Cerruti 1881


Genre: photographer/model!au | lots of fluff | angst if you really squint

Member: Johnny / Reader

Word Count: 9, 200+

Note: inspired by and dedicated to the one and only @jeou, who motivates me with her own motivation and passion on the daily. also inspired by the work of fanny latour-lambert

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✨ Happy Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day! ✨

I´ve never done a fic recommendation before, but since today is Fanfic Writer´s Appreciation Day, what better day than this to do my first one? I signed in Tumblr so I could read fanfics about BTS and I´ve read so many amazing ones that I don´t even know where to start. I just want to share these with you and I hope you´ll enjoy reading them as much as I did, and feel the things I felt!  


The Blue Coat and Cerruti 1881 (a flash fire) by @yuhdongsaeng - Fluff, Smut & Angst.

Omg, recommendating this incredible story to you guys makes me emotional. It was the first fanfic I ever read in Tumblr. So, what better way to start my first fic rec than with this story! It made me feel a thousand things at the same time, and nearly ten months later, I still feel all those things just by reading the title. The way it´s written, the plot, the characters… They way the writter pictures Yoongi!! It´s everything to me. I have to mention the writer too, Taemi. I know I´ve never spoken with you but you´re amazing girl and don´t worry if you have to take some time to yourself. You will have one reader here forever supporting you and your amazing stories!!

Wildest Moments by @rapmonluv - Smut & Angst.

I´ll be mentioning this writter in nearly every section but I just love her stories too much! The angst in this story keeps me awake every night, it is just B E A U T I F U L. The story is great and the way the writter makes you understand the dilemma inside the head of the protagonist is just amazing. If you want to read a good angsty and smuty story that makes your heart ache, this is for you!

Coming up Roses by @namtoday - Angst What can I say about this story? I love oneshots and I love this writer soooo much. This is her first and only fic, but it is beautiful, and despite being a short story, it makes you feel a lot (I suggest you to listen Coming Up Roses by Keira Knightley while reading this) Rocío, sé que vas a leer esto y por eso te quiero decir que no podías faltar en mi primera fic rec. Te has leído todas mis historias, me has dado tu opinión sincera y me ha soportado siempre que voy por la calle o te mando un whatsapp y te digo “se me ha ocurrido otra idea para un fanfic”. Gracias por todo Kim Namroch 🖤 Pd: espero que esto te anime a seguir escribiendo!


Forbbiden by @btssmutgalore - Smut.

My love for this writter never ends. Her smut is just A R T. I didn´t find smut that amazing until I started reading her stories. So Dee, thank you for opening my eyes to the amazing world of smut <3 Okay, so this story guys… The way she describes Hoseok and the was she pictures him… Oh. My. God. To me, this story is much more than pure smut, it´s angsty and it keeps you at the edge of your chair.

Heartbeat by @rapmonluv - Smut & Angst.

I told you guys I would mention her in nearly every section! But this story… Jesus take the wheel. I´m in love with this story, with the Hoseok the writter creates… Everything! I´m so intrigued with the personality of the Hoseok in this story that I have already re-read it two times!  If you love bad boy stories, motorbikes and black leather jackets this is your fanfic.


Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea by @jungkxook - Smut, Fluff & Angst.

There´s no thing in the world I love more than oneshots, and if you combine it with Jimin and action, fantasy and good adventures… This fantastic story is what you get. My love for this writter is no secret, but until now, my love for this story was. The plot… THE PLOT YOU GUYS! For a moment I thought I was reading George R.R. Martin or something, because the argument and the descriptions, the story, the characters and the fantasy in it… Are just perfect. You have to read this! I don´t give you any other option.


Away from the Sun by @inktae - Fluff and Soft Angst.

I remember the day I read this story. I was so stressed because of final exams that, when I saw that Mariale had updated I just left everything and read it. I completely got lost in the story and its characters and suddenly I wasn´t stressed anymore. She is one of my favourite writers, I just have to read every single one of her stories because they just make feel like I´m inside them and I live every adventure. But this… Omg, she pictured Tae just how I imagine him in real life.

A Handful of Firsts. by @yuhdongsaeng - Angst and just a tiny bit of Smut.

Again, a masterpiece. I just love everything this writter writes, but this story is just amazing. Another oneshot, short but it´s amazing how in just 3.6k she makes you feel all sort of emotions. If you love Tae, you should read another one of her stories:  Looking out For You


First Light by @inktae - Angst and Fluff (ft. Taehyung)

Hotarubi no mori e AU. I hadn´t see the movie before reading this story and I thank God every day for it because I had never read anything that felt… Somehow that pure and innocent. Because that´s what the love between Jungkook and the protagonist is like: innocent and pure and so beautiful it makes you wish you had a love like that. Innocent and pure is Mariale´s writting too, and with it, she makes you feel every word and every character. (I, of couse, saw Hotarubi no mori e after reading this and oh god, it is now my favourite anime movie)

Radio Chaos by @plumblackjeon - Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook (ft. Yoongi)

I read it four months ago and my mind keeps returning to that story. It was… Only a word can describe it: overwhelming. The way this writer writes just made me fall in love with the plot and the characters. It makes you feel alive, as if you were drving a car with the windows down and your head out of the driver´s window, screaming into the night´s air. Once again: A R T. (Plus, the smut oh my gadddd)

✨ The Train of Lost Souls by @inktae - Angst and a bit of Fluff (ft. Hoseok)

Omg I just love this writer so much and I can´t help it! The way she pictures our Jungkookie in every story is just A R T. The story, the plot, the characters… They all made me feel as if I was on a summer night contemplating the sky and the stars (if you read it you´ll now why) I just want to say once again how pure and innocent the story is and how beautiful <3 (Plus, you will fall in love with Hobi´s character, and if you love him, you´ll love him twice)

Comfort Inn Ending by @rapmonluv - Angst and the perfect bit of Smut.

Again, this writer. But I told you… She´s just amazing. This story made me cry, I just couldn´t help it. Everything is perfect, EVERYTHING. I just love how each character thinks and how she shows it to the reader. I´ve read it twice and I think that after writing this fic rec I´ll read it a third time! I want to say more about it but i don´t know what because I don´t have words to describe how much I love this story!!

Bad by @thelillzmonster - Smut and Romance.

Bad is just how this story leaves you after reading it. But it leaves you bad because it´s so good!!! I loved every single part of it, every word, every moment. I just love how she pictures Jungkook like a bad boy, mysterious and popular. I love that back and forth relationship he has with the protagonist and I love everything. I couldn´t stop screaming while reading it because it was soooo good! You have to read it!

Reading is the best thing ever and I´m super duper thankfull to all those amazing writers who made me cry, scream, fangirl, clap, shout, feel anger and 1000 emotions more at the same time. Thank you guys, what you do everyday (freely and without wanting anything in return but the feedback from your readers) is amazing. 
There´s a thousand more incredible stories I´ve read and that I didn´t mention here because of space and time. And there´s a thousand more incredible writers out there making our lives a little bit more interesting and adventurous that I didn´t mention here but that I love as much as I love the authors mentioned here.

As a writer myself I know how important the opinion of the readers is to us, so go show some love to all the writers out there and wish them a happy day!

[ masterlist ]

favorites:  🏴

contains mature content: 🌑

{ series for all of the boys }

confession | when the skinny love turns to puppy love - [ i. jungkook | ii. jin | iii. jimin | iv. hoseok | v. namjoon | vi. yoongi | vii. taehyung ]

first time | when puppy love blooms - [ i. jimin | coming soon! ]

jeon jungkook - jungkook

♡ { temptations and heartaches } | one | two  🌑
        - // my first fic, quite poorly written. don’t bother. keeping it here for the nostalgia.

♡ { don’t worry about me } | x
        - // mindless drabble.

♡ { cotton candy } | x
- // ↣ the fear of falling out of love when you’re not.

♡ { childish } | x
        - // ↣ truth or dare goes too far and jungkook is childish.

♡ { without you } | x  🏴
        - // ↣ never was easy, the whole love thing.

♡ { milk boy and the silver bracelet } | x 
  - //spoken love letters under a bus stop. 

kim seokjin - jin

♡ { i couldn’t let a pretty girl walk away } | x
         - // just a fan at a fan meeting.

♡ { cold } | i. | ii. | iii.  🌑
         - // a tangled mess about meeting pink locks and a cluttered mind.

park jimin - jimin

♡ { the itch I can’t scratch away } | x  🌑
      - // kiss you once, shame on me.

♡ { i will wait for you } | x
- // no touching.

♡ { change of heart } | x  🌑
       - // ↣ dating yoongi but…

♡ { prince charming } | x
       - // best friend type of deal that you want to kiss

♡ { keep me waiting } | x
       - // never was fair to ask you to wait 8 years for him

♡ { the moment when you realize you’re happy } | x
       - // the one about the puppy love on the train to busan for a prolonged weekend

♡ { timeline of bloom } | x
- //  falling in love against your senses with tangerine locks

jung hoseok - j-hope

♡  { balloons } | x
         - // ↣ one balloon for each win and a kiss for everything

♡ { rules of the four f’s and how to break them } | x  🌑
         - // french, feel, finger, fuck. perhaps a little brazen, perhaps all you needed.

kim namjoon - rap monster

♡  { study } | x  🌑 
             - // can you focus on studying now?

min yoongi - suga

♡  { two lines } | i. | ii. | iii. | iv. | v| vi.  🌑
     - // pregnancy and fame mix about as well as oil and water.

♡ { change of heart } | x  🌑
      - // dating yoongi but…

♡ { anemones } | x   
      - // your favorite things about anemones and blooming loves.

♡ { the blue coat and cerruti 1881 ( a flash fire ) } | x | epilogue  🏴 🌑
     - // the one about the coat and perfume and how you never stopped loving him.

kim taehyung - v

♡ { tease } | x  🌑
          - // pixelated images of a girl in a tub

♡ { café } | x
         - // blushed cheeks when you meet your idol

♡ { a handful of firsts } | x  🌑
         - // firsts and things that never last

♡ { looking out for you } |   🏴 🌑
- // the one where you finally find your soulmate somewhere beneath your ribcage and somewhere along your arm.

BTS Reactions

♡  How BTS would propose

♡  Reacting to you drawing them in their sleep

♡  Reacting to you having a kid

Dating a foreign noona

You falling at the pharmacy and your ex helps you up

Falling for a writer

BTS weddings

It’s your first time in Korea and you don’t know Korean yet

Getting jealous

BTS as random cute ways of showing affection

BTS as sexual partners

BTS as jealous boyfriends

BTS as girls they fall for

♡ BTS reacting to you coming out.

BTS as lingerie they like

♡ BTS as random little kinks


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