A competition with the character design is opened.
I’m challenging under the name as the “foomidori”.
When it’s input to one check box(near the names), and a green button as “入力内容を確認する” is pressed, you can vote for free of charge.
Please find  your favorite.

キャラクターデザイナーオーディション2次審査(一般投票)-Project LayereD



• The moment Gladio wants to play #FFXV but there’s Nocto’s mess everywhere! 😆

I heard you wanted more videos so here I am to make you happy! ❤️

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Crossmember challenge day 5: Done
When I was watching the animation, ink’s face seemed a little suspicious. Of course even though ink wouldn’t do such a thing (right? Right?!), I thought, what if his real objective wasn’t to help Cross but something else entirely?

Technically it doesn’t have Cross in it. I hope it won’t be a problem.

Underverse: @jakei95
Ink!sans: @comyet
Crossmember challenge: @byutak


20 days to go ! Till Christmas
Today was so busy I struggled to find time to study as I had to go for a blood test and my arm is hurting a lot. I did some of my biology homework and also wrote some tips for my friend on how to answer heath and social questions.

I hope tomorrow to do some more work so wish me luck ^-^


Drabble Challenge - A Drabble A Day For 100 Days. Day Sixty-Five.

Everything I do… 3x02

Marcus had come to realise something over the last few months. When you care about someone, their priorities become yours; their needs matter more than your own. This was how he’d ended up searching everywhere for Clarke, who he believed didn’t want to be found, at least not yet. Abby was stoical but he knew she grieved inside. Long ago he’d made a promise to her that he’d search for the kids and then broke it, punishing her instead. He wanted to make up for that, find her kid, if he had to search half the country to do it.

After a man ate a ghost pepper in a contest, not even a burger and six glasses of water could stop the burning. He ended up in the hospital with a 2.5 cm hole in his esophagus–not from the pepper, but from the extreme vomiting it caused. 23 days later, he was discharged with a gastric tube that delivers food directly to his stomach. Source


【Water bottle challenge】〜 ✂︎背伸び君