Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light

My Music of the Moment
  • Some favorite bands come and go, but here's my current top 11,most of these are nothing new (plus a recommended song to look up if you're interested):
  • 1.Mike Nesmith and the First National Band- "I Looked Away"
  • 2.Beach House-"Heart of Chambers"
  • 3.Black Belles-"What Can I Do?"
  • 4.Mumford and Sons-"White Blank Page"
  • 5.Lana Del Rey-"Dark Paradise"
  • 6.Francoise Hardy-"Soleil"
  • 7.Modest Mouse-"Bukowski" or "Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset"
  • 8.Chad Vangaalen-"Red Hot Drops" or "Graveyard"
  • 9.Tom Brosseau-"No Reason"
  • 10. Velvet Underground and Nico- "Venus in Furs" or "Frozen Warnings"
  • 11. Jack White and his male/female bands- any White Stripes Cover is amazing reinterpreted.
  • Respond in the comments if you listened to one of these you never heard before but now like <3

Shave My Pussy | Moon Rats (Chad Vangaalen Cover)

lil cover i did today!!!!!! its so naice outside I’m so happyyyyyyy