Wow… I’m loving this deck more and more… I stumbled into a fairly new occult shop in Atlanta off of Edgewood @altcraft I’ve been wanting the Smith-Waite Centennial Edition set for a while now… and Atl Craft had the gorgeous tin set just waiting for me… and since it was the week after my birthday I decided to treat myself…

I normally steer clear of Celtic Crosses for some reason… mainly because in the past they have been cryptic and left me still lost… this reading however… WOW JUST WOW… I’m in the middle of a lot of crazy stuff right getting ready to move for grad school and other crazy stuff… but this was what I needed… a little boost and something to show me that I’m not crazy having all these feelings right now but just to keep going because I’m on the right path…

1) present - 7 of wands
2) immediate challenge - the Empress
3) distant past - page of wands
4) more recent past - the World
5) the best way to approach what’s coming - 4 of pentacles
6) immediate future - the Magician
7) inner feelings - 2 of swords
8) external forces - 3 of swords
9) hopes and fears - the Tower
10) Final Outcome - 3 of Chalices

Oh and have I mentioned how much I love the traditional artwork of these cards… I’ve always had a strong connection with my other two decks but this one… very simple yet strong and straightforward…

@hoodiecladknight : “A general would be great or how to best prepare and ready myself for what’s to come. Either or, whatever feels right to you!”

I want to apologize for the delay in the posting of your reading.  I got too sleepy by the time I got to this one, and well … the rough draft was … ROUGH.  So I saved a final review for today.

Ok, I’m going to pull for the general reading, as if there is a message you need to know about preparing that’ll come forward with that as well.


5 of Wands - 7 of Swords - 6 of Swords

20 Call

Allllllrighty.  To start off between the Rune, The 6 of Swords, and The Call Card.  I see coming up for you, a kind of sign that a piece of negativity involved in your life that you’ve been holding on to; it’s time to just cut your losses and move on.  You can’t fix it, you can’t make it better.  It’s just best to go a different route.  So expect confirmation on your feelings on that sometime soon, if it isn’t just this reading.

and with the 5 of wands and 7 of swords I see that you’ve got someone or something distracting you from seeing what’s really going on.  There is a dishonesty there, maybe it’s to just spare you, maybe you aren’t ready to see the truth, but it’s causing harm to you in the long run and that truth is going to come out soon.  So just be ready for that, could be a call to cut your losses here or if you feel you aren’t being completely open with someone in your life (I get the feeling this is a communication dishonesty), it’s time to come clean about your emotions.  SOMEONE be it you or them feels like they’re doing the right thing or that it’s harmless, For example like some teasing that one of you is playing off that it doesn’t bother and hurt feelings but it really does hurt, and that truth is getting buried to avoid conflict. But it’s sabotaging the relationship between the two of you.   Gotta just make the move and rip the band-aid off so you both can move forward.

From the even numbers of evens and odds and then the color pallet and the two swords cards showing up, I see a need for come calmed emotions and and a level head to cope with your near future.  So don’t forget to take plenty of breathers and be mindful to think and respond from the head and not the from heart. It’s ok to have the feels, but you don’t want those raw emotions running the show.  Your best outcome is going to be cool and calculated.

hmm…… and finally avoid anything in the near future that you feel like you’re going to regret.  Just Don’t. Don’t knowingly dump that self hate on yourself.  I just see that’s going to be too much emotional burden coming up while you’re trying to tidy up other areas of your life.

 <3 I hope this helps and have a lovely day dear!


“Smith-Waite Tarot Deck® Centennial Edition” by Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith © U.S. Games Systems, Inc. 2013, 2015

“The Good Tarot” by Colette Baron-Reid © Hay House, Inc. 2017

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christmas shopping

A/N: A little blurb about Simon+Baz spending the day at the mall. Song inspiration was Everglow by Coldplay. It’s so much better to read this while listening to it. Anyways, hope you like it!

December 21st, 2015

                                                       B A Z

Never in my life have I seen anything as hilarious as Simon Snow Christmas shopping.

He dashes about the mall, practically dragging me from shop to shop. He’s got such a long list. It shouldn’t be that long considering that we don’t have many people to buy presents for, but I swear it just about reaches the floor when he holds it. I can’t read his bloody writing, so I can’t even tell what he’s got on there.
Apparently I have no say when it comes to presents, beyond holding bags for him. He also made me try on a leather jacket because apparently I’m the same size as Micah. And apparently he wants to buy Micah a leather jacket for Christmas. Because apparently that’s what you buy for your best friend’s boyfriend.

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I just bought The Annotated Peter Pan: The Centennial Edition by J.M. Barrie and Maria Tatar. 

This special edition includes:

A biographical essay on J.M. Barrie

Annotated Peter Pan and Wendy

J.M. Barrie's The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island

J.M. Barrie’s introduction to the play Peter Pan

A biography of Arthur Rickham, illustrator of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

J.M. Barrie;s scenario for a proposed film adaptation

An analysis of some of the more famous adaptation

A list of adaptations, sequels, prequels, and spin offs

A list of peter pan and J.M. Barrie’s appearances in other media


Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot - Centennial Edition.

As a celebration of its 100th birthday, Wolverine takes the iconic model to new standards through the use of specially tanned Horween bison leather, Goodyear Welts and Vibram heels. The model will be released as part of their AW14 collection.


My two great loves…guitars and Sherlock Holmes.  Just like nuts & gum…they are together at last!

The Valley of Fear was Conan Doyle’s last Holmes novel, and it was published in 1914.  Hey - that means my first edition copy (pictured) is turning 100 this year.  Happy birthday you beautiful book…you don’t look a day over 97!