Cayuga Lake

Old Greeny

Ever since the 1800’s a large serpent like creature has been seen in Cuyuga Lake. Those who knew of the creature back then stayed away from the water in fear of it. The 435ft deep lake is a perfect place for a lake monster to hide. The creature got its name of “Old Greeny” when a local and his friend were driving passed the lake when they spotted a large serpent swimming on the surface.

In 1929 it was suggested that two serpents were living in the lake. This meant there could be a breeding population which meant that even more could be out there. In 1979 a boy was attacked by the creature, it bit his arm so hard while he was swimming that it broke his arm. The victim said it looked like an eel but much larger. The same year a 35ft serpent almost collided with a boat on the lake, they thought it was a log until they came close to it. The creature swam down to the depths leaving the eyewitnesses shocked.

What exactly Old Greeny is may never be known. It has been suggested that a species of giant eels could call the lake home, or maybe perhaps a large sturgeon. Sightings of Old Greeny are rare nowadays, leaving many to believe the creature ultimately succumbed to age. Or maybe it swam out to Lake Ontario through the Seneca River. But maybe perhaps it still resides under the surface, waiting for an unlucky swimmer to pass by for its next meal.


On the other side of the road to Taughannock Falls is Cayuga Lake which is one of the finger lakes. I made sure to send a snapchat of “all de way from de finger lakes” to my SNL watching friends. The water was crystal clear and you could see all of the fish swimming at the bottom of the lake, there must have been hundreds.


Castiel doesn’t like talking about this — he doesn’t even like thinking about it.  He’s not ready.  He will never be ready.  There’s not enough time.  It’s a miracle they made it this far, but an eternity with Dean would not be enough.  

“You remember that one time when the Apocalypse was going down?  That dream?  I was fishing—”

“I recall.  I came to you.”

“It’s in upstate New York.”

“Cayuga Lake.”

Dean smiles weakly, blinks heavy eyelids.  Gnarled fingers clutch at Castiel’s hand.  “When I —” He stops, clears his throat, and starts again.  “That’s where I want you to scatter them.  My ashes.”

Old Greeny is said to be roaming in Cayuga Lake in New York. The mystery monster is said to be eel-like in appearance with sharp teeth, measuring in anywhere from 15 to 35 feet. It is thought that the first sighting of Old Greeny was in 1828. Reports from encounters with the creature say that is not shy and will not back away from humans - even sometimes attacking people that intrude on its territory. 


Farley loves a good dip in Cayuga Lake. (submitted by gardeningcat)