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The gravestones for twin sisters. Edith died in 1948 aged 92, she lived a very long time. But Emily didn’t quite live a year, having been born March 22nd, like her sister, but passing away not even a year later, January 15th 1857. Such was the extreme unfairness of life, especially in the 1800s, when medicine was still in it’s infancy. And as many would argue, still is.
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford CT 2016

Apartment in Beaverton, OR seeking trans roommate

Hi, I’m a trans woman and I’m moving out of my 2 bedroom apartment in Beaverton to go live with my partner in California. My current roommate (who is also trans) is staying here, so we’re looking for someone to rent my room and take over my half of the lease. Rent is $550 a month with utilities (including wifi), plus a $500 deposit; the room will become available in mid October when I move out. The apartment is a five minute walk from Cedar Hills Crossing Mall and the 20 bus line, which gets you to downtown Portland in like 30-40 minutes. We haven’t had any issues with our landlord or other tenants in the four months we’ve been at the apartment. This apartment is on the 2nd floor and only accessible by walking up a flight of stairs. If you’re interested please message me and I’ll send you the rental app and pictures of the apartment/room. Ideally, we’d like another trans person to rent my room, to make sure this apartment remains a safe place for my roommate. Thanks!

Austin Area Dog In Need Of A Good Home!!!

Wonderful dog needs a great home! About 1.5 months ago, I adopted Poppy. She is such an affectionate dog who loves to play and is great for an active lifestyle! I love her very much, but she is not happy in my apartment. It is just too small for a dog of her energy level.

Even with daily walks she still has energy leftover. There is nothing wrong with her, she just needs a backyard to be her happiest!

Poppy is two years old and up to date on all shots and treatments, knows sit, and is almost totally crate trained. She is also leash trained. On top of all this we are giving her training spray, leash, collar, kennel, toys, food, treats, etc.

She is good with kids, playful with other dogs, and respectful towards cats.

If you or anybody you know is looking for a dog please send me a message! Willing to go into Hill Countey, San Antonio, Belton/ Temple, etc. to drop her off!


If any of you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I strongly encourage you to protest with me in others. When I was watching the news and saw that they decided not to indictment Darren Wilson I had to step away for a moment to release my anger and sadness. All the frustration building inside of me has boiled over to where I can no longer sit on the sidelines and do nothing. I have to do something, we have to something. If we ban together and fight for what is right I believe we can make a change. Our voices need to be heard. As a human being we are in charge of having each others back and take care of one another. So fight with me and others. WE ARE THE FUTURE!