Surprise! I am alive

<p>For those of you who were beginning to think I was the GRRM of HP fic (not in terms of quality, but the amount of time between releases), I just wanted to give you a heads up. I just finished the last scene of the update! I need a few more nights of heavy editing, and then I’ll post on

February has been a very, well, bad time for me, and I wasn’t able to be as productive as I would like. But it’s almost over, and I’m feeling more like myself. Special shoutouts to diva-gonzo
for being understanding and knowing when to let me ramble, and when I needed to be alone. And to otterandterrier and ffictionrec and sugarquillsandfizzingwhizbees and theperksofshippingromione for posting fluffy/hilarious one shots here that helped make me feel less like crap. And of course to barmy-owl, for inspiring several of those. Your mind goes in wonderfully strange directions, and it’s fun to go along for the ride.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient, even though the updates have been slow and my blog has been fairly dead. I also welcome the new followers! (How did I become more popular without saying anything? Surely you didn’t follow me for my stunning good looks?)


Then you’d kill the angel, Castiel. Now that one — that, I suspect, would hurt something awful.


Favorite Spoby moments » 1x19- "A Person of Interest"


X//ss < *ac can’t handle all the dang cute people that she knows, not even just jake or the guys!!!*

://ss < is it just a unifursal fact that efurryone who efur plays sburb has to be so hot??? i mean come on, it just isnt fair for a heart player to be surrounded by all these hotties


"I need you to be honest with me. No games, no running away. Just the truth. Are you Wyatt’s little brother?


"Dance with me, dumbass!"

"This necklace has cost two very fine men their lives. At times, I wear it in tribute to their sacrifice. Other times, I wear it because it goes with this skirt."


push play, stop rewind 
you drown your heroes in red wine.


ANNA TORV 7 DAYS CHALLENGE  (created by Zoe)

DaySeven: Whatever tickles your pickle

 Every perfect/heavenly bit of her.
Seungri on G-Dragon's leadership
  • [Before a performance], G-Dragon talks to the members and asks about our condition. He tells us, “Are you ok? Any problems?” Things like that. He’s really worthy to be our leader.
  • The great thing about having G-Dragon as a leader is that he draws a conclusion only after listening to the opinions of all the members. So BIGBANG's decisions all comes from all the members' opinions and feelings.

Daily Grace Bloopers - SORTED

Watch the main video here: Bubble Tea ft. DailyGrace