Daily reminder that the United States is prosperous and existing as it is today only because of the exploitation, destruction, and theft of resources, governments, and people from Central American, Carribbean American, South American, Indigenous North American, African, Southwest, Southeast, and Eastern Asian countries, nations, confederations, and tribes all throughout North American history to today.

America only became great from the destruction, enslavement, and manipulation of others.

And no matter who’s in charge of the nation, this trend will always continue.


The Tayra (Eira barbara) is large mustelid, related to weasels, fishers, martens, and wolverines.

These active and feisty mammals are found in tropical forests through much of Central and South America. They are agile climbers, though they spend more time on the ground, sleeping in burrows and dens under logs and at the bases of tree trunks. Tayras are diurnal and ominivorous, eating a wide variety of fruits and small animals.

The body of a tayra may grow up to 71 cm (28 inches) in length, with a tail that may be as long as 46 cm (18 inches). Their numbers are decreasing in some areas where development and agriculture are increasing. As with many mustelids, they are capable of releasing a rather pungent musk from scent glands near the base of the tail.

photos: Tambako the Jaguar, The Next Gen Scientist, Kate Gardiner