chanels are “sad” when we see them again. Cathy, suspiciously, “saves” them.
  • The Chanels will “try and hold onto” their own style in the hospital.
  • The Chanels find themselves in a skid row
  • The Chanels aren’t glamorous anymore, but they are trying to hold onto what they had
  • Chanel #3’s ear muffs are back, but this time… they’re for medical reasons.
  • Chanel #3 is only interested in the “hot meat” at the hospital
  • Chanel #5 is off her meds and is now “crazier than ever”


  • Hester will no longer have her “killer tendencies”
  • Hester has no neckbrace this year. She does have a “fancy” new “attachment”
  • Hester’s costume this year is “comfortable”
  • Hester is in a “unique place”. She is not with anyone else
  • Hester ends up visiting the hospital, according to Jamie Lee
  • When the premiere starts, we don’t know where Hester is!


  • Cathy hires Brock because he is “very hot”
  • Brock lost his hand in a Super Bowl party accident. 
  • He has someone else’s hand. The hand starts to “wander around” early in the season.
  • Brock’s attached hand belonged to a squash player, who murdered his opponents


  • Cathy became a “well known” person. She was on Oprah
  • The characters still address Cathy as “Dean Munsch”. 
  • “New-new feminism” will be Cathy’s rise to fame!


  • Zayday graduated college in a year and a half
  • Zayday is helping Cathy “save lives”.


  • It’s confirmed! Chad Radwell will be back during season 2!
  • Brock and Chad will shower together