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Hi! Sorry to not use your normal askbox, but I wanted to include a link so I had to use fanmail instead. I was wondering about the Vulcan script that can be seen on Vulcan robes. If you’ve posted about this before, please let me know, but if not: I found this image that transcribes the symbols from one costume http://idrani.perastar.com/images/orthogImages/_notes/vulcanClothes.gif but what do they mean? And if you know, what are some other words or phrases that might be on Vulcan robes? Could you write them in calligraphy? I’m drawing Vulcan clothes as part of a project, and I want to make the script accurate if I can. Thank you so much if you can help, and thank you for running such a fabulous blog! 

The transcription of the runes in this image as the philosophical concept of c'thia is definitely wrong.

Most Vulcan robes - including the ones in your picture - carry a distinct inscription of three words: ratatafar and tapan, meaning concept, mental discipline and cerebral process. The symbols for these look like this:

These are usually written on a vertical line. On actual robes, individual, more artistic versions are often used. Here are some examples of the use of rata, tafar and tapan on robes:

On a Vulcan burial robe:

On Sakkath’s diplomatic suit in TNG:

Or on Spock’s classic robe:

As you can see, all versions look slightly different - especially through the addition of dots here and there - but the runes are all in all the same.

Another symbol that can be found on robes is that of the Kolinar:

It too can be stylised into various forms without losing its meaning, as can be seen in this close-up of a Kolinar devout’s tunic:

This should, however, not be used on casual clothing and only on the robes of Vulcans affiliated with the Kolinar ritual.

I hope this helps - most of the credit goes to the wonderful Briht'uhn.

Sochya eh dif


Mi’kmaq Ceremonial Robes
1825. Wool broadcloth, silk ribbon appliqué & white glass beads.

Originally a mass-produced European jacket, the lapels and collar of this coat were removed by a Mi’kmaq artisan and replaced with gray and red silk ribbons, embroidered with white glass beads in a traditional floral motif. This robe would only have been worn on ceremonial occasions. | NBM via Contested Terrain


He pinched his arm as she walked towards him. He felt the pain, but it didn’t make things seem real either way. Not even the tears that rolled down his face made him feel like he was anywhere but in a dream.

But, dream or no, she was walking towards him, wearing the long, blue ceremonial robes, the brightest smile she had ever mustered gracing her beautiful features. A smile meant for him, and him alone.

As their palms were cut open, their hands tied together so as to symbolize the joining of their blood, they could only stare at each other in wonder. They had dreamt of this for years, never believing it would happen, yet here it was. Against all odds, they were holding hands before their friends and loved ones, standing before the Water Tribe’s large ceremonial fire, whispering their wedding vows.

The Chief, his father, finally said the words. Their lives were joined together. Of course, they had been joined for the longest time already, but it was official now. Nothing could come between them.

The crowd clapped and cheered as they kissed under the moonlight, after swearing to love one another for eternity and beyond.

This challenge was amazing. I’d never been challenged like this, seriously xD I’d like to say I’ve learned to be more brief with my stories (?) but I really can’t promise I’ll hold back my rambling tendencies xD

Either way, thanks to @fanwright for organizing such a wonderful event. My hat’s off to you for bringing together all the people who joined in to make the Saturdays what they were for the past months. I’d never been as happy to ride this wonderful ship as I am now. Things are much better when we all work together!

Stay tuned for the Free Writing Challenge, that one’s next! :D (and mine’s going to be utter madness but I already LOVE IT!)

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