The fashion industry is the 2nd biggest environmental pollutant in the world. The #30Wears campaign from Eco-Age and Livia Firth challenges people to only purchase clothing they will wear at least 30 times.
Tom Hiddleston is really the perfect candidate for this campaign- we all know he can wear something 30 times in 30 days! So here are a few “Hiddles Tips” on how to #30wears!

1) Mix & Match: you can change up your look simply by alternating shirts and jackets 

2) Uniform: have a specific outfit to wear to the gym. This can also double as great motivation when you *know* these clothes are for exercise! (I have owned plenty of yoga pants that never actually saw the inside of a gym)

3) Get A Classic Suit: men are at a great advantage when they can wear the same suit over and over without anyone caring. Tom for his 3-piece Armani suit countless times and still made all the best dressed lists. Simply add a different color dress shirt or tie for a fresh new look!

4) Versatility: buy clothes you can wear many different ways. BLACK JEANS MATCH EVERYTHING and you can wear them to any event. Dress up your black jeans with a blazer or go casual in a flannel shirt! Also, go versatile with your shoes like Tom’s appropriate for all occasions Aquatalia boots!

The Truth About Love - Master

This is a 17 parts series inspired by P!nk’s album, The Truth About Love. Entry for mrs-squirrel-chester Album Fanfic Writting Challenge.

The series tells the story of Y/N and Dean Wichester, throughout the years, switching from differents POVs. It will be post weekly and each chapter would be inspired on a song, following the order of the album, which means the story won’t be in chronoligcal order.

1) All We Are (Are We All We Are)

2) I Had Enough! (Blow Me -One Last Kiss)

3) Get Up and Try (Try)

4) You Are Not Broken (Just Give Me A Reason)

5) (True Love)

6) (How Come You’re Not Here)

7) (Slut Like You)

8) (The Truth About Love)

9) (beam Me Up)

10) (Walk Of Shame)

11) (Here Comes The Weekend)

12) (Where Did The Beat Go)

13) (The Great Escape)

14) (My Signature Move)

15) (Is This Thing On)

16) (Run)

17) (Good Old Days)

anonymous asked:

do you have any recs of the clexa with kids fics because i love them all too

Mhmm on the top of my head:

Stronger than we know
Make this leap (say geronimo)
Leaving Home (my heart never left you)-GP
Abby Doesn’t Ask (from abby’s pov)
One Night-GP
You’re All I ever loved-GP


Honestly I think this is a ploy to expose the fact that I read too much gp fics

30 day otp challenge | day 5: kissing

thanks to the boo thang thatsmistertoyou for helping me come up with phil’s caption!

please do not repost anywhere, thank you <3


August Book Photo Challenge
Day 3: Your Bookshelf aka Shelfie
“A room without books, is like a body without a soul”
 – Marcus Tullius Cicero