Just found a blog called Celebrities Without Eyebrows - disgusting

I think it’s absolutely horrible that people find this kind of thing funny. Anybody who knows someone or has Trichotillomania themselves will understand how deeply upsetting and hurtful this blog is. Seeing people write how “hilarious” these people look without eyebrows is downright tactless and they should be made to apologize to every single one of my followers and every person who has Trich. My Trichotillomania started with me pulling from my eyebrows to the point in which I had none and looked like these celebrities are made to look on this horrendous blog so this has hurt me on an even further personal level too. 

Eyebrows do not make a person pretty and therefore the lack of them does not make them the opposite. People are beautiful regardless of whether they have hair or eyebrows or not <3

I will be sending the blog a message letting them know how I feel too. 

Celebrities Without Eyebrows...

The easiest photoshop trend. Simple, sometimes neat. sometimes amazing, sometimes creepy, sometimes surprisingly cute. 

There are people who are getting offended by it. 

Boo friggin hoo.

Trichotillomania or other reasons for someone not having eyebrows; yes its a real thing.

But just because some people “don’t have eyebrows” means that no one should laugh at fake photos of people without them? I mean just because some people are fat doesn’t make me stop laughing at “fatbooth” photos (myself included in the fatness) 

This world has become so politically correct that we can’t make fun of celebrities with photoshop because someone out there may look like the photoshopped image we made. GET A GRIP PEOPLE. 

And just because I want to show it works the opposite. Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows, so here’s my photoshop.