So a few days ago I stumbled across a cave in a remote valley of Green Ridge State Forest. When I approached it, something hissed at me. When I shined the light in I noticed a mother Turkey Vulture and her newly hatched baby!!!
This is my first time ever seeing a baby vulture! I stayed long enough to take photos and then I left the little guys alone. Ill be returning in a few weeks to see how hes grown.
The baby looks like a little dinosaur and Im absolutely in love with him. <3


The patience!
From @minamishigeki - 削り作業
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Reflecting on Dream Lake

Telling roof from floor is a bit tricky when the spring water in a part of Luray Cavern (in Virginia) is so still that it takes on mirror like qualities, so the old question of which are stalactites (holding on tight to the ceiling) or mites is open to debate. The rocks here are Ordovician magnesium rich limestones called dolomites deposited in a long gone ocean some 480 million years ago. They were then folded into a mountain range (whose American remnants are known as the Appalachians) when the Iapetus Ocean closed up during the assembly of the supercontinent Pangaea. Later acidic waters hollowed out networks of caves in a set of processes called karst erosion, whereby the limestone is dissolved and carried away to be reprecipitated.


Image credit: David Jones


Kayaking into a limestone cave, Koh Hong Island, Phuket, National Marine Park, Thailand. 

We all hide.
Opal, mexico. field of view 3mm
(A photomicrograph is an image taken with the aid of a microscope. Not to be confused with microphotography, which is photography using very small equipment.)