Phone services are finally warning you when spammers are calling

  • As it turns out, T-Mobile recently rolled out a feature that warns you when your incoming calls are from telemarketers or likely scammers. That’s right, world: You don’t need to get all the way to those dang robots to know you can ignore that call. 
  • The caller ID says “Scam Likely.” I can also opt to block those scam calls entirely.All of it was made possible by Federal Communications Commission rules that require telecom companies to let their users block certain calls. 

Hey everyone, just a reminder that yesterday the supreme court decided that its unconstitutional for the police to look through your phone unless they have a warrant, EVEN if you are placed under arrest.

HOWEVER, the police CAN search your phone without a warrant if given verbal consent and they AREN’T required to tell you that you can request that they get a warrant. It’s up to you to know your rights, so PLEASE PLEASE reblog this so we can spread the word!