Freaky Friday Gets Middle Aged And Crazy

Visit Parts Unknown every Friday for the rest of 2013 to see one of WWE’s freakiest Superstars of all time. This week: Chainsaw Charlie!

Terry Funk would’ve been enough of a loon to make this list on his own, but his alter-ego, Chainsaw Charlie upped the abnormal ante by running around in mom jeans and a mask made of hosiery.

Cactus Jack Vs. Chainsaw Charlie
WWE Royal Rumble - January 18th, 1998

I despise the “AOL Keyword: WWF” quality of this photo, but this shot is brilliant. Chainsaw Charlie is better known to wrestling fans as Terry funk, and of course, Cactus Jack is known as Mick Foley (or Mankind, whichever you prefer). This shot is made all the more better by the fact that Cactus and Charlie had been teammates leading up to this point, and would continue to be, but the two just loved to hurt one another. In the twisted minds of Foley and Funk, this was a way of saying “Hey, I respect you!” I hope Funk never respects me, because my idea of a good afternoon doesn’t involve being attacked with a chainsaw.


“…the one true Dionysus appears in a multiplicity of characters, in the mask of warrior hero, and enmeshed in the web of individual will. The god ascends the stage in the likeness of a striving and suffering individual. That he can appear at all with this clarity and precision is due to dream interpreter Apollo, who projects before the chorus its Dionysian condition in this analogical figure. Yet in truth that hero is the suffering Dionysus of the mysteries. He of whom the wonderful myth relates that as a child he was dismembered by Titans now experiences in his own person the pains of individuation…We have here an indication that dismemberment–the truly Dionysian suffering–was like a separation into air, water, earth, and fire, and that individuation should be regarded as the source of all suffering, and rejected. The smile of this Dionysus has given birth to the Olympian gods, his tears have given birth to men.”

-Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy