The 100 + episode posters (part II of season 1)


Hello everyone ~ The blog just reached 10,000 followers and I would like to thank every single one of you ^^ ♥ It’s been a year and few months since I started running this blog and I didn’t think I would last this long with managing it. So whew, thank the heavens I still haven’t abandoned this blog. (Let’s hope I wouldn’t…? Haha ~) I thank my long time followers who are still here especially but I also welcome new followers~ Let’s stay together for a long time and I do hope that we get to talk at some point >u< ♥

Again, thank you so so so much ~ I hope you’re all having a good day!

mombosslin replied to your post “for my car getting hit, today went surprisingly well”

O.O you ok??

wretchedquintessence replied to your post “for my car getting hit, today went surprisingly well”

Holy crap are you okay?!?!?

YES! I am! Sorry I didn’t mean to worry you guys! I wasn’t in the car! It was just outside my house. A housemate called me and let me know. The guy was nice enough to leave a note with his number and I got everything squared away! 

her pistol go bang bang boom boom pop pop 🔫🔫🔫

based off actual lived experience here: why would any dude on the subway see a girl sitting next to him with headphones on and a sketchbook on her lap and decide that she’d be totally receptive to him chatting her up and asking her out?

what about either of those solo activities gives off a vibe that says, “ignore the fact that i’m clearly interested in the music i’m listening to and the picture i’m drawing! come sit next to me and literally wave your hand in front of my face for attention until i stop what I’m doing and acknowledge you!”

getting hit on inside an inclosed public subway car is annoying and obnoxious enough as it is, but i just find that it’s almost twice as likely to happen when you’re engaged in a personal activity, like reading a book or something, and that also makes it twice as irritating.