Two bros sleeping in the same bed 0 feet apart cuz they’re really gay.


Day 16 // a song that you used to love but now you hate : Navy Blue - The Story So Far

it’s not really hate, I love this song but I hate how it brings up some specific memories and how it always pop up on my playlists whenever the moment begs for it it’s like it’s there to make me suffer lol but still this is such a good song 


Meisiu’s Base Game Starter Home Challenge

I was tagged by cutie pie @sim-bubble. i usually hate building homes bc i suck at it but i had a gr8t time makin this lil tiny home. clutter > size lmao

100% base game without any cc. Think you can do it?


  • Must be under 20k.
  • Include basic necessities (A bed, stove, fridge, toilet, shower etc.)
  • Base game only & no cc

Once the build is created, share some screenshots and challenge some people. You may put your houses for download if you want. Tag your posts #BGSHC and on the gallery as well (:

i tag @bratsims @allthingsgrilledcheese @vodkasimmer @keeksim @tea-sims @strawberrymark @loniden @sandy-sims  @ughplumb & whoever else wants to suffer a lil



I had a blast building and decorating my entry to @redhotchilisimblrs 2nd replica challenge today. I managed to do it all in one sitting, mostly because I was home alone and decided that the whole afternoon would be purely for simming! ^_^ 

I’ve named this lot Lorentz Bungalow. I decided to build it in Forgotten Hollow and it’s value landed on §77 300. It’s completely cc-free!

Lorentz is the name of my grandpa on my father’s side. He’s 89 years old this year and unfortunately he doesn’t remember much of anything these days. He was a carpenter when he was younger and he built the brick house that my father and his brothers grew up in. He loved gardening too which seemed fitting when this build required a vegetable garden. He always grew tomatoes and potatoes! Grandma and grandpa had the best raspberries and my brother and I spent many summer days playing in their garden. 

My grandpa on my mother’s side was also a carpenter actually and both he and Lorentz were very proud of me getting my architect degree last year. I feel very blessed to have had them all my life and I love them both dearly. ♥


Neha: Jules, don’t think that. It’s me. It’s always been me.

Jules: But I don’t think that being here with me is making it easier for you. Am I correct?


Jules: I am also assuming you want to spend more time with your parents. 

Neha: I do but I want to spend time with you too. I just. ‘I’m really confused and disappointed and I don’t want to hurt you but I feel I am by being this way but I can’t stop.

Jules: Maybe I could assist in reducing your confusion.

Neha: What are you saying. 

Jules: Maybe spending all of your time with you father like you want to, hearing what he has to say and when you come back, I will be here. I will be on your side with whatever you decide.

Neha: Are you saying you want me to leave our house?

Jules: No. I am saying that maybe you want to spend some time with them. I do not like your Zach Father. I think he is rude and disrespectful but he is important to you so I think you should do what you need to do. 

Neha: But what about you.

Jules: I will be happy. I have the basement and opera music to entertain me. 


Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

thanks @fadinqflame & @theartofqueenie for tagging me cuties ♡

i tag @tea-sims @allthingsgrilledcheese @keeksim @thecactus @mummasim @kismet-sims @strawberrymark @sim-bubble @shysimblr@vodkasimmer (but u have to use ms sry vodka)