Fresh set for my loyal followers! Thanks again to everyone who sent in requests! Save some of those extras I couldn’t get around to this time for the next round.

  1. Kresnik (No. 143): Slavic vampire hunter.
  2. Cerberus (No. 153): Watchdog of Hades. (alt)
  3. Sraosha (No. 215): Zoroastrian yazata.
  4. Tzitzimitl (No. 244): Aztec astral goddesses.
  5. Neko Shogun (No. 293): Mistranslation of a Chinese god.
  6. Pallas Athena (No. 317): Greek goddess of strategic warfare.
  7. Black Maria (No. 353): Black-skinned image of the Madonna.
  8. Rakshasa (No. 434): Indian demon.
  9. Rangda (No. 438): Balinese witch. (alt)
  10. Lucifuge (No. 443): Governor of Hell.

Featured Member - Mint Sky

Today we’re showcasing our newest member who can be found at nine292! She is shy and quiet, but has fit snugly into our little FC. Read on to learn more about her classes, specifically her (real life) culinary skills, and what she’d like to see for the FC and game in general!

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