Here be concepts for Silk, who’s also known as “the ocean spirit (of Airius)” most commonly. He’s also known as ‘guardian of Airius’, ‘sailor’s karma’, ‘will of the sea’, and a few other similar labels. 

He’s actually not had a physical body until very recently, having been a soul bonded to the ocean water, so he didn’t look like this before stuff happened and therefore I didn’t critically think about his appearance until now.

Anywho, old old old Airiusian culture there in the clothes. Because yes he’s from Airius, and he was/is Schetherian. (If you couldn’t tell by the girly hips) |D

AealZX : Trance Airius Clemins

Whew, em okay 8’D guess I’ll grab first post |D Not even sure if this’ll go anywhere but may as well try right? |D

Sooo, the first baby I figured I’d go with was Trance, because he’s older than Emi, but still one that I remember a lot of stuff about.

This turned out hella long, so ‘read more’ break |D The other people who post don’t have to be this long, I just like to talk about my babies. |DDD

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