Kite is off to work, leading his people and making tough decisions regarding a new trading route to Vacuo. Two tiny, adorable monsters, however, have a problem with Daddy leaving. He can’t leave if they don’t let go.

Cerise finds it hilarious and decides to record the cute exchange and bewildered chief instead of helping said husband.

Anon Asked: How did Cerise and Raven tell their partners/husbands they were pregnant?

I’ll show you Cerise giving Kite the news.

Though, it isn’t really how she told him…it’s more…how ‘Mr. To-be-Daddy’ reacted to the news.

He isn’t thrilled. Actually, he’s petrified.

Crimson: So, how ‘bout that annual family Baseball game huh?

//(( SOME NEW PLAYERS ENTER THE GAME. I loved ‘Hit the Diamond so much, I was so excited to add in the rubies ahhh. So here are Ruby’s Quintuplet cousins! (it runs in the family woof) //(( Also, Just pretend that like, the mega fusion of them is sick or something, I could NOT decide on a design I liked yet orz, plus I drew so many rubies…so so many rubies//))