They say that dogs are man’s best friend. While I agree with the sentiment, I do not quite think it truly honors our canine friends fully. At least in respect to my darling Djinn Djinn.

You see, my Djinn Djinn, (while named by my husband Jon after the rascal from “Jeannie” who loved to destroy uniforms and terrorize NASA) could not have been more opposite from his television namesake. Honestly he was every bit the type of dog one always dreams of having.

His deep loveable eyes spoke not only volumes when he looked at me but were wells of love. His darling face and expressions earned him the nickname of “The Face” as he was so clever at delivering an expression. One look from Djinn Djinn told us he either knew exactly what we were saying or the exact expression that would win him the specific object of his attention; which was often a treat or toy.

When company would arrive Djinn Djinn was always on his best behavior. Quite the ladies man he often would place his head on a knee and look up with those big beautiful brown eyes that always won him a scratch on the head or behind the ears.

His intelligence was astounding. While most pets I imagine pay no attention to television screens, Djinn Djinn could sit for hours watching a variety of programs featuring animals of all species. If we ever questioned his interest being of any significance, he would tilt his head left, then right as the animals on the screen would make noises. He knew what he was watching.

Whenever I would be away from home Djinn Djinn would sit eagerly at the television if I was on and watch and listen. He not only knew my voice but he would watch until the program ended.

I am sharing this with you because today, our darling sweet Djinn Djinn passed away peacefully here at home. For the past thirteen years Djinn Djinn made this house more than a house, he made it home. When I think of all the wonderful times we had with him I firmly stand behind my belief that dogs are not just man’s best friend, they possess the inherent traits making them capable of so much more. Djinn Djinn knew when we were sad, he knew when we were frustrated and he knew exactly how to make us feel better, without even trying.

No, dogs are more than man’s best friend, my Djinn Djinn was so much more than just that. He was my sweet baby, he was Jon’s buddy and an element of my life these past thirteen years that will always bring a smile to my face and light in my heart.

Dear sweet Djinn Djinn, you will always be a part of us, the joy you brought to our lives we will always have. While you have gone from us here, your memory will fill our hearts, becoming part of us and remind us of how precious you will always remain.


concept: It’s the end of Bitty’s senior year. Jack came out last year a few months after he helped the Falconers win the Stanley Cup. Jack and Bitty are planning to move in together after Bitty graduates. 

In the grand tradition of SMH, Bitty leans down to kiss the ice at Faber. When he looks up, he sees Jack facing him from the seats, holding a beat-up sign that says “YO MARRY ME JACK ZIMMERMANN ERIC BITTLE”

“Oh my god,” Bitty says, “Yes.

(later, all the celebrating, Jack says “you have no idea what it was like, seeing you with that sign. I wanted to say yes, and we weren’t even dating yet…”

Bitty smiles. “I think I have some idea.”)


“So I like poppin’ tags, I’m a celebrity, what can I say? 😉” ~ Crusoe

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ok so since yoongi opened up about his mental illnesses in his own words and opened up about having social anxiety + phobia and depression and how he went to therapy for these things, can we… maybe… stop with the grumpy sleepy asshole jokes now lol?

he ISN’T a mean grumpy hyung who snaps at everyone who bothers him or this guy who just sleeps all the time instead of doing anything else, he’s introverted and struggles really hard with expressing himself and socializing with others. the jokes have gone from annoying to harmful and perpetuating negative stereotypes about mentally ill people and i really hope that they stop now that he’s had the bravery to open up about these things.

he’s come a long ass way and deserves to be recognized for that, not belittled with shitty ass jokes that only harm his image instead of help it.

anonymous asked:

Can you say what happend with kate mckinnon and gillian anderson I havnt heard and I am curious :)

Hey, I’m so sorry if this has been asked before but I’ve gone through your blog and the tags and I just can’t find it. I see a lot about Gillian Anderson and transmisogyny on my dash but nobody writes what she has done or said? So I’m just super confused? Again, sorry if this is a dumb question, I just figured you would be the best to ask!

I’ve been hearing a lot about the stuff that’s happening with Gillian Anderson and Kate McKinnon. They’re being accused of transphobia and I know about the skits Kate McKinnon did but I haven’t seen the comment Gillian made. Can you tell me about that?

how is kate mckinnon transmisogynistic?

again, multiple different anons, but i’m sort of making this a masterpost.

gillian anderson:

kate mckinnon:

both of these women are treated as sort of women loving women idols by large parts of the community, especially in lesbian circles, and their transmisogyny is continually excused or ignored. it’s gross and it needs to stop.


Q: When do you feel stressed? 

“I feel stressed because of work,but then again resting and not working is like a torture to me because you have time to think about things. I think I like being “crazy busy” better. After promoting for a long time,we had a year long hiatus. I had a lot of time to think about stuff. My personality is to constantly pick things about myself,I make myself tired from it. I couldn’t bear to go outside,I just …I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts in my mind,I wanted to sleep somehow. Whenever I talk about my problems to other celebrity colleagues they just say “ Well you’re SNSD” and when I talk to my seniors about it they tell me that this is the best part of my career which makes me feel as if I can’t tell someone how I feel comfortably .”

OQ FIC CELEBRATION/Sneak Peek Saturday

Day 7: An excerpt, sneak peek or update from an OQ work in progress @oqcelebration

Here’s a sneak peek from the next chapter of What Would They Say. A storm traps the Hood-Mills family in Robin’s house.   


Clearing her throat, she gently wriggled her fingers free and brought her hand up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. “Robin there was actually something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“What?” asked Robin. His fingers stretched out of their own volition, as if searching for the ones that she’d so suddenly removed from his grip.

She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Lightning flashed and the kitchen lights flickered. On and off they blinked before everything suddenly went dark. Thunder pounded outside the windows and Robin instinctively stepped closer to her, his hand immediately reaching for her shoulder as if to make sure she hadn’t disappeared.

She hadn’t.

Her hand gripped his elbow as her eyes searched the room, caught off guard by the blackout. Goosebumps rose up on her arms. Whether they were from the storm or his touch she couldn’t tell. It hardly mattered.

“What the hell…” she heard him softly mutter, his voice closer to her ear than she’d anticipated. He’d moved closer to her in the darkness, his hand protectively drifting down to the middle of her back. The weight of his touch caused her pulse to quicken.

Almost simultaneously their phones began to buzz while cries of “Mom!” and “Daddy!” were screamed from up the stairs. Another flash of lightning lit up the kitchen and for a brief moment they each caught sight of the temporary panic in each other’s eyes.

Robin sprang into action first. He moved past her and headed in what he thought was the direction of the stairs. “I’ll get the boys,” he called over his shoulder. “Just stay here.” She heard him curse as he tripped over what she assumed was the first step of the stairs.

As she heard the sound of his footsteps ascend to the next floor she pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket. Tapping the screen, she saw an emergency alert displayed.


She cursed under her breath before swiping it away and flicking on her phone’s flashlight. She raised it to get a good look at the kitchen and caught sight of Robin making his way down the stairs with the boys, Henry by his side and Roland in his arms, his own phone shining a light in his hand. Henry rushed down the stairs and immediately wrapped his arm around his mother’s waist. It was the most affection she’d received from him in days. She could almost feel grateful for it if it hadn’t been born out of her son’s fear over the blackout.

Roland didn’t appear to be doing much better. His arms were tightly wrapped around his father’s neck as he sniffled in distress. Regina’s heart broke for him.

“Did you see the alert?” Robin asked as he approached her at the counter. He dropped his cell phone on the counter – light-side up – so he could comfortingly rub Roland’s back. Shadows covered both their faces as she nodded her head at him.

“Yeah. Looks like the roads are closed.”

“How are we going to get back to the house?” Henry’s voice was small and trembling as it rose up from his spot at her side. She gently ran her fingers through his hair in an effort to comfort him.

Robin shook his head. “I don’t think you can. At least not tonight.”

Regina sighed. “Looks like we’ll be spending another night in your hair.”

Roland lifted his head from Robin’s shoulder. Even in the dark Regina could see his big round eyes glistening with tears. “You’re not leaving?” he sniffled hopefully.

She sent a small smile his way before reaching over to wipe a tear from his cheek. “No, my dear, not tonight.”

“Then can we have a sleep over?” he asked, perking up.

i can’t believe it’s been a year already. i don’t even know what to say. to celebrate the birth of this blog, here’s a small follow forever of some of the blogs that i love seeing on my dash. not to be cheesy or anything but bts have really changed my life, i wouldn’t have met any of you without them. can you feel me cringing? ily ♡♡♡

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yall keep me sane!!! thank you for being there for me and not getting tired of my constant yelling about yoongi and hobi :’) sending all my love ♡ 

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What confuses me is how generic female celebrities are. Male celebrities seem to have their differences and are silly, and can be more free spirited. While women have to be mature and sexy, and to be honest, are just replays. There are a good amount of women now who are finally starting to act like people, and they are starting to loosen the mature ropes they’re tied to.

You know why people want to go from ‘coming out’ to ‘pride’ and why people want to go from, in my case, from a ‘feminist cautiousness’ to ‘I am woman?’ The part that we all want to skip is grief.

We want to skip grieving what we didn’t get, what we should have gotten while we were six or seven or eight. There’s grief work to be done there. That’s a hard thing to build a grate around, but it is the work that truly gets us to the place we want to be. I’m not saying that I’m against Pride Week or I’m against any other celebration. I’m just saying that there needs to be more organizations doing the work that bridges ‘self-identifying’ to ‘pride’ in a homophobic and heterosexist culture, which is what we still live in.

—  Brene Brown on shame and grief in the context of lgbt community pride