My mom discovered the infinite celery hack and does this to all the celery we buy!

Seriously it’s super easy, you cut the celery off the base (leaving 3 inches or so) and put it in a little bowl with water. Give it fresh water every other day, and don’t fill the bowl all the way! After that, just wait and it will start to grow from there :) 

We planted one recently and it’s not doing too well, but I think it’s just dealing with not having as much water as often. 

I have discovered 2 things today:
1) I still hate kale
2) I hate kale even more in juice form

Also, 4 stalks of celery is too much, and cucumber juice does not go into green juice cocktails. And ½ lemon would have been sufficient (instead of a whole one).

This is possibly the most foul tasting concoction ever. But I drank about 90% of it because I used a ton of my vegetables (waste not want not) and I know its packed with the vitamins I need. It is just….eeeuuuuggh.