Alohomora ‘Episode 130 - HBP 12: Suck It, Naysayers!’ - is now available!

It’s time for another trip to Hogsmeade, but as the war draws closer to Hogwarts’ front door, this visit will be unlike any we’ve had before. Come along with Kristen, Michael, Rosie and fan guest host, Jessie (jessfudd on the main site) as they delicately handle the “Silver and Opals” strewn throughout Chapter 12 of Half-Blood Prince.

On Episode 130 we discuss…

→ Episode 129 Recap: Blasting owls; Young love; Buckbeak’s thoughts
→ PQOTW Responses
→ A big bag of James Potter
→ Spell creation
→ Harry’s feelings are a-stirrin’
→ Jewelry gone wrong
Chamber of Secrets & Half-Blood Prince links
Question of the Week
→ Check out the Alohomora! store

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Movie Night Tonight!

We had so much fun last week watching Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone we decided to watch Chamber of Secrets tonight.

Information on the event is on True Siel and we’re always happy to have more cool peeps.  Feel free to join us if you like :)

I’ve never seen these movies so it’s a treat to get to watch them with people who really like them.   I had a blast last week!