Dean is bi, a succinct look over the seasons

I’ve seen a few posts about how if/when we get Bi!Dean (and Destiel) some people are worried others may cry ‘fan service’ purely because they haven’t noticed it as a continuous theme through the 12 years of the show so far. So I just wanted to compile a few snippets showing that it has been there all along, it’s not a complete list as I would have to literally spend weeks doing this as there is so much material, but here’s just a few to get started!

1x07: So, it’s season 1, everything is just ramping up so the subtext is very sub… 

Dean rejects painting the college kid yet immediately picks up a skin mag (making it sexual), ignoring the actual mag whilst ogling the kid and noticing the point just above his ass that Sam missed? While Sam in an extremely NON sexual manner does the actual painting? Nice…

2x11: There is no way that scene in Playthings is not meant for the audience to notice and pick up on. 

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We are supposed to pick up on Sam’s totally accurate and straight faced response to this and how Dean reacts, precisely due to it’s accuracy:

Sam: “Well, you are kinda butch, they probably think you’re overcompensating”. Sam is totally straight faced as this is exactly what he thinks is the case as is taking the opportunity to let Dean know that he knows.

source: @shixpe.   Meanwhile Dean’s face is like ‘shit… I’m that obvious?’


Season 4: Intro Cas. Now for the ramping up… Dean not so subtly going from small moments of showing himself looking at a guy occasionally or projecting onto Sam “how gay are you?” but now literally licking his own lips, staring at Cas’ lips, comparing them to Thelma and Louise, using his “last day on earth” line on him, I mean, ALL the Cas related chemistry that I won’t even go into here, but here’s a helpful post that has just a few examples of Cas-Dean chemistry over the years which is totally different to any other variation of Cas-Dean, because, that’s love not just lust.

6x09: The one when Dean specifically, not Dean and Sam, is associated with fairies.

source: @spn-liveblog

Where they sexualised the fairies as naked ladies with nipples on show. Where it’s textually and clearly brought to the audiences attention in this same episode that most people associate fairies with queer men.

Where Dean probably “serviced” Oberon king of the fairies (an easy link to queer King Oberyn in GoT, who’s name Dean uses in 12x18 while Sam uses the very heterosexual Stark name).

Meanwhile Sam nicely and true to form, even soulless, stays resolutely heterosexual and bangs the hippie chick while throughout the whole episode in contrast to Dean is hitting on any woman that moves.

It’s not just that Dean is consistently associated with queer subtext but also how Sam is NOT that shows how purposefully this is done for Dean.

7x12: This episode follows multiple episodes with so much “Dean was is in love with Cas subtext” (Cas dying, the trenchcoat, Sam and Bobby’s reactions, Dean’s alcoholism and coping mechanisms coming out, 7x05: Dean projecting Cas’ betrayal and their subsequent lack of communication which led to Cas’ death onto the witch couple by getting them to communicate leading to their making out furiously… immediately followed by Sam trying to get Dean to talk to him about Cas, 7x09 “Cas, black goo…” etc etc etc… 

We have not only blatant Dean-is-queer moments:

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But also the whole episode centers around an immortal who dies because they were in love with a Human who couldn’t forgive them for lying…

Then from 8 onwards we have more Dean / Cas parallels with canon romantic couples: Jess/Sam, Mary/John, Cain/Colette, Don/Maggie, David/Violet, Dean/Cassie, Chronos/Lila, Cacao/Betsy, Jesse/Cesar, Jeffery/his demon, Sam/Amelia, Benny/Andrea, Prometheus/Hayley, Dean/Amara, Ishim/Lily, Gavin/Fiona, Corbin/Michelle…

Ok so this isn’t a Destiel post, it’s a Dean is bi post, but you know, at this point they’re kind of interlinked, because Cas has a male body from season 9 onwards, that isn’t his vessel, it’s him, so there you go, have that too.


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You mean THESE triplets? The only twins/triplets in the bar? Where the guy behind looks like he’s the additional triplet by his placement and his outfit being the exact in between of the who playing? The ones who Crowley was seen talking to again in the same episode? 

Either way, even if for some reason it wasn’t these particular triplets, cos you know, triplets are super common, it’s still heavily implied (and referred to again throughout seasons 10,11 and 12) that Dean had some kind of sex with triplets and Crowley, who “rubbed off all over him”…

On top of that, sorry to be crude, but we also have these moments:

“…well, you could…” *insert Drowley meta here*.


Then, back to the less crude side, 10x16:

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So…. Dean is sick of hiding behind his facade? Do you think maybe it’s time someone came along and helped him see that he no longer needs to hide behind this wall? For a whole two seasons subtext be based around showing that Dean is in love with Cas and also kinda doesn’t mind pop music for example, is actually not quite the dude bro he makes himself our to be and has a facade up that stops him from showing it? 

Insert Amara. Whose name literally means Love. The expositional character of Dean’s innermost feelings, the extension of which is Mary, who ultimately leads to these feelings coming out after having been addressed for these two seasons…

Where an all knowing love - monster taking on her appearance tells him:

“I can see inside your heart. Feel the love you feel. Except…it’s cloaked in shame”

Where in the SAME EPISODE Dean tells Sam that he doesn’t feel love for Amara. So who can this possibly be referring to? For whom might he feel love cloaked in SHAME based on the last 10 years of what he have learned about Dean? Where only two episodes before Dean is told by a “wise woman” (who in film always sees truth) that he is pining for someone. PINING, a term interchangeable with LONGING. With whom do we associate LONGING?

I mean honestly… like we need an exposition for what this is all about…

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Meanwhile, if there were any issues with Dean feeling that Hunting and being queer are frowned upon they nicely insert an amazingly, fantastically, blatantly mirrored Dean/Jesse Cas/Cesar episode, even down to the brother focused story, the way Cesar and Dean click and interact so similarly to Dean/Cas and the shoulder patting being the most we actually see of them being romantic, I mean JEEZ:

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And now if he needed to hammer it home even further:

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I mean, I think he gets the picture… it’s nothing to be ashamed of now.

So now thanks to his own personal growth, all this and the extension of Amara, Mary, Dean has finally faced his past, his feelings and given his wall the metaphorical and literal heave - ho:

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In conclusion:

1. Dean is bisexual. Dean has always been bisexual, he was closeted for so long, but after all this time and thanks to his being in love with one guy in particular and Mary’s role in his self awareness and self acceptance arc, now is more or less the perfect moment to come out… 

2. Dean met and over time went from lusting after to being deeply in love with Cas, who is now male, it is HIS body and he identifies with it as such, who has inconveniently right after this moment of final clarity for Dean, died what seemed to Dean to be a true and permanent Death while he screamed ‘noooo’, fell to his knees in shock and nicely paralleled two of the most doomed - romance canon couples in the show within 5 minutes (Jess and Sam and Cain and Colette).

Both sides of this have come to a climax at the end of season 12, I believe leading to things really happening now moving forwards… So this, when it all comes to the forefront is NOT fan service. 

It has been there all along, at first subtly, then growing, finally becoming core to the main plot of the character and plot based storylines until this point.

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Hey I was wondering if you could analyze lucrezia and cesare relationship in the Borgia ??? Thank you!!

Ah, Cesare and Lucrezia. This will be so long.

I need to preface the analysis by saying I usually hate the inclusion of incest in anything that isn’t a Toni Morrison novel but The Borgias handled Lucrezia and Cesare’s situation with so much nuance and Holliday and Francois have outstanding chemistry that I got sucked in to that ship.

The progression of Cesare and Lucrezia is actually quite interesting because the underlying tension between the two of them is there from the pilot. The first time we’re introduced to their relationship, Lucrezia is spying on Cesare having sex:

and then he chases her around the courtyard but there is a balance between playful innocence:

and very potent sexual tension:

They spoke like lovers:

their gazes were always charged with this tension that clearly made the other feel something but I think that something remained unrealized between them:

and yet Cesare’s protectiveness of Lucrezia was very much a protection of her innocence:

He disagrees with the marriage to Giovanni Sforza and wordlessly warns him against consummating their marriage during the wedding ceremony because he doesn’t want Lucrezia to grow up too quickly, it’s a very brotherly concern.

Even when Juan has to kill Djem who Lucrezia was infatuated with

and Lucrezia is devastated, Cesare is devastated for her, there is no sense of jealousy, there is no sense of possessiveness, he’s just hurting because his sister who he loves dearly is hurting.

At the same time, as one of the aforementioned gifs suggest, there was always a sense of who would be a priority in their hearts, there was always this knowledge that no man or woman would ever be able to inspire in them such strong feelings even though at the time, Cesare had this dark infatuation with Ursula.

When I think things begin to turn for Cesare and Lucrezia is after Lucrezia has been repeatedly abused by Giovanni. Cesare is devastated by the loss of Lucrezia’s innocence (and previously stated he would cut out the heart of the man who dared hurt her)

But I think her loss of innocence:

(compared to pre-Sforza)

is what sort of catalyzes Cesare into starting to view Lucrezia as a woman to avenge and not a little sister to protect.

While with Cesare, well Lucrezia found a safe space with Paolo and she loved him dearly and she knew he loved her, but I don’t think she felt, like, wholly safe (which she says in season 3) or completely herself unless with Cesare no matter how much she loved Paolo. You see her relax with Cesare in a way she couldn’t even do with him:

Her entire body exhales. I think after the ordeal with Giovanni, she truly began recognizing that. So the end of season 1 is the beginning of realization for the both of them.

In season 2, Lucrezia has been hardened first by the rape and abuse she had to endure during her marriage to Giovanni and then by Paolo’s death at the hands of Juan.

In season 1 Cesare was concerned with preserving Lucrezia’s innocence but this season Cesare wanted to make Lucrezia happy and he wants to do so himself:

And the above moment between them is also a turning point for their relationship because Lucrezia asks Cesare if he can make her happy as they talk about Paolo, “Could he make you smile?” “Can you?” and he delivers her a moment of levity:

Which re-establishes this theme of Cesare and Lucrezia knowing each other’s hearts better than anyone, thy actually don’t spend much time together in season 2 but when they do, they’re knowing each other and seeing each other:

which is a mixture of ferocious vengeance, like when Cesare makes good on his promise to kill the man who harms her:

and then gives her the knife he killed him with:

as well as a mixture of peace and lightness and comfort, no longer playful innocence, but a breath of fresh air:

and the realization between them grows:

that by the end of the season, they joke about marrying one another

while Lucrezia’s betrothed, who she does care for, notices the tension when they dance:

And then season 3 happens and their relationship gets even more complex while at the same time simpler because the realization is, well, fully-realized, which I think is because of Alfonso. The way Lucrezia cares for Alfonso is almost piteous, like she finds him endearing, she finds him innocent, she finds him to be something to protect and cherish platonically while Cesare disdains Alfonso because he finds his love for Lucrezia weak, he isn’t fierce enough for her, he isn’t severe in his affection, which in a way creates a situation where Lucrezia has to ask this question again:

to which Cesare responds:

so they both know that only they can provide for each other what they need, they’ve experienced that repeatedly by this point:

and because they both aren’t running from that realization anymore, they’re getting bolder:

but of course there’s shame:

which only intensifies the knowledge that they both want something that they shouldn’t want and then they finally give in once Lucrezia discovers once again on her wedding night that she can’t get from Alfonso or from anyone else what she can get from Cesare:

But what I actually enjoy about The Borgias is that the torment between Cesare and Lucrezia doesn’t stop after they finally give in and have sex, it’s not like things get easier, in fact things get so much more difficult because there is such a profound embarrassment and shame that they both feel after what happened:

Lucrezia describes it as a cloud descended upon her and she can’t consummate with her actual husband after what happened:

But those feelings don’t disappear, they eat away at the both of them to the point that Lucrezia breaks down when Cesare tells her that Alfonso’s uncle wants to see them actually consummate their marriage and starts hitting him, saying she loves him:

they’re both tormented by this in a way that’s not just about familial protection, Lucrezia doesn’t want to sleep with her husband especially not in front of his uncle and Cesare doesn’t want her to and that’s why Lucrezia gets her revenge by saying that Cesare has to watch

And when he actually watches her and Alfonso consummate, that is one of the scenes that was hardest for me to watch because it was so layered and so uncomfortable in how layered it was because Cesare is experiencing both pleasure and self-disgust at the same time. Lucrezia and him stare at each other as she has sex with Alfonso, its in fact the only way Lucrezia can even experience pleasure and Cesare is clearly turned on but hes crying at the same time

which leads to more embarrassment and more shame and more running away

but the fact that they’re abstaining from something just further intensifies the attraction/chemistry/love that they make a point of not fully giving in to:

and then that spawns a resentment but also an acceptance that they cant run from but that they can’t do anything with:

Until, once again, Alfonso.

While Alfonso never actually sees them do anything, the tension between them literally drives him to drink and he’s maddened by it,

which essentially causes him to fall on Cesare’s sword. And it isn’t until a further step in Lucrezia’s loss of innocence in which she reveals to Cesare that she knows how to kill Alfonso to end his pain that Cesare stops running from her and embraces the depravity of their bond and Lucrezia accepts that embrace literally with Alfonso’s dead body next to them:

All in all, I find them a very fascinating dynamic. Hope this did what you wanted!

Do you remember - of course you do - how we all used to sleep on the roof at Caprarola, and you would creep under my blanket and ask me all the questions that were racing around your head and stopping you falling asleep? […] One night, when the moon was full, I explained to you about how the moon controls the tides, and you said I was like the moon and you were the sea, always following me about. And I said nothing, because I knew it was truly the other way around.
—  Cesare Borgia - The sins of the house of Borgia (by Sarah Bower)

castillomichaela  asked:

Okay so hey you said that you had all the references for those facts about cesare borgia and I looked it up on your blog and I think no-one asked you, so could you show them please? I mean that sounds so amazing I'm so intruigued

i got probably 90% of these from Sarah Bradford’s biography of Cesare; I have the kindle version (you can get a download of it and a lot of other great Borgia books here) so unfortunately I don’t have page numbers but I do have them highlighted and can give you the passages!

  • has a silver port a potty
    • about Cesare, on his way to the French court: “He went to the extremes of extravagance in his determination to bedazzle the French; the Gonzaga coursers were to be shod with silver, while Cattaneo reported that he took with him a most princely travelling privy ‘covered with gold brocade without and scarlet within, with silver vessels within the silver urinals …’” Sarah Bradford, Cesare Borgia
  • wears a unicorn suit
    •  Regarding Lucrezia’s second wedding, to Alfonso of Aragon: “After this the Pope and his party withdrew to the Borgia Apartments where Cesare had set up magnificent tableaux – a fountain richly worked with depictions of cobras and other poisonous snakes, while in another room there was a wood in which wandered seven mummers dressed as animals: Jofre, quaintly, as a sea goose; the prior of Santa Eufemia (Ludovico Borgia), brother of Cardinal Borgia, as an elephant; and other gentlemen of Cesare’s dressed as a fox, a stag, a lion and a giraffe. Cesare himself appeared as a unicorn. They were all dressed in satin according to the colour of the animal they represented and came in one by one, dancing before the Pope. At last Cesare asked permission to dance with Lucrezia, after which each of the mummers danced with the ladies.” Sarah Bradford, Lucrezia Borgia
  • steals nun porn from the king of france
    • Cesare “had captured part of the French baggage train - which included a piece of the Holy Cross, a sacred thorn, a limb of Saint-Denis, the Blessed Virgin’s vest, and a book depicting naked women “painted at various times and places… with sketches of intercourse and lasciviousness in each city” Christopher Hibbert, The Borgias and Their Enemies
    • ok so a couple of primary sources list it as noblewomen and a few as nuns but i like to believe it’s nuns because That’s So Cesare
  • takes laxatives instead of ye olde viagra on his wedding night
  • has letters about his sex life sent to his dad and read out in consistory meetings
    • “The marriage was consummated that afternoon, and again in the evening, with the usual lack of privacy enjoyed by important couples of the time. Charlotte’s ladies spied on them through the keyhole, and reported that Cesare, victim of an embarrassing practical joke, spent an unusually disturbed night. Robert de la Marck, seigneur de Fleurange, wrote: ‘To tell you of the Duke of Valentinois’ wedding night, he asked the apothecary for some pills to pleasure his lady, from whom he received a bad turn, for, instead of giving him what he asked for, he gave him laxative pills, to such an effect that he never ceased going to the privy the whole night, as the ladies reported in the morning.’ Nonetheless, between dashes to the privy, Cesare did his duty valiantly, as he hastened to inform his father the next day. News of his performance reached Rome by special courier on 23 May, and Burchard noted to his diary: ‘A courier from France arrived in Rome, who announced to Our Most Holy Lord that his son, the former Cardinal Valentinus, had contracted matrimony with the magnificent lady, and on Sunday the twelfth of this month, had consummated it: which he did eight times in succession.’ Not quite in succession: Louis, who had supplied the Pope with details of his own wedding night with Anne of Brittany, wrote to Alexander informing him that Cesare’s performance had surpassed his own. ‘Valencia has broken four lances more than he, two before supper and six at night, since it is the custom there to consummate the marriage by day,’ reported Cattaneo. Such public relevations of intimate details were a combination of boasting and business. While Cesare naturally prided himself on demonstrating his exceptional virility, he was anxious to record that his marriage had been consummated and therefore could not be nullified, and to assure his father that he had done his duty in the Borgia dynastic interest.” Sarah Bradford, Cesare Borgia
  • tries to escape a spanish prison by tying bedsheets together and rappelling down the side of the tower
  • breaks his shoulder while trying to escape a spanish prison
    • “In fact the true account of his abortive escape was probably that given out by the Spanish envoy in Rome, who told one of Isabella d’Este’s correspondents that Cesare had used the more prosaic but no less dangerous method of knotting his sheets together and lowering himself out of the window, but the improvised lifeline broke and he fell heavily into the fosse of the castle, fracturing his shoulder, whereupon he was carried back to his room and kept under strict surveillance.” Sarah Bradford, Cesare Borgia

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SO TEMPTED TO REWATCH BORGIAS FOR CESARE/LUCREZIA, which episodes would you recommend for the most ces/lu centric?

you know it comes down to asking which episodes are my favorites, don’t you?

well, here is a list:

  • the poisoned chalice, because our babies were depicted as star-crossed lovers from the start
  • the moor; “i shall never love a husband as i love you cesare” (enough said i’m out)
  • lucrezia’s wedding (that carry-the-bride scene alone makes the episode worth a watch)
  • nessuno (the way he looks at her as if she were the virgin incarnate makes me weak in the knees EVERY FUCKING TIME)
  • the beautiful deception (because i’m more of a tragic kind of girl and the way cesare copes with lucrezia’s distress in that episode gave me shivers)
  • day of ashes —> the ambiguous “i promised you a heart” scene (cesare always reminds me of a cat in that episode, you know, bringing back mice to his mistress… ok i shut up)
  • the confession, for the bedroom sequence, but chiefly for their dancing together (i somehow understood at that moment that he would never give up on her and that alfonso was screwed already)
  • the purge (do i need to elaborate on that one? do i?)
  • siblings, more for the “i will make you happy” and kissing scenes because of reasons
  • banquet of chestnuts (FAVORITE EPISODE IN THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW THEY’RE SHINING IN IT their star-crossed lovers trope is showing like never and yes i might be somewhat masochistic)
  • the prince, because she’s his and can’t fight it; “is it all i am now brother? borgia.”

my very favorites: 3.4 / 3.2 / 2.6 / 2.10

hope i haven’t bored you to death… anyway, enjoy your borgiacest rewatch, dear anon!

Game of Thrones season finale reaction *Spoilers*

I just finished watching the season finale of Game of Thrones and I was freaking scared to watch it because everyone was making such a big deal out of it, I avoided spoilers, but all I want to say now is





Highlights(out of order): SPOILERS!

When the show was about to start-

Cersei’s Walk of Shame:


When Theon threw Myranda over the rail killing her:

I really hope they made out ok when they jumped that wall…

When Arya started killing Ser Meryn Trant:


And then she started going blind at The House of Black and White:

And the biggest WTF? moment: Jon Snow’s death. I  was rooting for Jon Snow the whole time. I felt like he was the only leveled character in this fucking show besides Tyrion(which by the way if he EVER gets killed, I will fucking lose my shit!)and now he’s dead. And fucking killed in a Julius Cesar like way. The way he looked when he thought he was getting good news about Benjen. …

First I was like: “Finally! Someone on his side! He’s gonna be okay. He’s… wait. WTF?”

And then I was like:

And now I’m like:

I’m pissed. OFF. To the GOT writers, George R.R. Martin…

But I’m still gonna wait and watch season 6. I’ll be here waiting. ;)

Befriend me

<(A drabble for @bi-guy-in-the-sky . Prompt: Befriend Me: I will write a drabble about our characters meeting for the first time in an AU )
[Characters used are Cesar (bi-guy-in-the-sky) and Devil.]
(I will apologize now, if this isn’t the best thing, I’ve not had experience with your character, so I didn’t quite now how they act, or speak. I can redo it, or parts of it, if you want me to.)

      Another day, walking in the woods, late at night, or really quite early in the morning. At least the town’s fixed the street lights down here, even though it’s really only a wide dirt pathway.  I don’t think a cars been down here in forever.
           Looking up, I noticed someone. A tall someone, leaning against one of the sparse lights poles, doing something I couldn’t quite see. I guess it was actually particularly lucky that I'dd actually hadn’t changed my form from the human esc one yet.

“Hey, you lost, stranger?”*I asked them, when I got closer, tilting my head up at them.

“No, actually, just visiting, looking around, enjoying the scenery of this forest.”*They replied a moment later.

“Ah, okay, I see. If you wanna head towards town if you get bored of the forest scenery, the town’s back that way. Watch out though, the night time crowds still out and about.”*I warned them, with a shrug.*“Oh, and don’t head too far back, in the side roads, the town doesn’t own most of the forest back towards there, anymore.”

“I’ve got nothing to worry about, miss? Oh, my name’s Cesar, by the way.”

“lt’s Devin, but most call me Devil, take your pick, but please, drop the miss, I’m not quite that old. And, it’s nice to meet you, Cesar, this early in the morning.”*I told them, extending out a hand to shake. Something that they didn’t do, weird, must not like that particular human custom.
I took my hand back, now stuffing both into the pockets of the jeans I had on, a sigh escaping my lips.

“Y'know, you’re quite tall, how tall are ya, Cesar?”*I asked him, actually quite curious.

“Oh, I’m just six ten, Devin. How tall are you?”

“Oh, you’re taller then most people I know, and oh? I think I’m about five eleven, five ten. Not quite sure I can exactly remember, sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. No need to apologize.”

“Okay, sorry, I just usually apologize for most things, it’s a bad habit.”

“Oh, we all have those.”

“True, true, even God’s said to have flaws, y'know Cesar.”*I replied to him, with a shrug.

They just nodded, glancing off to the side, looking for something. Probably someone.

“Oh, I must be holding ya up, sorry Cesar, I’ll just head on my way home.”

“You live here? In this forest, that far from the others?”

“Yeah, down the path, past the fork, I’m not much of a people person so it’s the best place to live.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yeah, talk to you soon Cesar, see ya around, friend-o”

“See you around, Devin.”

And then I made my way home, the promise of a possible new friend, making a smile appear on my lips.

This is totally reasonable. I think the dogs are viewing it as “two unstable creatures (the fighting cats) that needed to be stopped and calmed down before they created a wave of instability within the pack.” Dogs don’t think, they just react. They corrected the fighting cats behavior… :3

It’s either that or they’re all just batshit crazy.

A President's Day Message

Abraham Lincoln’s incredible wisdom always inspires me. Thinking about my upcoming intense season of #Cesar911, this quote touches close to home:

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

This is what “Cesar 911” is all about. My job is to help people gain clarity, restore instincts and confidence, and find the tools that they need to live a more balanced, happy life with their dog. If you’ve ever reached out for my help, or to anyone for help with your dog, I hope that you’ll watch this new season and absorb the lessons. I hope that you’ll find the power within yourself to make the changes you need to make. There is so much beauty and joy in the transformation, I promise it’ll be worth it.


This is the video that was referenced in Nicole Wilde’s blog. She did not link to it, but this is what she is speaking of.