Quick sneak peek at the Mushroom Kingdom CC I’ve been working on lately<3 I might release it if people want it but idk if that many Simblrs are even into the Mario series ( ̄▽ ̄’’) So far I have made 8 rugs, 2 chairs (the blocks are sittable!) and everything else is statues….So far I’m pretty happy <3 

i’m thinking about making the pipes garbage cans or toilets for humor shhh

A courageous Terrapin is taking Mack head-on, but Bowyer means to end the quarrel. However, it seems he has grabbed a Jabit by mistake! This is another render made for the recent 5th anniversary. This was the only other section of the planned wallpaper scene that I had fully planned before scrapping the idea, though I did rearrange some things for this render.

First render