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NEW VIDEO: “10 Year Surprise Reaction” - today marks one entire decade at the same job - i thought i was going to celebrate by reacting to my first video, but little did i know, my team put together this little surprise for me instead. my heart bursts! reblog to help me celebrate <3

Celebrity Preferences: How They React When You Tell Them You’re Pregnant With Their Baby

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Sebastian Stan

Jeremy Renner

Chris Evans

Tom Hiddleston

Jake Gyllenhaal

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jai Courtney

Jared Leto

Robert Downey Jr.

Mark Ruffalo

Chris Hemsworth

Anthony Mackie

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1. Office Mayhem! Does Jumin Han is gay?

2. JuminZen - Stop Stop It

3. Married!Zen x MC vs Echo Girl


1. Flower Crowns + RFA

2. Random phrases

3. RFA moodboard


1. JuminZen 1

2. Seven + JuminZen 1

3. JuminZen 2

4. Zen 1

5. JuminZen 3 - Christmas


1. RFA’s songs to make love to MC

2. RFA’s songs to serenade MC

Gif Set:

1. RFA+V+Unknown x MC dancing

Headcannons + Reactions:

1. Han Jumin & Elizabeth 3rd wedding

2. RFA+V+Unknown Christmas present

3. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who can play violin

4. RFA+V+Unknown react to celebrity!MC leading a double life

5. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who cannot stand spicy food

6. RFA+V react to hidden talent singer!MC

7. RFA+V+Unknown react to partly deaf MC

8. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC with raspy voice

9. RFA+V+Unknown react to military!MC visiting them during the holidays

10. Jumin x Zen x V

11. RFA+V react to angry!MC who is fed up them comparing her with Rika

12. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who loses someone to cancer

13. RFA+V+Unknown react to diehard One Direction fan!MC

14. RFA+V+Unknown react to someone touching MC inappropriately

15. RFA+V react to MC’s protective sibling

16. RFA+V+Unknown react to fiercely independent!MC

17. RFA+V+Unknown deal with MC’s abusive partner

18. RFA+V react to MC who doesn’t like to have her photos taken

19. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who likes to kiss them in weird places

20. RFA+V react to MC who loves anime

21. RFA+V react to popular youtuber!MC

22. RFA+V getting jealous of MC’s dancing partner

23. RFA+V trying WoW

24. RFA+V react to MC who doesn’t believe they love MC

25. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC not wanting to have sex before marriage

26. RFA react to MC in a marching band

27. RFA react to gastroenterologist!MC

28. RFA+Unknown react to fairy tale character!MC

29. RFA+Unknown react to plus-sized!MC who doesn’t like to be touched

30. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who doesn’t like to wear jeans and short skirts

31. RFA+V+Unknown react to insecure!MC wearing big sweaters

32. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who panics upon knowing she’s pregnant

33. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who has cancer

34. RFA+V+Unknown building a blanket fort with MC

35. RFA+V+Unknown forgetting MC’s birthday

36. RFA react to native English speaker!MC

37. Newly married!Yoosung x MC

38. RFA+V+Unknown react to shy!MC who doesn’t log frequently into the chatrooms

39. Jumin and Zen react to MC who is two-timing them

40. RFA+V+Unknown react to Princess!MC who gave up her crown to be with them

41. RFA+V and MC arguing which leads to sex

42. RFA+V react to MC who has trust issues

43. Badass couple!Unknown x MC

44. RFA cheating on MC

45. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who is a major player in the past

46. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who hates waking up early in the morning

47. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who loves to play in the rain despite not being able to

48. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who hisses like a cat

49. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC wearing sexy lingerie

50. RFA+V+Unknown misunderstanding that MC has a cult

51. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC who wants to break up with them over chocolate cake

52. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC getting into a physical fight with her sibling and thinks MC is going to hurt them

53. RFA+V+Unknown thinking MC is in college because of her tall height but she’s still in high school

54. RFA+V+Unknown react to MC getting sick one day then finding out she has chronic sickness which eventually leads to death

55. RFA+V+Unknown react to seeing MC married with kids years later after breaking up with them

56. RFA+V+Unknown react to seeing MC’s scars on her wrist

57. RFA trying to win MC back


1. MC encounters ex-crush

2. Zen x MC: No sex before marriage

3. Badass!MC taking Unknown down on her own

4. Sick!MC trying to hide her sickness in front of the RFA members


1. Mystic Messenger as Supernatural Quotes

2. Mystic Messenger as a K-Pop Group

3. Mystic Messenger as GOT7


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1. RFA+V write a letter to MC

2. RFA on Anesthesia

3. RFA take MC to the movies

4. RFA roadtrip

5. RFA and V and dogs

6. RFA and V react to MC when they don’t straighten their hair

7. RFA and V take care of spiders for MC

8. RFA and V and inside jokes with MC

9. RFA and V react to MC hiding an illness from them

10. RFA and V university AU

11. RFA and V foreign MC

12. RFA react to MC doing kissing scenes for her next movie

13. RFA and chubby MC

14. RFA, V and Unknown reacting to a refugee MC

15. RFA, V and Unknown Marching Band AU

16. RFA and MC at the club

17. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC being pregnant

18. RFA coming home to a MC napping

19. RFA and V find MC has anorexia

20. RFA and V react to MC with glasses

21. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC as a transmale

22. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC self-harm

23. RFA getting jealous from a gift to MC

24. RFA, V, Unknown and MC’s parents with strict rules on dating

25. RFA, V, Unknown react to M!MC

26. RFA and V react to otaku MC

27. Nicknames I have for the RFA

28. RFA and V react to seeing MC dancing while vacuuming

29. RFA and V react to MC who picks a fight for them

30. RFA and V as older siblings

31. (gif) RFA and V react to bamf space leader MC

32. RFA react to their child being bullied

33. RFA and V react to an MC obsessed with Christmas

34. RFA, V, and Unknown react to tall MC

35. RFA, V, and Unknown react to short MC

36. RFA, V, and Unknown react to their children’s bad grades

37. RFA react to minor MC

38. RFA react to chef MC

39. Baby RFA, V, and Unknown

40. Unknown HCs (SPOILERS)

41. MC learns RFA can play piano

42. RFA reacts to poor MC who is too stubborn to accept help

43. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC being a race car driver

44. RFA react to ticklish MC

45. MC is V’s sister

46. Falling asleep with the RFA,V, and Unknown

47. RFA reacts to voice actor MC

48. RFA reacts to a drunk making a move on MC

49. RFA, V, and Unknown react to making MC cry

50. RFA, V, and Unknown react to colorblind MC

51. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC having the best smile

52. RFA being taken care of by MC

53. RFA react to Homestuck MC

54. RFA, V, and Unknown react to MC who has feels for them

55. RFA, V, and Unknown react to celebrate MC’s birthday

56. MC calling Jumin a Donut

57. 707 takes care of his child

58. RFA and Unknown react trans M!MC’s binder breaking

59. RFA reacting to deaf! MC

60. RFA meeting MC’s older brother(s)

61. RFA, V and Unknown on their honeymoons with MC

62. RFA react to MC’s fear of heights

63. RFA react to MC scaring them when they get home

I’ve been trying to stay silent on fan drama but I’m getting really fed the fuck up with the way some of you act like you own the celebrities you like and how you interact with them on their posts and their families and significant others posts so i’m gonna post a friendly little guide so we can treat these people like human beings! cause for some fucking reason y'all forgot that celebrities are human beings too! whom just happen to be in the spotlight but that DOES NOT EQUAL you can disrespect them!

- If you’re gonna make a username, please don’t make it something embarrassing or even REMOTELY close to that actors handle with the same icon and go around impersonating them. It’s not cute, it’s super disrespectful. If you do this i’m done being nice I will report you.

- Second on that topic, keep your arguments, weird fetishes, disgusting thoughts off of their comments, a lot of celebrities actually run their own accounts and have to read this shit. Imagine for a second how you think they’d feel reading something disgusting about themselves or how you want them to sexually touch you! STOP THAT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW! These are real people who have feelings and shit like that no one needs to read, keep it in your pants.

- Third, DO NOT TAG THEM IN EROTIC FAN ART! Again, these celebrities have fucking feelings and it’s disrespectful to tag them in lewd acts, like come on guys, have some sense of decency.

- DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT START ARGUMENTS ON THEIR POSTS! Again, these people have fucking eyes and can fucking read! The last thing they need to do scrolling through the comments is have to read a random argument about their personal life, such as who they are dating (which i’ve seen), what their life choices may be (which i’ve seen), basically, if you’re thinking about starting shit on someone else’s post. DONT! Imagine for a second how they would think about you arguing on their post.

-If you can’t respect a celebrities choices, which spoiler alert don’t affect you, then you aren’t a good fan. Sorry! you can’t go around saying shitty things on their friends and families posts. It’s not ok, it will never be ok and thinking you know how the celebrity would react is also wrong.

- Essentially to beat a dead horse, treat people the way you would like to be treated, regardless of status in life, everyone deserves respect and kindness and enough of this bullshit I don’t want to have to ever repeat this argument again.


Celebrities react to Donald Trump winning the 2016 U.S Presidential election