Roleplayer Problems (As Illustrated by Captain Janeway):

When people get mad at me OOC for something my character said or did ICly during a roleplay:

When someone ignores the part of my bio that says “I do not do roleplay dating so please don’t ask”:

When people think that my character’s flaws reflect my real life personality in any way, shape, or form:

When someone takes it all too seriously:

When people don’t take it seriously enough:

When someone tries to fix all your character’s problems with the snap of their fingers thereby basically eliminating any struggles and trials your character goes through thereby making your character boring to RP as:

When someone tries to tell you (in a non-constructive, aggressive manner) that they don’t like your character:

And finally, a Roleplayer Perk:
When someone tells you they love your character:

Thank you Buzzfeed for the lovely gifs :)


do not let jim handle the radio