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When it comes to the ceremonial duel, do you think Atem "decided" to go to the afterlife for himself or was it for the sake of Yugi's confidence and independence?

I wrote a ficlet on the topic here

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We don’t know what Atem would choose if the choice was completely free because the manga never shows us Atem’s thoughts and it’s something that never gets discussed.  When both Yugi and Atem talk about the ceremonial duel it’s always in terms of what they see as their responsibility to their partner.  Both are acting out of a pure, selfless love for the other.  Yugi wants to win because he sees it as his responsibility to help Atem reach the afterlife.  Atem is willing to follow whatever the duel decrees – if Yugi proves that he is strong enough to stand alone, Atem will leave, if not he will stay.  

I like it that we don’t know what Atem’s own dreams and wishes might be, because that emphasizes two very important things about Atem.  As a Pharoah, he was willing to protect his people at the cost of his life.  As a spirit he came to life to protect Yugi and always lived up to that mission.  Atem feels guilty when Jounouchi is in a coma at Alcatraz because he blames himself for pursuing his own identity, believing it led to Jounouchi’s condition.  Think of that: Atem feels guilty for wanting so basic as an identity and memories.  I think Atem doesn’t consider his own desires because he doesn’t know how to even frame those thoughts into words and possibly doesn’t feel that he has the right to them anyway.

Atem believes very strongly that duels exist to test beliefs and that they are guides to future actions.  So it seems entirely fitting that he would believe that it was proper for a duel to decide his fate and not to question it further.

Ra, this gif makes me want to burst into tears EVERY SINGLE TIME! I seriously can’t put it into words but just the way Yami transforms into Atem exactly like how Yugi transformed into Yami and then seeing him walking away from us… It breaks my heart!!! Like, it makes me happy that Yugi won so he wouldn’t be trapped in the puzzle for another 5,000 years but just the fact that we went on this journey with him for over 5 years and just seeing him leave… I think I know what parents feel like when they send their kids off to university

Ficlet: Atem’s Final Triumph

TITLE:  Atem’s Final Triumph

AUTHOR:  Nenya85


I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ceremonial Duel.  This is a darker take on why Atem was so ready to go to the afterlife.

It was late.  It was night.  It was their last night together.  They sat facing each other on the bed just like always.  It was strange how that familiar position reminded them that everything would change when morning hit.  Neither spoke.  But both knew that the night couldn’t end in silence.

Yugi cleared his throat.  That too, was familiar: Yugi would be the one to push his feelings into words first.  “I love you.  I’ll do my best tomorrow so that you can go to the afterlife without looking back… so you can finally rest.”

The first genuine smile he’d shown in weeks flashed across Atem’s face.  “I knew I could count on you.  Promise me that you won’t look back either.”

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I haven’t watched DSoD yet but the thing that just appeals to me the most about it, is that it makes so much sense for Kaiba to go after Atem.
Throughout Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba’s principles centre around the idea that winners live, losers die. When he beat Gozuburo, he threw himself off a building. In Death-T Kaiba makes a chamber that simulates death for the loser of the duel. On Pegasus’ tower when he realises he’s losing he puts himself in danger to fall and so on. This is a strong belief of Kaiba’s that Yugi and the gang have to literally beat out of him. Especially Yami, as Kaiba’s greatest rival (and centre of his attention).
So when Atem loses the Ceremonial Duel and immediately dies after, I can see Kaiba finding out and being like; OH HELL NO!!!1! After spending the last three major arcs and five seasons being told that dying isn’t the answer to losing, Atem immediately demonstrates the exact opposite of his ‘Lessons with Kaiba’.
And this is what endears me so much to prideshipping is because I can see the rest of the gang accepting and making a distinction between Atem passing on and Kaiba’s situation but I don’t think Kaiba would. I think it makes sense that Kaiba would be angry and want to get Atem back because in his mind Atem would be going against the very principles he taught him.

tl;dr: Atem goes against everything he taught Kaiba, and that’s why Seto is desperate to get bae back.

malik tries to be all buddy buddy with ryou after the ceremonial duel. ryou’s like ‘oh hey you’re the guy that got me stabbed and convinced the ring spirit to use me as a human shield against osiris! sure we can be friends :D’

so malik’s immediately backing away like ‘oh fuck i fucked up now i fucked up’ but ryou is being 100% genuine.

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What are your top 5 Revolution/Vanish moments?

:D Are we talking about the video you posted? because seeing all their scenes together made me drown in feels, especially since they were so rare in the canon! Picking favorites among their moments is so hard - just seeing Anzu sticking to Yami’s side and showing concern/care for his well-being already makes me squee haha

I’d declare season 5 as the winner, though. The cartouche scene, but also the other moments in which she is torn over Atem’s impending death and then finally coming to terms he is better off leaving in peace and choosing to root for Yuugi during the ceremonial duel are definitely the most precious scenes!

ok, so this is what i’m thinking okay??? Like I was looking at my dash and the last line of yugi at the end of the movie of DSoD wheres he is dueling with a fucking DEMON of a shell of what APPEARS to be Aigami and Yugi is LITERALLY DYING and his last damn words were “I still be in the heart of the… cards.”… My fucking headcanon is that Yugi hasn’t dueled anyone after the ceremonial duel and his title is forfeit but still attached to Yugi and Kaiba has lots of other tormenment and Yugi joins so he could be the final prize.. to take the King of Games crown? He doesn’t do it every year though. Like once every 2 or 3 years..!! But anyways, he hadn’t BELIEVED in the heart of the cards and therefore couldn’t duel and he hasn’t said that in so many months! That he instantly believes and his WORDS were able to make his faith ALIVE with fire once more. He BELIEVES in the heart of the cards. His voice becomes light and feathery. Fuck. He believes in his dreams, in the Pharaoh. He can finally face him once more. FUCKKKK.

The Date

Yuugi was nervous. Beyond nervous. He had been wanting to do this for months now. Ever since the end of the Ceremonial Duel, Yuugi and Ryou had begun relying on each other for support. During that time, Yuugi had grown closer to the young man and it wasn’t long before his feelings had developed into something beyond friendship. 

“You can do this, Yuugi!” he murmured to himself as he waited for the class to clear out. He had already asked the rest of his friends to leave without him just so he could get Ryou by himself. 

He watched Ryou pack up his things before approaching his friend’s desk. He plastered on his brightest smile before asking, “Bakura-kun, do you think we could talk in private for a second?” He lowered his eyes for a moment, unable to help the flush that spread over his cheeks. “I, um, want to ask you something.” 


Meeting Over Coffee

After a long day of building figurines for his new Monster World set, Ryou decided that he deserved a reward for his hard work. He set off towards his favorite coffee shop without a care in the world. 

Soon, he was inside and ordered his favorite milk tea. As he waited, he looked around the quaint rustic surroundings. Of course, that was until his eyes caught sight of a familiar head of pale blond hair. 

Ryou blinked several times, trying to place a name with the face. Ceremonial Duel. Battle City. Started with an ‘M.’ 

He paused in his thoughts when his name was called out. He quickly went to the counter and grabbed his drink before making a beeline for the other man’s table. 

As soon as he was close enough, the name finally popped into his head. Feeling proud of himself, Ryou gave a smile before speaking. 

“Hello!” he greeted brightly. “…I never thought I’d see you here.” His smile turned more sheepish. “…Marik, right?” 


“Whatever happens, know that I will always be grateful,” Yami (should they call him Atem?) said, clutching on his Marshmallon pillow that looked out of place on him now. Taller than Yuugi, broader than Yuugi, and he even had a lower voice than Yuugi. He didn’t look like the younger brother anymore. But despite his regal and stoic appearance, he had no shame in cuddling the soft pink toy closer. 

“Even before I was sealed, I had forgotten what it was like to be a child,” he whispered. “So thank you, so very much.”

(this scene just flitted in my head sry, this is around after memory world and before ceremonial duel)