Anon said: Oh my glob, I need more KiteXCerise in my life please.

I don’t know Where we should go. Just feeling farther from our goal.

I don’t know What path we will be shown, But i know that when I’m with you I’m at home.

Yes I know that when I’m with you I’m at home.

Cerise: They really are beautiful. …Kite? Are you crying?

Kite: -sniff- You did a miracle, Ceri. They’re…they’re so…

Cerise: -smiles, starting to cry as well- Yes. They are.


Anon Asked: Looking back on your first post with Kite and Cerise, it mentions that Cerise snuck off to visit reclusive Kite. Since he wanted to isolate himself did he welcome the company or was he .. ya know. .. Kind of a jerk to begin with until he got to know her better?

He was a hostile jerk…but it’s not as if he didn’t have his reasons.

Scare them off before they can get close. Get close…and hurt you.

When Kite and Cerise first met, she had just dug herself out of a horrible situation about three months prior and Kite is still dealing with his own many demons. Kite is 20 and Cerise is 16 here.


Gonna do these three at a time I think~ 

All of these were blush memes requested by @theamishpirate

(I did royal au Cerise for the last one because let’s face it….she makes that face a lot in this au)


Oliver: I have 2 children,Lea and Cerise. Theyre all grown up now so of course they dont live with me!Lea is in the amazon to help a group try to preserve endangered mystic creatures!Heres a picture she just sent me

Oliver:Cerise is currently with his mother. Its hard to contact him seeing how hes with his mother and the faeries (and theyre VERY private) but he sent me this photo a few months ago!

Oliver:I miss them terribly :( but oh!!heres an old drawing of them with their mother! They have met allen and they get along well enough. 


Reply to this lovely fanart! 

Sorry for the absolutely ridiculous wait, I had this whole scene in my head and I finally just gave up on knowing I’d never get farther then sketches tbh 

Thanks so much again Valo!! <3

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Shai Ni might not even come up to Cerise's belly now. That's AMAZING to me. Shai's like a purse dog!

Purse dog with very pretty hair that Cerise likes to play with~ 

Featuring another very smol horse, @askcaffeinehazard!