Ra, this gif makes me want to burst into tears EVERY SINGLE TIME! I seriously can’t put it into words but just the way Yami transforms into Atem exactly like how Yugi transformed into Yami and then seeing him walking away from us… It breaks my heart!!! Like, it makes me happy that Yugi won so he wouldn’t be trapped in the puzzle for another 5,000 years but just the fact that we went on this journey with him for over 5 years and just seeing him leave… I think I know what parents feel like when they send their kids off to university

Ficlet: Atem’s Final Triumph

TITLE:  Atem’s Final Triumph

AUTHOR:  Nenya85


I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ceremonial Duel.  This is a darker take on why Atem was so ready to go to the afterlife.

It was late.  It was night.  It was their last night together.  They sat facing each other on the bed just like always.  It was strange how that familiar position reminded them that everything would change when morning hit.  Neither spoke.  But both knew that the night couldn’t end in silence.

Yugi cleared his throat.  That too, was familiar: Yugi would be the one to push his feelings into words first.  “I love you.  I’ll do my best tomorrow so that you can go to the afterlife without looking back… so you can finally rest.”

The first genuine smile he’d shown in weeks flashed across Atem’s face.  “I knew I could count on you.  Promise me that you won’t look back either.”

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Just finished watching the Dan Green vs. Eric Stuart live duel (warning: it’s 45 minutes long) at Yu-Gi-Oh! Worlds 2016, and omg THE FEELS. They scripted the duel really well, to my surprise, and did a superb job keeping Yugi and Kaiba’s signature cards in play, while also incorporating new Summoning methods and introducing new Dark Magician/BEWD support.

Also, I LOVED how Dan Green spun in a circle at the beginning of the duel to mimic Yugi’s transformation sequence. And I legit cried when they did a callback to the Ceremonial Duel – you’ll see what it is if you watch through to the end.

Best exchange in the duel:

Yugi: Lighten up, Kaiba. This weekend isn’t about you.
Kaiba: It’s not?