To celebrate tonight’s mega awesome episode of ‘Celebrity Apprentice Australia’, we have made Lauryn Eagle & Nathan Jolliffe our 'Girl Crush’ & 'Guy Crush’ Of The Day!


Image Source: Ninemsn

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Watch a preview of this Sunday’s episode now!

In this preview, we find out Lisa Rinna draws the line at making out with Gary Busey, Lil’ Jon and Marilu Henner think riding someone on a chair gives you the close enough same feeling as ziplining and Trace, well, he is still Trace. 

When tasked with creating an interactive travel expo for South Africa Tourism, the All-Stars find a former competitor now on the other side of the boardroom table. Down in numbers, one team tries to get the task done with a lame teammate, while the other team’s project manager drops the reigns and their concept gets out of control. Boardroom Advisors: Bret Michaels and George Ross.