Huge thanks to my co-star Cynthia Addai Robinson, who gave her all over the past two years to make Naevia everything Crixus needed & desired. If the fans could only see the fun we had behind the scenes but also the sincerity of her performance based upon her own past. I can tell you that this was not part of the scene but in the moments that followed, as we both breathed away the emotions that inspired us in our final scene together.

Access Hollywood: On the final day of filming the cast and crew paid tribute by doing a tribal Haka for you?

Manu Bennett: Yeah, I was fortunate that they did use my death scene as my final scene on the show and the one thing about that particular scene is I had no [acting] choice for it. It was the one scene during four years of filming the show where I just really didn’t know how I was gonna play the scene. It was a really difficult one, but then, when I asked Cynthia [Addai-Robinson, who played Naevia], what she thought about the scene, she told me she was basing it on the death of her father. 

So when she told me that, I was very aware of how emotional she would be in that scene, so I kind of just looked at her in support and that ended up being the right choice, because Crixus, in his death.

He knew what was coming and he knew potentially what would happen to Naevia [and] following that, she would need all the strength she could get, so I spent the whole time just sort of looking at her and feeling for her, rather than anything about myself. We do this in acting, but until you totally give yourself up to another actor, you don’t really realize the strength of it.

At the end of my scene I went over because she was crying, because she put herself through that emotional scene with her father, and so I went over and sort of put my head against her forehead. It was just a very truthful moment.