Ra, this gif makes me want to burst into tears EVERY SINGLE TIME! I seriously can’t put it into words but just the way Yami transforms into Atem exactly like how Yugi transformed into Yami and then seeing him walking away from us… It breaks my heart!!! Like, it makes me happy that Yugi won so he wouldn’t be trapped in the puzzle for another 5,000 years but just the fact that we went on this journey with him for over 5 years and just seeing him leave… I think I know what parents feel like when they send their kids off to university

“Whatever happens, know that I will always be grateful,” Yami (should they call him Atem?) said, clutching on his Marshmallon pillow that looked out of place on him now. Taller than Yuugi, broader than Yuugi, and he even had a lower voice than Yuugi. He didn’t look like the younger brother anymore. But despite his regal and stoic appearance, he had no shame in cuddling the soft pink toy closer. 

“Even before I was sealed, I had forgotten what it was like to be a child,” he whispered. “So thank you, so very much.”

(this scene just flitted in my head sry, this is around after memory world and before ceremonial duel)