my gr12 art teacher


The teachers at my school remaking the “What does the fox say" 


Whenever anyone ever asks me about high school I’m just going to make them watch this video from now on.


my high school teachers 

Director's Bio

Heyishi Zhang is a Chinese Canadian filmmaker whose areas of interest include writing, directing, and production design. She attended Cawthra Park Secondary School for visual arts, and has recently completed her last year of Film Studies at Ryerson University.  During her time at Ryerson, she was the president and co-founder of the Ryerson Alliance of Women Filmmakers. Gay Mean Girls (2014) is her debut as a Writer/Director and received Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction and Best Film at Maximum Exposure Film Festival. Her thesis project, Joy (2015) won Best Screenplay at Ryerson University Film Festival. Heyishi’s work often examines the politics of identity and its influence on beauty.

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