before i go to bed

Friendly reminder that y'all shitting about la la land STILL, and making posts with dumb ‘hahaha white people’ jokes while making it pass as a shitty movie

A) weren’t funny then and aren’t funny now
B) couldn’t recognize a well directed movie if it hit you in the face
C) need to find better hobbies

gdi get over your idiotic hatred for that movie already

anonymous asked:

Can you pleaseeeeee write a fanfiction with Hazel (imgoingtocallyoufern)??? Like, a Densi/Tiva crossover? Or just SOMETHING. Cazel all the way ♥ (I saw Hazel's post and I messaged her too! I SHIP YOU TWO AS THE MOST AWESOME WRITERS IN THE UNIVERSE! CAZEL FOREVER ♥)

I love Hazel to pieces! She’s the most amazing person on here EVER ♥ And I love her stories as well :) (you know that, Hazel! :D)
I saw that post too lol and I gotta say, you guys are so cool! Cazel! :D
Well, you see, I’d love to do that. You gotta ask Hazel though ;)