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but wher can i read these icos sidestories ?

you can read them on the wayback machine. here some links


The graves of Edith and Emily, twins born in 1856. Edith lived to be 92. But Emily didn’t quite make it to her 1st birthday.
Cedar Hill Cemetery 4/5/17

The Evil Within: Questions Answered

This is a summary of what The Assignment/The Consequence revealed to us. I purposely left out theories as they are up for speculation. Below are the facts and connections. If I missing anything major or something needs correction, please message me. And I’ll fix and/or add it. 


  • Ruvik is the puppet master. He found a host inside all who left STEM, but would most likely have a better host in Leslie and Sebastian (due to the traumatic event connection mentioned in The Consequence
  • In connection to the point above, Sebastian’s headache/seeing ‘Ruvik!Leslie’ at the end of the main game is a hallucination caused by Ruvik’s possession of him (since Leslie is a prisoner of Mobius as seen as the end of The Consequence)
  • Ruvik has a host inside The Administrator, meaning he indirectly controls Mobius 
  • The Administrator inside STEM was not the real Administrator, but Ruvik creating something for Juli to fear (”I know what you crave, what you fear…” This scene from the main game was shown in The Consequence to further push the idea that it has been Ruvik controlling nearly everything inside STEM) 
  • Some of the missing posters from the main game are irrelevant to actual events as the KCPD team, Jimenez, Leslie, and Tatiana were only in STEM for 37 minutes, according to Myra (however, the posters are part of Sebastian’s subconscious, so they could mean more on a personal level)
  • Haunted!Joseph, Haunted!Sebastian, Haunted!Connelly are controlled by Ruvik (among the other haunted)
  • Jimenez and Connelly are DEAD, Juli is still WITH MOBIUS, Sebastian is FREE and completely alone, Leslie and Joseph are ALIVE for now, but in MOBIUS HANDS
  • Sebastian’s journal entries (timeline, Myra’s dedication, opinion of Juli, etc) are questionable due to the flashbacks we saw of him and Joseph 
  • Myra was the Agent in Juli’s tapes—i.e. the agent who inducted her (in the KCPD interrogation room), injected her, put her up for brainwashing, etc etc etc. 
  • Ruben was in contact with Mobius and worked for them for a short while 
  • STEM’s purpose is to act as a world-wide brain washing project (however, this is debatable since it was STEM!Admin who told Juli this and he is revealed to be a projection of Ruvik)
  • Juli really likes cats? (Cat save, cat plushies in hospital, cat plushies on desk)
  • The people of Cedar Hill Church were essentially a cult and performed obscene experiments on living creatures (including a dog (Sentinel) and a set of human twins (Neun/Zehn))
  • Juli lived in Elk River Village and her family was apart of Cedar Hill Church (whether they had anything to do with the experimentation going on there is questionable, however there is the connection to the Elk River killer—i.e. Ruben and Mobius)
  • The Victoriano family gave money to both Cedar Hill Church and Beacon Mental Hospital (indirectly(?) gave money to Mobius for the latter)
  • Sebastian started smoking heavily when he joined the KCPD
  • Shade is a creature of Ruvik’s 
  • Myra’s allegiance is questionable, however we know she was working as a Mobius agent during her time with the KCPD since Juli’s induction was conducted in a KCPD interrogation room after she was arrested 
  • What one sees inside STEM is a matter of perspective (meaning: we don’t know whose POV is reliable)


  • In the main game, the first ‘pulse’ felt in the vehicle was when Sebastian, Joseph, Juli, and Oscar entered STEM because of Jimenez activating it from Beacon Mental Hospital (how they ended up in the tubs is up for debate) 
  • Sebastian is outside of STEM when he sees Juli in Beacon at the end of the game 
  • EVERYTHING in The Assignment is inside STEM 
  • The Consequence is spent entirely inside STEM until Juli is with Myra