A Vegan Sandwich Round Up

Leftover Cranberry, Cider Slaw & Grilled Tempeh Vegan Thanksgiving Sandwich

Mushroom Sandwich

Vegan Avocado & Kimchi Sandwich

Best Vegan Sandwich (7 ingredients)

Buffalo Cauliflower Sandwich

Vegan Tuna Walnut Salad Sandwich with Crunchy Celery

Kalamata Olive & Pesto Sandwich (6 ingredients)

Tofu Bahn Mi

Portobello Mushroom & Tofu Scramble Ciabatta Sandwich

Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich (GF)

Celery: Why?
Considering humans' millennia-long struggle with famine, it's surprising anyone spent time or resources cultivating low-calorie celery. But the vegetable's original use had nothing to do with food.

Celery, the mild-mannered straight man of the vegetable world, packs a puny six calories per stalk and — in my opinion — about as much flavor as a desk lamp. Yet despite its limitations, the fibrous plant has featured in Mediterranean and East Asian civilizations for thousands of years.

The paradox puzzled me enough that I called a bunch of specialists at the intersection of botany and anthropology to pick their brains. They shared their best guesses about how celery sneaked into our diets.