i feel i have yet to express how much i love a series of unfortunate events so i will just have to share it with you until you understand too

Netflix’s new Original series - A series of Unfortunate series 

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Payley Center Event with Leslie Jones, Emma Stone, Jennifer Aniston, and the great Debette Goldry.

because SNL didn’t upload it fast enough


Kevin Spacey made a surprise appearance for the University of California at San Francisco Hospitals Champions Gala held at the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay to thank the “champions” who helped make the $1.5 billion healthcare complex a reality. He is pictured with San Francisco 49ers football legend Ronnie Lott and his wife Karen. January 10, 2015

Friday Five

(1) I took the day off because I wanted to go to the Settlement Home Garage Sale at the Palmer Events Center–it’s for a great cause, and I’ve never been and heard that it’s a lot of fun.  I mentioned it to my parents, and my mom wanted to go and thought it might be something my dad could do with us in his wheelchair.  Having never been…it sounded like a good idea.  But, holy crap…there were a zillion people there.  My poor dad–his chair didn’t fit down any of the aisles, so he just had to sit off to the side and wait for us, and we raced through just a couple of sections because we felt so guilty for having to leave him. Family time fail.  :(  Of course, the section that I chose to visit was the book section–and obviously, that was a success at least.  I’m not 100% sold on that Lena Dunham book…but it was a quarter, so if I hate it oh well.  The other ones are actually ones I have intended to read.

(2) It’s hard to see my dad struggling so much and feel so helpless to make things better for him.  BUT, we stopped for smoothies today and he loved the giant straw that they had (he has food/swallowing/throat issues).  My mom said she never sees them at the store or she’d get him some for his smoothies at home.  THIS I CAN SOLVE!  Five seconds on Amazon and they’ll be practically buried in giant straws in two days!  ;)

(3) Because I don’t have enough books in my life, I also went to the library and picked up three of my holds that came in!

(4) The husband and my bikes came in and we picked them up today!!!!  I’m so in love with mine!  I got a bright orange helmet to go with it!  (Don’t mind the mess in the garage–the husband is installing a new air filtration system for his woodworking stuff.)

(5) The husband is out tonight at Sound on Sound Fest…in the mud…until 1am.  (SO glad I’m staying in instead!!!!)  I went to the gym and danced it out so hard that my ponytail was all disgusting with sweat!  Then, Conner and I watched a show and I’m about to read my book.  I’m back to reading The Sympathizer and now I’m in the right mood for it, and I LOVE it!  So good.

Happy weekend! :)


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Can I just take a minute to talk about how important Morrigan and Kieran are to me?  That in this game there exists a child who is wise and strange and childish and complex even in his few small moments.  That there exists a mother whose character does not revolve around her motherhood, whose story is still being told, who is still at the center of big events.  Think for a moment about how vanishingly rare that is.  She’s a mother, and yet that isn’t what her story is about at all.  She’s difficult, she’s flawed, she’s frankly kind of an asshole still.  She loves and craves knowledge.  She’s a work in progress, but we’re never invited to question her fitness as a mother because of it.   She’s shown as a loving, concerned, strict mother, a woman who would sacrifice everything for her child in a heartbeat, without ever seeming to subsume her life to his needs.

That’s….rarer than gems in the Korcari Wilds, and very precious to me.