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Whew, em okay 8’D guess I’ll grab first post |D Not even sure if this’ll go anywhere but may as well try right? |D

Sooo, the first baby I figured I’d go with was Trance, because he’s older than Emi, but still one that I remember a lot of stuff about.

This turned out hella long, so ‘read more’ break |D The other people who post don’t have to be this long, I just like to talk about my babies. |DDD

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greenmuffinofdoom asked:

Hey Ourin and Lenma, what did Mauris and Trance (respectively) gave you during Mother's Day? 8D

Lenma: They worked together to make everyone strawberry sponge cake, and we had a picnic together. They were so sweet. We all made a cheesecake for Nagini too.

Ourin: Mauris an I also went to the cliff over the ocean that’s nearby, just to sit with each other and watch the waves and clouds. Ammy… Ammy wasn’t… isn’t in Selendris of course. But it’s something we do every year and it would feel odd to not do something like that this time too.


Mun: In Cephorim they actually have the equivalent of Mother’s and Father’s Days right next to each other. So they celebrate mom’s on the first day and then dad’s tomorrow, and the events often blend together. If they only have one parent then they celebrate the same parent for both days. If they don’t have any parents and have not been adopted yet then they can celebrate for the one(s) watching over them. In Diesis it’s the Emperor/Empress, Lesinthine it’s whoever is currently taking care of them, Airius and Mourim it’s the nobility, and Dharma pretty much everyone is mom and dad so there’s usually a giant party anyway.

Ourin and Mauris going to the cliff side is because that’s more or less the equivalent of visiting Amery’s grave. It’s common in Airius for graves to actually be in the ocean, but the farewell ceremony is actually held on cliffs or beaches next to the ocean after which the deceased will be given to Silk to take and ‘bury’ with the other dead. Also it’s common for them to encase the dead in crystal instead of wood or stone. 8 |

greenmuffinofdoom asked:

Max, Korim is married. What are your thoughts on it?

Max: I mean the kid is barely woken up after crashing really bad, then all of the sudden while we’re eating he just suddenly tells me he’s married. They didn’t even date first, it was just “Hey Max, you know that little girl you met maybe two weeks ago? By the way we’re married.” We’ll not that exactly, he doesn’t talk much when he doesn’t feel he needs to. But still, Solaris was just a little three year old when I last saw her, and apparently Korim proposed to her, and she accepted. So now she’s somehow grown up. Some weird time distortion thingy that froze us in time while everything else progressed or something complicated like that. It’s gotta be the strangest proposal wedding thing I’ve ever heard. But hey, weird is good. They’re really cute together too. He got attached to her right off, and even when she got older he still sticks to her. Both of them are happy, so I can’t really complain…. Yeup. He’s a strange kid, but I love him.

anonymous asked:

To anyone in particular, who is the "strangest" person you've ever met but eventually have come to be friends with? (Strange can be a unique perk or just a different way of being, though in a good way of course)

Dorin: Ourin was the one who initiated trying to get all of the rulers to be actual friends instead of just political acquaintances. But he was kinda of an annoying whelp about it. He’d just breakdown what we didn’t want to talk about and tried to get us to talk about it. I think Chester was the only one that didn’t get angry enough at Ourin to try and physically harm him. I personally cracked the minnow’s jaw after punching him. Of course I learned soon after that he let me do that because he flipped me on my head and pinned me to the ground. Then he just kept talking to me until his jaw swelled up enough that he couldn’t

Sarin: I tried to stab him, just to prove that he wasn’t some invincible, haughty brat. He disarmed me, but thankfully only that. It wasn’t until I actually got to know him that I learned he has a pretty big fear of being stabbed again. But just like with Dorin, Ourin let me take my frustrations out on him until I felt better and could think clearly again.

Tanya: You don’t need to know what happened between us, but it was similar enough. He let me be angry at him and then helped me settle down again and further.

Chester: Apparently I am the only one that didn’t get pissed off at him. But I was the one who asked him about how to help my country recover from Dissonance instead of him proposing the ideas first.

Dorin: He’s a cute kid once you can get him comfortable enough with you that he isn’t afraid of you anymore. Otherwise he’s defensive and cranky and comes off as a pompous brat.


Mun: These four are the other four rulers of Cephorim. Left to right is Chester of Mourim, Tanya of Diesis, Sarin of Lesinthine, and Dorin of Dharma. Yes there are three of them who’s names end in ‘rin’. It just happened. 8I And Chester has rounded ears because it’s a rare gene that Rindule (his race) can have.

Here are the races. Chester is a Rindule, Tanya is a Hathema, Sarin is a Leizendrae, and Dorin is an Imachek. Ourin of course is a Schetherian.

anonymous asked:

Hey Trance, why does this happen? *points at the miles-long row of people coming to pet his head*

Trance: I mean I don’t mind…. it’s a little odd to have people lining up for this though… I hope they aren’t neglecting anything important just for this…


Mun: I don’t even know why people like to pet his head =u=;a He has nice hair I guess, it needing to be able to still be nice after being in salt water for hours on end, but there are probably people who have nicer hair. +shrugs+

anonymous asked:

This one is for King Ourin and family: What's your favorite music genre?


They’re not big on any harder sounding genres like rock, hip hop, rap, etc. But they still like some upbeat songs to dance to. They don’t have any electronic music in Cephorim, so they haven’t heard that before.

Here’s a couple songs that they really like:

Yiruma - Kiss the Rain

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Vindsvept - Mourning

Music Junkies - The Imagining

Traingle OST - Cocoon (choirMix)

Kalafina/Yuki Kajiura - Gloria (fan cover ver)

Sola OST - Kasuka na Hikari

Yuki Kajiura - Suna no Utsuwa

Naturally there’s more, but that should give an idea of what they like 8’D

anonymous asked:

All of yas! What do your pjs look like? And who's got the worst(best) bed head?

The Airius family wears stuff that’s pretty similar to what they wear otherwise. Most people wouldn’t notice the difference. Like all their clothes they’re designed to be comfortable, tunic cut tops, and form hiding.

The winged people usually all had tops that have plenty of room for the extra limbs. Most of them have no back, the scoop varying in how low it goes, but some (like Falin) wear racer/cross backed. 

And I got too lazy to draw others |D if there’s someone in particular you wanted to see feel free to ask for them specifically. =u=b

Bed heads:

A lot of them have ‘messy’ hairstyles in the first place, so most of them don’t have a big difference between combed hair and a bed head. Either that or they’ve just got nice hair that doesn’t mess up easily, the unfortunate people who never get to wake up to something fun.

I couldn’t figure out who has the best, too many characters, but here are 2 that get pretty good ones:

Depending on the circumstances Azre’s hair can get pretty messy. It’s a little fluffy, like his dad’s and Rashad’s, but the length usually helps keep it from being too much of a poof mess. The good ones usually happen when he’s in between that state of normal sleep and dead for a few hours sleep.

The other one that gets pretty good bedheads is dear ole’ grandad

Maher’s hair isn’t fluffy like his grand kids, but it’s a hack job hair cut that just splays everywhere very easily.


Btw, my bad for taking a while to get to these again |D School and other stuff got in the way.

anonymous asked:

*gathers all the ginger/redheads and takes pic* SAY CHEESE~


Mun: I actually had less redheads than I thought I did |D

In case you can’t read the names, from left to right it’s:

Ezrian and Mikeru, who are twins and are a hell of a lot older than they look and I haven’t drawn these two since 2011 |′D

Midas, a cyborg with a bug in his system. He was the one face planting a pillow earlier in the blog

Madris and Raphea, one of the Seraphim and her charge. First time ever drawing Madris X’D He looks grumpy, but he’s a softy under that. Always fussing over Raphea and spoiling her and all the little kids around him.

Emiris, my tiny Guardian. You guys know him XD

Arcana, who is on a box because he’s like a foot shorter than that |D Little mini Digimon

Scheris is above Arcana, he’s Tanya’s husband and therefore the other ruler of Diesis. Which is where Korim is from.

Haia, one of the servants/staff that works for Ourin, she’s the head of the staff

Eris, one of the Elites of Airius and Lenma’s personal bodyguard

Falin, the dorky old kid and Nagini’s boyfriend

and the giant is Dorin, the ruler of Dharma and also one of the only people who can carry Ourin around like a baby.

There are actually 4 people missing from this picture, not including the characters who are dead, and that’s because I have no idea what they look like other than red hair. |D 3 of them are Dorin’s daughters, Hanni, Tika and Donna. The other is Scheris’ son, Chezarim. Who I’m not actually sure if he counts because his hair is only partially red. 8′D The rest of it is blonde like his mom, and he really isn’t in any condition to be participating in pictures anyway |D

Thanks for the ask whoever asked this 8′D It’s fun to see all my redheads grouped together. >u<

greenmuffinofdoom asked:

Trance, what was the biggest fish you ate alive/mid-swimming?

Trance: They can’t be very big, otherwise they can’t really be safely eaten whole. The small size makes them hard to catch, and that’s part of what makes it fun to chase them.


Mun: Just extra information on this one, in Airius it’s common for little Schetherians (aka Aquatic Meridians) kids to play a game of catching tiny fish in their mouth and eating them. It helps the kids learn to swim better and have fun while doing it. But it’s also one of those games that people ‘grow out of’, so most people stop playing as they get older. The parents still play with their kids to show them how to do it, but mostly just watch after the kids start to get the hang of it.

Trance didn’t grow up near any large bodies of water, so that wasn’t a game he could play when he was younger and therefore he played it with Mauris whenever he was willing to.

greenmuffinofdoom asked:

Mathias, you're adorable. Were you already adorable before marrying Lenma, or did the blue family infect you with their highly contagious cronic cuteness?

Mathias: You make it sound like a disease. Though I’m not really sure how to answer that. If you just wanted to see me when I was younger then here, this was shortly after I was adopted by Yua…… Just ignore the hair. Mom liked it longer.

Mathias: I was a quiet kid, no surprise there, but back then I barely talked at all. Which made it difficult to hold long conversations when they did happen. My vocal chords aren’t the greatest, they’ve always been rather fragile. And since I didn’t use them much they didn’t last long and I would lose my voice within an hour at parties.

Yua and I lived at my mom and dad’s place for awhile, but we ended up getting a smaller place soon. I was too young and didn’t have enough experience to fill in my parents’ jobs, and I was the only one left of the family. So the jobs and my old home were given to another family, who also needed the room to take care of many other orphans.

We often got visitors because of Yua being the first official Healer for the Royal family. But mostly it was just patients that were willing to risk being taken care of by a Healer, or it was Esaris checking up on us and keeping Yua up to date on everything, or one of the soldiers coming to fetch Yua for a job. They would always have someone stay with me to make sure I was alright, but they soon learned that I didn’t carry a conversation very well. I didn’t interact with anyone really. I stayed nearby so Yua wouldn’t have to worry about me, but I didn’t talk to anyone or get involved unless someone else initiated it.


Mun: Not sure how to gauge if he was always as adorable as you say |D. But this was fun to draw 8′D Little bit of backstory for Mathias too =u=

anonymous asked:

Hey Korim, as lovely as your hair is, ever thought about getting a trim? I worry since it looks like they could get in the way sometimes.

Mun: Korim has really fluffy hair, just like the others of his race, but on the end of being thin and major fluff. He’s too lazy to take care of long hair, and it gets in the way so he doesn’t grow it out. But if he cuts it too short then it’s also hard to manage and pokes him in the eye a lot since he doesn’t have the money for the right hair products and doesn’t even know what to use. So he leaves it in that sort of long state. It doesn’t bother him as much as the other options, and it doesn’t hinder his vision enough to be a problem since he already has sharper vision than a human.

Maybe when he starts living with Sol she’ll help him figure out how to manage it better |D

And he does cut it a little when it gets too long, so in his opinion he does trim his hair |D

anonymous asked:

Hey you fishy Bishies! Hot springs time!

Mun: Ahhh this one took forever |D (and it’s a ‘full sized’ pic, so zoom in on it to read if you need to)

I see what you did there though, eve Too bad ya got this huh? eve

Yeah Airius culture, bodies are precious, blah blah, no one bathes together or goes in hot springs without those fancy robes that cover to the knees and elbows. Pretty sure I mentioned it a bunch before and various places, but no worries if ya didn’t know 8′D

+forever has trouble drawing Mathias+ 8I He doesn’t look bad, there’s just little tiny details that I can’t figure out. I keep thinking I’m close and then I get colors on and something looks off BI

Don’t mind them being a bit cranky |D They’re uncomfortable around strangers, especially when they’re supposedly in a place where people relax.

Ah, and Trance doesn’t always wear that collar, but best be careful not to startle him when it’s off or things will probably break |D

Ehhh not a big story on this one 8’D I was just listening to some Kingdom Hearts things and the line Sora says in 3D “You have to have a hearrt to cry.” really stuck out to me. Ourin was pretty depressed at the time so I drew him. |D that’s all