So I’ve been seeing people talk about why the Desert Bluffs revolution failed and the Night Vale revolution succeeded so I thought I’d break down the five main differences between the two:
First of course there’s Old Woman Josie and her angels, Intern Dana convincing the Masked Army to fight with them and helping people escape the Company Picnic, Tamika Flynn in general, but the last thing - the biggest difference that we know for certain that Desert Bluffs did not have
Was Carlos.

Carlos and his team of scientists are what tipped the balance.
It was Carlos’s invention that allowed them to block the Smiling God from getting through. Carlos and his scientists going through the door to the house that doesn’t exist and thus allowing the creation of the Old Oak Doors. It just blows my mind how many ways Carlos has saved Cecil.

cosleia asked:

Friend eldertwelve, might I request a small fic in the style of Triptych, but with utterly silly, inconsequential content from past Kevin, recent Kevin, and future Kevin?

Oh my gosh, the little noise of happiness when I saw you called me “Friend eldertwelve”. I love having friends. (Also, eldertwelve is like the cutest, ngl). 

You can always, always, always request Kevin. 

Fun?? Silly?? Inconsequential?? What do these words mean?? I can totally do that. Totally.

This is a very visual fic, so make of that what you will. 

The second time it happened, Cecil was on the phone with Abby. There was static on one of their ends of the line, and Cecil had pulled his phone from his ear to check his signal, and when he put it back, it wasn’t Abby on the other end, but Kevin.

Now you listen to me, Lauren, you and your company think you can intimidate me by buying my radio station, and the Girl Scouts of the Bluffs, but you cannot scare me. You cannot. And you stay away from niece- she is just fine the way she is. She doesn’t need to be fixed!” 


Cecil? What happened to Lauren?

“I was just talking to my sister- I- I think wires got crossed again. When-when in your life are you?”

Strex has bought my radio station, but I haven’t lost hope yet! Don’t you worry about ol’ Kevin and the Bluffs! 

“Right, right, of course. Keep fighting, Kevin.”

Oh, Cecil, that reminds me. My friend, Daniel, he’s the IT guy here at the station, he wants to know if you can give us any helpful tips for running Strex out of the Bluffs?

“I’m sure- I’m sure that no matter what you do, everything will work out fine. Or mostly fine. Everything will be mostly fine.”

That’s so great to hear! Thank you, Cec-

-and Steve dropped the cake on the floor, so I’m gonna need you to pick up another one before you come over, alright?

“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine. What flavor does Janice want?”

Oh, you know, just a regular-

Just put the StrexPet in his booth, Lauren. Cecil loves animals- how could he resist playing with it? I know I sure can’t!

“You’re the one who put that-that thing in my booth?!”

Cecil! It’s rude to interrupt private phone conversations, you know.

“Kevin! It’s rude to put death machines in people’s work spaces, you know.”

Death machines? Don’t be silly. They’re harmless little pets, so much fun! You can take them for walks, throw sticks at them-

-make pizza with him so I need you to be okay with that, okay?


Are you even listening to me, Gersh? I said that Steve wants you to make pizza with him, and that I need you to be okay with that. Are you okay? You’ve been very distant this whole conversation. Is it the Kevin thing from the broadcast, because-

There’s no way you could’ve known, Carlos. Nothing you could have done.

“Carlos? What are you doing talking to my boyfriend?”

Cecil? Is that- is that really you? I thought- Carlos said that- that you had died. There was an accident at the station, he said, with a mirror; some intern had made a careless mistake- you really need someone like Vanessa around to prevent that sort of thing- it’d been uncovered, and-

Cecil didn’t wait to hear the rest. He hung up, not caring about the shit storm that would inevitably follow upon his sister calling back, and practically threw his phone across the room. He just needed to be away from it, as far away as possible.

 As far away from Kevin and the past and the future as possible.


So what if Cecil Palmer (the host of Night Vale Community Radio) stumbled upon the town of Gravity Falls and decided to investigate; because he’s a reporter at heart, and he tries to blend in as much as possible to get the most information, he even borrows some of Carlos’ clothes because he needs to dress like them. So once he successfully infiltrated the town, he notices that the people there consume wheat and wheat byproducts regularly so he feels like he has to act like he does as well. So he constantly carries a piece of bread around to proclaim his love of bread frequently to show everyone how normal he is.


My best friend halfway-down-thehill and I decided to cosplay a handsome scientist and a dedicated radio host on their first date. The world needs more adorable queer poc wandering around in furry pants or a casual weekend lab coat! (I love all the Night Vale cosplayers I see out there, but I’m a bit tired of seeing only white Cecil with blond hair and a sweater vest, you feel? We need more representation!) Photo credit goes to my younger sister. I don’t think she was especially enthusiastic about being dragged around in the middle of a heatwave, but she did a great job anyway! Carlos: halfway-down-thehill - they/them Cecil: me - she/her

I think my favourite thing about Cecil fanart is that almost everyone ignores his canonicaly ridiculous fashion choices and draws him in trendy outfits like I’m imagining fan artists sitting there like ‘well I COULD draw him in a bin bag poncho with cat ears, but I love myself too much to stay up til 4am tearing my hair out over shading that madness, so I’m gonna draw him in a waistcoat and shirt and let’s never ever speak about the furry trousers’ amen