@markiplier was singing this while he was playing a horror game (and it sounded pretty creepy xD) so I thought why not making him look like a crazy, creepy guy with a chainsaw? :D muahahaha!!…I like how he turned out xD

you can see this comic in higher resolution on my devianart :D


idek where im going with this but i feel inspired im just gonna roll with it

  • Chainsaw 
  • Chainsaw calls Ronan Keerah and she acts a certain way towards him 
  • Like how she predominantly perches on his left shoulder 
  • And knows that Ronan can handle the few scars that her talons leave 
  • She doesn’t take as much care when she takes off from his shoulders 
  • Her caws are lower, more gutteral when she’s with Ronan
  • But with Adam 
  • She perches on his right shoulder bc she knows he can’t hear well from his left
  • If he’s working or writing, she might not stay on him, but around him 
  • When she is on him, she doesn’t dig her talons in as much
  • She takes more care not to scratch Adam accidentally
  • She caws higher in pitch with him
  • Sometimes she’ll stand on his forearms if Adam holds them out 
  • Ronan doesn’t do that much 
  • She pecks at his ears when she wants attention
  • Unlike calling Ronan by name
  • With Opal 
  • Chainsaw tries to be as gentle as possible 
  • She’ll only perch on Opal’s forearms if she holds them out 
  • She’ll keep her talons out of the way, away from Opal’s skin 
  • She shifts her weight and doesn’t lean too heavily on Opal 
  • Her caw is the highest with Opal, who likes imitating Chainsaw’s caw 
  • She’ll protect her if Adam or Ronan aren’t around
  • At least one of them usually is within earshot, but if they can’t see her, Chainsaw knows not to leave her side 
  • She doesn’t move if Opal pets her too hard, or roughly, just lets Opal have her fill before gently hopping off her and taking off 
  • Just 
  • Chainsaw being as much a part of the Lynch-Parrish family as the rest of them

anonymous asked:

hello so when I was first reading trk I interpreted the line about Ronan tethering chainsaw to the seatbelt holder as Ronan buckling up chainsaw in the passenger seat and I don't know if you take suggestions but I just really feel like that's a piece of art the world needs

glad I’m not the only one who noticed this