Orion Tumblr Comic 046

Meeeowth, thats right!

An easy one for today. Had to cut the last two panels. But they’ll be back next week. We can’t leave Orion out of this, can we now?

The EG special will be back once we get the this current story is over. I like some of the jokes I’ve got planned too much to wait.




Princess Celestial Solstice - Her jewelry was modeled after that of the ancient Egyptian rulers and upper-classmen; golden and dazzling with bright colors and simple patterns. I decided to take this route because the Egyptians most revered god, Ra, was the ruler of the sun, just as she is.

Princess Lunar Lullaby - A bit harder to bring to life, her accessories were thought of when the idea of a dream catcher came to mind. Walking in the dreams of others and finding spirituality in the night reminded me of a lot of Native American culture. So, I used beads and feathers to capture the native idea, and silver to bring out the more cool colors of the moon.


“Lady Tia, Lady Tia! You’ve received a missive!”

~”How Curious…”


Lady Tia is somewhat of a ruler in this world of blood and ponies. Her messengers would be delighted to bring her your questions. 

Mod: Ask box is open! I’m really excited to see where this ends up going, I hope to keep updates pretty regular, hopefully I’ll be able to do one every weekend but no promises. 


Young Tia wanted desesperatly to make studies about thoses mysterious creatures. One book in Starwill’s library got her attention : “terrian dragons : the emerald caverns of Dragon’s lair”. Not much informations were written in it but she wanted to know more about theses dragons she never saw. During the night, she sneaked outside with her sister and made the long travel to the dragon’s territory. Arrived in the mountains, the two sees a huge glowing hole. Luna goes inside first “what are you afraid of Tia ?”, anxious Celestia jump in the hole. They saw a little blue dragon on a pile of jewels and precious stones, an egg jealously guarded by the creature’s tail. Curious, she studied it, his forms, the colors…Luna takes it with her magic “if you want it so badly why not take it !”, Celestia started to yell at his young sister but it was already too late. The mom dragon woke up and saw the the egg with the ponies. The creature started to attack but in a instant the two alicorns flees with their wings. Full of greed, the dragon became bigger and bigger… enough big to take them before the end of the hole. The alicorns were already too high in the sky for the no-wings dragon. “give it back to her Tia !” Luna’s screamed at Tia. “I can’t, It’s already too late, sister”

Spike entered the cavern, unsure and afraid of the giant creature he would meet…. In dancing flames a giant emerald dragon appeared of the gold cave, angry about the one who interrupted her nap. She responds to a violent growl as the yound and little one ask “are you my mom ?”