More dinosaur concepts! I’ve decided Sealights is gonna be melanistic, and shadowed by superstition wherever she goes. Poor girl.

Some centrosaurs who are a big part of Sealights life–Shoot is her adopted momma, Glaciertusk is King of the Herd and Shoot’s son, Baldface is an aggressive old hind, and Whistler is Sealights’ closest friend.

And then an unfinished painting of some silly troodontids who thought raiding an hesperonychus nest was a smart idea. I’m not gonna finish it but I thought it was corny.

TGI Fossil Friday!

With a body reaching about 20 feet in length, Centrosaurus, which belongs to a group of horned dinosaurs called centrosaurines, was smaller than its more famous cousin Triceratops, which belonged to the other major group of horned dinosaurs called chasmosaurines.

This specimen was uncovered by famed fossil-hunter Barnum Brown in 1914. He considered it to be the most complete specimen he had ever found, “in all details from the tip of the tail to the end of the nose.” Centrosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous, about 75 million years ago. Brown and his crew discovered the skeleton in the spectacular badlands along the Red Deer River in Canada.

Meet many more types of dinosaurs on the Museum website.


So as any followers should know dinosaurs are the best thing ever, and therefore it is only right that I would have a story about them. This is ’Pack Mentality’- a working title- and it’s about Shoot the Centrosaurus and her accidentally adopted child Sealights the Gorgosaurus. It makes sense in context.

It takes place in the late Campanian area that is now Alberta (because fuck yeah DPP), and is really a love letter to dinosaurs and the diversity of the area. And also to weirdass psuedo-religions, cults, and the strong desire to punch the carnivore=evil idea in the gonads. 

These are just some designs, nothing final but i really wanted to get a concrete idea of what some creatures look like. We have Sealights as a fluffy white baby, as well as what she and other gorgosaurs tend to look like as adults; old Shoot, complete with quills; a general design for Daspletosaurus and Quetzacoatlus along with Sealights’ and Shoot’s height comparisons; and Sealights all grown up at roughly 20? She doesn’t hit maturity over the course of the story I think, so eh.


Centrosaurus, Lambeosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus & Stegosaurus - An other experiment using photographic landscape backgrounds, possibly similar to the habitats these dinosaurs lived in. (These photographic backgrounds have been sourced from Google)

Centrosaurus apertus (digital sculpture)

Centrosaurus is one of my favorite ceratopsians. She’s the matriarch of an entire clan of horned dinosaurs, the weird and wonderful centrosaurs. They were the punk rockers of the Cretaceous; each species sported a radical and unique assortment of spikes and bosses on their noses and display frills– and just like groupies at a punk rock concert, they travelled in thunderous herds of tens of thousands! Just be careful where you crowd surf … ouch!

The sculpt took a number of hours, but here’s a time lapse video of the process compressed into a minute-and-a-half or so:

This Fossil Friday is wearing a smile! 

Meet Centrosaurus apertus or “crest reptile.” Centrosaurus had a large horn over its nose, small horns over the eyes, and a relatively short frill. This dinosaur can be distinguished from its close relatives by the short, curved hooks that project forward from the back of the frill. Centrosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous, about 75 million years ago.

Find Centrosaurus in the Museum’s Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs

AMNH/ D.Finnin