Cecil has weird radio powers

Cecil is possessed by a linguophage - a word-eater.

The linguophage was born out of all of the unsaid words and enforced silences in Night Vale (“If you see something, say nothing…”). Both an addict and a devourer of spoken language, the linguophage was drawn to a young Cecil, a bright and verbose mind; “Cassette” describes his haunting and possession by the linguophage. It now lives in his mind like a symbiote, enhancing his lyrical and mellifluous voice, giving him the power to see and speak what the rest of Night Vale cannot and feeding off his forbidden words. Thus Cecil is literally the Voice of Night Vale.

When a prophesied Voice of Night Vale becomes an intern at NVCR, they start existing as a fact of Night Vale from the beginning of time until the end of the universe. They are not aware of this, which can lead to strange memory problems. They also cannot be killed - the universe will go to great lengths to make sure they are not harmed, even deleting an entire third world war in the 80’s from existence.

Leaving their role, even temporarily, can damage the spacetime continuum - this is why getting a vacation is so hard. If you retire and Station Management already has a willing replacement lined up, spacetime usually repairs itself…eventually…but there’s no way to tell what sort of horrible stuff will happen to you. This also has strange side effects on the Voice’s family and loved ones. Earl’s time weirdness, the disappearance of Cecil’s mom and brother, Steve’s arrows in the sky and Carlos being missing from the outside world for decades are all a result of their lives being directly intertwined with the Voice of Night Vale.

Cecil had no idea why there seemed to be an invisible studio audience in his broadcast on the condos (after all, disembodied cheering usually only occurs during lacrosse games, accompanying street performers, and that one time when you spilled your coffee) but they didn’t seem particularly malicious so he just went with it.