“I was so lonely…tears would not leave me. And then there was the click of the door, my new husband. Dressed in shadow and darkness as he set a box at my feet, he lifted his sad eyes to me. ‘You look like you need a new friend…’ he croaked out. Pain itched on his regal face before slipping out the door. Carefully, I took the box, as a small hound poked his head from the box. No, three heads. All of their eyes blinked as their ears twitched, and their wet noses pressed to my cheeks before they kissed me lovingly. It was his first gift, but never his last. I am his queen, and we reign the underworld hand in hand.”

Persephone aesthetics

Obviously happened one time-
  • Hades: Darling, please, you're scaring them...
  • Persephone: *wearing a crown of interwoven black flowers and a cape that seems to be growing and writhing* GOOD. Fear keeps them humble.
  • Hades: Really dear, even Cerby is trembling...
  • Persephone: aww no my little baby Cerby!! Who's the fluffiest demon puppy in the underworld? You are! Yes you are!!
  • Hades: *to the assembled masses, trying to look imposing* We'll deal with you later. Leave us.