“Wendy’s horned-face” (Named after Wendy Sloboda)
Late Cretaceous, 79-78.7 million years ago

Named in honor of Canadian fossil hunter Wendy Sloboda, this early centrosaurine has a lot to say about ceratopsian evolution. Early ancestors like Nasutoceratops and Diabloceratops had no nasal horn, but more derived examples like Centrosaurus and Styracosaurus show evidence of nasal horns up to two feet long! Wendiceratops is the missing link, exhibiting the earliest known nose horn of any centrosaurine. But in a remarkable twist, the row of hooked hornlets around its frill bears a striking resemblance to Kosmoceratops and Vagaceratops – two chasmosaurines! This is fascinating to eight people.


Tuomas Koivurinne:

Ceratopsids 1: “Centrosaurids” (not to scale)

From left to right: Einiosaurus procurvicornisPachyrhinosaurus canadensisAchelousaurus horneriStyracosaurus albertensis and Centrosaurus apertus.

Ceratopsids 2:  “Chasmosaurids” (not to scale) 

Top row, left to right: 
Pentaceratops sternbergiChasmosaurus mariscalensisChasmosaurus belli.
Bottom row, left to right: 
Arrhinoceratops brachyopsAnchiceratops ornatusTriceratops horridus and Torosaurus latus.

“Sharp point lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 76.5-75.5 million years ago

This ceratopsian sported one long horn on its nose that could curve backward or forward depending on the individual. However, the nose horn was unknown when it was first discovered, and it was named “sharp point lizard” for the small hornlets that ring its frill. The name comes from the same Greek root as Kentrosaurus, an unrelated stegosaur – Centrosaurus’s parents thought the spelling was hip, but it mostly just made middle school hard.


5"x7" Watercolor, white gel pen, graphite and white ink on Canson paper. I did what I could to edit my scan in photoshop, but as usual it really doesn’t compare to the original painting.  Pardon my poor dino anatomy, I can’t pretend this is in any way an accurate piece of paleoart. I just wanted to put a centrosaurus into a painting that would be sort of evocative of a unicorn, hence the title.

Original is available: http://metalkirin.storenvy.com/collections/238559-original-fantasy-art/products/11948412-original-dinosaur-painting-monoceros