Lost in Paradise (m)

→ The Summer Court is an eternal place of warmth and beauty. Deep within this court, past the grass and hills, lies a small cave full of flowers and fresh water. It is this cave, this paradise, which brings you and Yoongi together.

pairing: Yoongi x Reader
genre: fluff, angst, smut, fantasy || faerie au! summer court
warning: small scene featuring heat play
word count: 12,480 (final 2,000 is basically smut)
a/n: You do not have to read Trick or True to understand this one however, Jungkook is mentioned in passing. Inspired by the Iron king by Julie Kagawa. 
Installments: sequel midsummerpart of Tales from the Land of Fey Series 

The very first time you set eyes on Min Yoongi is on a summer day much like any other in the lands of the Summer Court; the sun bares down from its place in the center of the pale, blue sky, it’s rays hot and sweltering yet oddly comforting. Familiar, almost, to those who have grown up and lived each day in this Court of eternal summer.

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→ The court of summer was home; it was paradise. It was a place of fond memories and first love, and leaving would never be easy. But with a piece of home by your side, the journey forward was all the more exciting.

yoongi x reader || fluff, romance || faerie au!
word count: 1,459
・Installments: prequel →  Lost In Paradisepart of Tales from the Land of Fey Series 

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: DUEL VOCAL BEST!!


V O I C E - CLOUDGenki No Shower - Aki MaedaS H U F F L E - Okui MasamiThe Afternoon of That Day - Okui MasamiWILD DRIVE - Nagai MasatoParadise - CAVEWARRIORS - Yuichi IkusawaThese Overflowing Feelings Don’t Stop - Yuichi Ikusawa OVERLAP - KimeruEYES - Yuichi IkusawaFIRE - BLAZE