Ceramic art

Ceramic cosmetic vessel 

The vessel is finely decorated on both sides with three friezes and two central strokes. In the upper part a youth is holding two horses on the left and two people are riding  chariot on the right. On the bottom there are wild animals. The vessel was used to contain cosmetics. It is 9.8 cm high, 13.2 cm long and has a diameter of 9.8 cm ( 3 7/8 x 5 3/16 x 3 13/16 inch.) 

Greek, Archaic Period, 6th century BC.

Source: Metropolitan Museum


100 Years After The Party
| Makiko Nakamura

Makiko Nakamura is a ceramic artist and designer based in London. She has worked with ceramics in both art and design, making narrative one-off art pieces that have fantasy stories behind them. In addition, she has enjoyed making tableware that focuses on function, form and design. In the both types of works, Makiko combines sophistication and humour.

In this particular piece’s story, 100 Years After The Party, all the luxury furniture and ornaments in the room have rotten and moulded, and only a porcelain tea-set has been left. Gorgeous gold paint on the porcelain has been washed away by rain and the tea-set was absolutely lonely and miserable.

But one day, one-hundred years after the party, a miraculous thing happens: a beautiful bird drops a single, tiny seed onto the tea-set.

Then, leaves grow and flowers blossom and engulf it. The tea-set has been given a new life and is not lonely anymore.

Happily ever after…


This is a new work in progress piece that i made at an Adrian Arleo workshop at Bennington College. Its kind of a continuation of the plants/flowers theme I had from my senior work, but I’m taking it into a different direction. What that is exactly, I’m still trying to figure out myself.

It was SO wonderful to meet and work with Adrian Arleo and now I’m excited to fire this piece and make new work. I think 2014 is going to be a good year!!

Sorry the photos are all weird. I took them with my phone at different times so the lighting is all weird… but when its finished I will have nice photos of it. 

(@lavenderlace‘s arm is photobombing in the first pic. you should check out her blog if you haven’t already!!)


The Tower of Babel @ the V&A

Part of LDF15 is this ceramic installation by Barnaby Barford @ the V&A, which will remain in place until 1st November 2015. Three thousand real London shops made from fine bone China and fired in Stoke-on-Trent. According to the artist “this is a celebration of commercial London”. At the base of the tower there are off licences, cheap take-away shops, launderettes while going up towards the top of it, there are expensive boutiques, art galleries and auction houses. This is a truly impressive sculptural installation.


New work in progress on a new series I’m working on. This is my lotus blossom lady with the seeds growing out from her skin. Sorry if you are trypophobic, it freaks me out too, carving it, physically and conceptually, was a very strange, tedious, yet satisfying process. I can’t wait to finish her and I hope she makes it out alright (fingers crossed)