Hi and welcome to our first #AceBookClub “meeting” in 2017!

We’re reading Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver and I couldn’t be more excited!
I’m not going to say much today because we’re not that far in yet (we’re reading about 14pgs/day officially, but feel free to read at your own pace!).
The prologue really drew me in. We don’t know much of what’s going on yet, but it starts with a bang! The city is burning, but we don’t know the whys and hows. And who is Radio Angel? It seems that the people are locked in the city, but we don’t know why or by whom just yet. I was glued to the page from the start! Did you feel the same? 

“It began in a dingy underground pub on a smoke-filled night like any other. And nobody knew that it all started with a song”

Chapter 1 starts in this very club. We meet Regan, who seems to be a kind of lizard-person, and how cool is that?! We also meet Kari, a waitress in a floating wheelchair, which is super cool as well. We don’t know much about the world we’re in yet, but it’s a “city where the smoke never cleared and the fire never went out”. Despite that, Kari seems very cheerful. Regan, on the other hand, seems nervous…
We find out why soon enough: Regan is here for Garrett Cole, owner of the Emerald Bar, and his intentions don’t seem friendly. However, he is interrupted by singer Evelyn Calliope. As a student of literature and secret mythology nerd, I LOVED her name! Garrett escapes, and so does Regan. When Evelyn asks Garret about what happened, he won’t answer. Apparently he knows Regan is after him, and he advises Evelyn to lay low for a bit. Is he hiding something? And what is it?
Back to Regan, who is outside the club, meeting Hans. It seems Hans wanted Regan to kill Garrett Cole. Why would Hans want Garrett dead? And who - and what - is Hans, anyway? Is he real or just a figment of Regan’s imagination? Whoever Hans is, Regan doesn’t seem to agree with his plans, except for the part where they both want to get out of the city. Regan is about to walk away, so Hans does… something.

“The world as [Regan] remembered it was very bright. Then it was gone”.

RoAnna reminded me to also mention that Regan doesn’t just go, but he stands up to Hans, who is less than pleased with that. “Not so much scared lizard after all. Maybe I actually got myself a dragon.”
What is Hans up to? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, because that’s about 14 pages in my paperback! 

What are your thoughts so far? I’d love to hear them!

Hello to #AceBookClub! Let’s continue Chameleon Moon where we left off yesterday :) Just to refresh your memory, this is where we stopped reading: Regan is about to walk away, so Hans does… something. “The world as [Regan] remembered it was very bright. Then it was gone”. Let’s read on and see what Hans was doing, shall we? Evelyn is leaving the Emerald Bar, ending up in the same alley as Regan. She hears him cry out “No - don’t!” and looks up to see Regan “staring up at the narrow strip of sky […] as if enraptured by something invisible”. What she doesn’t see is Hans - but why? Is he gone? Was he ever there? Did Regan just imagine him after all? When she talks to Regan, he seems pretty out of it. “I don’t know what’s going on […] I don’t know anything”. All he does remember is that his name is Regan - and Hans’ name, which he knows is important, but not why. He doesn’t even remember anything about Parole. He tells Evelyn “I don’t even know why I’m green, and you’re not.” Which is an excellent question, actually! Why *is* Regan green and lizard-y? And do you believe Regan? Considering how he was at the Emerald Bar because he was supposed to kill Garrett Cole, do you think that his behavior might be an act? Evelyn seems to believe him, anyway. She wants to take him to meet “Rose”, who might be able to help with Regan’s memory loss. In the meantime, we learn something about Parole:

“The ground here is… unstable. […] walk carefully and look ahead for cracks”

Well, doesn’t that sound reassuring! Apparently the ground in Parole is prone to opening beneath your feet, no big deal. Trying to reassure Regan, Evelyn says this:

“Evelyn Calliope. I know that name doesn’t mean anything to you, but it does to the rest of Parole. That’s because this city is my home, and if you’re in it, you’re safe with me.”

And Regan replies: “That makes you sound like some kind of superhero.” What does make one a superhero? Do you need special powers? Or is there a potential hero in everyone? This is where Chapter 2 starts. We’re still with Regan and Evelyn, and Evelyn gets a phone call. She’s supposed to meet Celeste, which is a Good Thing, because Evelyn thinks Celeste might be able to help Regan. But when Celeste shows up, Regan recognizes her - and knows it would be very bad if she saw him. (Not to go off topic, but Celeste sounds super cool, if you ask me). Regan really doesn’t want Celeste to see him, and suddenly, “when he looked down […] he didn’t see himself there”. It seems like Regan can make himself invisible somehow - almost like a chameleon, right? 😉 Newly invisible, he runs back inside the bar, leaving us with Evelyn and Celeste. Do you think it’s strange that Regan is instinctively terrified of someone who Evelyn thinks is on their side? The question is, does this mean Regan is a bad guy? Or is Celeste not as good as Evelyn seems to think? Celeste is there to investigate an attempt on Garrett Cole’s life. She questions Evelyn, but Ev doesn’t know anything about it. As Celeste is leaving, this exchange happens: “I don’t doubt you for a second, Celeste.” “Good. That would be a mistake.” I loved this because it sounds like something a villain in a movie might say. Celeste is like 1000% cooler than everyone else. Regan, meanwhile, is hiding back inside the bar - or trying to, because someone there recognizes him. The person who recognizes him is an 18-year-old boy. It doesn’t seem like they’re close, because he has to guess Regan’s name: “You’re, um […] Starts with a… I’m stuck between an R and a K, dunno why.” That *is* weird. R and K don’t really sound alike? Regan tells the boy - Cairus - his name, and Cai starts dropping names: Miss Calliope, Garrett, Radio Angel - we’ve met those, although we don’t know them well. Cai also mentions one CyborJ, who Regan apparently used to work with “behind the scenes”. Suddenly, though, Cai starts acting strange - he doesn’t remember the people he was just talking about anymore. Panicking, Cai runs for the door. But “[Regan] knew one thing with crystal clarity […]. He could not let Cairus leave this room.” This is where we stop for today! What do you think is going on? Did Regan give Cai amnesiac cooties? Let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow :)

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Factory of Faith - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Cemetery Drive - My Chemical Romance

Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

I Miss You - Blink 182

Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson

Strawberry Fields Forever - Jim Stugress & Joe Anderson

Helena - My Chemical Romance

A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay

Ready To Go - Panic! at the Disco

Ark in the Storm - D’espairsRay

Mine - Kim Jaejoong

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a fanmix for philip j. fry from futurama // listen

i. opening theme - futurama // ii. play that funky music - wild cherry // iii. take on me - a ha // iv. walking on sunshine - katrina & the waves // v. karma chameleon - culture club // vi. ironic - alanis morissette // vii. don’t stop believin’ - journey // viii. never gonna give you up - rick astley // ix. sweet dreams - eurythmics // x. careless whisper - george michael // xi. time after time - cyndi lauper // xii. africa - toto // xiii. them bones - alice in chains // xiv. crash into me - dave matthews band // xv. don’t you - simple minds // xvi. 1999 - prince

tylantismax  asked:

Headcanons on weird things that Prompto does? '3'

Ahhhhhh you making my heart swell!

- he enjoys singing, as we all know
- weirdly takes pictures of his feet for some reason
- googles symptoms when he’s ill. and freaks over the WebMD response
- likes baby talking his s/o
- pretends to be a superhero all the time (psst I see him as a Deadpool fan)
- would happily sit in a room full of puppers and play with them all the damn day (I would too I love doggos)
- slurps his soup
- sings karma chameleon by culture club a lot
- giggles at random times
- cries when he steps on lego
- cries at Marley and Me

joshuaguest96  asked:

Hey Donatello what do you think of Karma Chameleon by the Culture Club? I'm not even sure about the point behind the song if I'm honest then again typical Josh asking you 80s songs you like, right?

Karma Chameleon is a good song.

The song is about alienating people. It’s about being afraid to what you believe in and trying to please everyone. 

Dance Gavin Dance Announce Winter Tour

Dance Gavin Dance Announce Winter Tour

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Dance Gavin Dance has announced dates for a US headlining tour to take place this winter. The tour will be kicking off on February 24th in Albuquerque, NM with support to come from CHON.

Check out the tour routing below. Tickets are now available. 

02/24 Albuquerque, NM @ El Rey Theatre
02/25 Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
02/27 Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note
02/28 Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre
03/01 Louisville, KY @ Mercury Ballroom
03/02 Columbus, OH @ Park Street Saloon
03/03 Rochester, NY @ Anthology
03/04 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
03/05 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
03/07 Richmond, VA @ The National
03/08 Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theater
03/09 Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
03/10 Memphis, TN @ New Daisy Theatre
03/11 New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues
03/13 San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall
03/15 El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
03/16 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
03/17 Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
03/18 San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park
03/19 Sacramento, CA @ Ace Of Spades