Ariana Grande Inspired Collection:

Here’s my second part of my Ariana Grande Collection!

I decided to create this look because of darkosims3 “Break Free” hair, and leahlillith “Sugar Headband”! They’re amazing, probably the two best creators on this community! So be sure to check them out and download all of their cc! :)


Lace Dress: [x]
Lace Bralet: [x]
Bodysuit: [x]
Skirt: [x]
Sugar Headband: [x]
Break Free Hair: [x]

And I just want to thank you guys too, I can’t believe how much followers and support I got in a couple of days that I created this acc, I love receiving your messages making requests and saying that you love my cc, even though it looks like crap^^ I appreciate it a lot! Thank YOU!

Remember, please reblog/like if you download, and remember to tag me if you use it in your sim! I would love to see it! :)

I am so happy that I have finally managed to get recolours of Alpha hairs to work, but I am a bit upset that I cant get my own colours to work.

However, I have decided that I will use the Nyren Cosmic Pastel palette and the Pooklet Unnatural/Natural palette to recolour all alpha hairs as the creators of the palettes have made Photoshop Actions, making it easier to recolour.

So, here are 57 recolours of cool-sims Omen Hair.


I hope you like these recolours! If you have any requests, leave them in my ask box

Credit - EA, sims4studioofficial, cool-sims, pooklet, Nyren, Photoshop

Download -

Nyren - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Pooklet Natural - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Pooklet Unnatural - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Combined - SimFileShare/MediaFire

Edit - They are also disabled for random! Thanks to justthatsimmer2015 for asking about it, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered to.


I am, officially, done with the hair. I edited the alphas a bit more and removed some extra alpha strands on the scalp. They were really useless anyway, and the head area looks cleaner without them. I also fixed that annoying transparency issue on the edges so, yay!

And since I won’t be releasing unnatural colors for this hair, I’ve decided to add some of my signature colors as optional swatches, seen above. (You can click on the pics to view the names of my signature colors).

Next up, I’ll have to do the hard part: The Photoshoot! But I’m a bit tired for now so I’m off to bed…