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  1. things heard in my house today: ‘So it’s like long live the queen, except more western, which makes it better, and… not as good.’
  2. bread you stuck in the toaster and then forgot about is only inedible once it is either a) burned to a blackened crisp, or b) moldy. up until then, it is still a viable food source, no matter how badly it tries to fuck up your gums with its pointy hardness
  3. tfw you compliment a friend and they get flustered and even cuter and so you just keep complimenting them bc you can’t help it, they are just 2cute4u reblog if u agree

i s2g some of yall are so far up zigi ass yall would STILL believe they were a real couple even if a sex tape came out of zayn taking liam’s dick lmao i swear yall are embarrassing tbh 

Bad Behavior


clockwise: scott, jean, ashley, kurt, jubilee, peter.

“Scott, it’s past curfew. Do you really think we should be doing this?” Jubilee asked, tugging on her dark pigtails nervously. 

Peter and Scott could not have been more relaxed. Scott leaned back on the grass and Peter was vibrating his hand in the water to mess with the fish in the lake. Scott grinned.

“Professor wants us to do normal teenage things, right?” He looked around the circle. Kurt looked nervous to be around other people, though Kurt’s flicking tail made his anxiety a little more obvious. Jean looked oddly calm, but that could have been a mask. “This is one of the most teenage things we’ll ever get to do. We’re sneaking out play spin-the-bottle.”

“And I’m going to go out on a limb and say none of us were invited to a lot of parties?” Peter asked earnestly, looking around this circle with eyebrows high. “No one has ever played these games before?”

Ashley Harkins cleared her throat and laughed into her sleeve. She hoped nobody caught it, but Scott did. He smirked at the blonde across from him.

“Ooh, new girl’s a baddie!” He looked like a kid on Christmas. “What’s your power that you get to play sex games?” 

Ashley rolled her eyes at Scott, but was smiling none the less.

“Emotions. I can feel them, change them, control them.” She explained, brushing a blonde hair out of her eye. “I can feel everyone in this circle’s emotions, and if I had any control over my powers, I could make any of you feel any way I wanted you to.” Jean recoiled physically, but everyone in the circle, save Peter and Scott, looked apprehensive. “Don’t worry, I can’t do that even if I wanted to.” At that, the tension was released from shoulders, and everyone physically relaxed. 

“So like if you felt… desire to make out with me,” Peter teased, running a hand nonchalantly through his silver hair. “Everyone would, to some degree, want to make out with me?”

“Kind of?” She explained. “My powers have boundaries, so you’re all safe for now. But, since there is nothing less sexy than explaining the ins and outs of my mutation, lets get to the games, shall we?”

Ashley turned suddenly to face Kurt.

“You don’t need to be scared. ‘Sex games’ is just an American expression.” She reassured Kurt. “None of us bite.”

“Oh my god, get on with it!” Jubilee squealed excitedly. “I wanna play!”

At this, Scott set down a piece of wood and Peter pulled out a glass bottle.

“The rules of the game are simple,” Ashley explained, mostly for the nervous boy sitting beside her. “Someone spins the bottle, and whoever it is pointing to when it stops, has to kiss them.”

“How do you win?” Jean asked, her eyes darting towards Scott.

“There are  loads of ways to play. In some games, people keep score, in some games, you get to drink, but for our purposes, I think the win is that you get to kiss somebody.” Ashley looked around the circle, noticing everyone’s reaction and connecting the emotions she saw in her head to faces. “That way, there’s no way to loose.” Kurt looked relieved.

“Next time, we play for booze.” Scott murmured, placing his hand on the empty bottle. “Is everybody ready?”

Ashley applied a thin layer of Chapstick while everyone else nodded. Scott spun the bottle, and everyone held their breath.

“You’re all so tense! I get that you’ve never played before, but we’re all gorgeous people. There’s no one in this circle who I wouldn’t kiss.” Ashley laughed, and her powers helped her for once. Everyone in the circle dissolved heir tension, and started feeling Ashley’s emotions; excited and sexy. When the bottle stopped, the nose was pointing at a grinning Jubilee. The circle oohed and laughed at the pairing. Jubilee turned a flushed pink and Scott leaned up to reach across Peter for her face.

“Alright, c’mere Juju.”


Scott and Peter were howling.

Jean and Ashley broke their kiss when Ashley laughed. Jean was blushing as red as her hair; Scott and Peter looked like kids in a candy store.

“We have got to hang out with you more often.” Scott proclaimed, passing Ashely the bottle. She winked at Jean, making her blush again, and spun the bottle.

Ashley looked up through her lashes at the silver haired boy across from her. Peter gasped at the bottle in excitement, shifted his weight so he was sitting on his heels, and looked up at Ashley in anticipation.

As soon as Ashley moved, the whole atmosphere shifted. 

Her powers were getting a little out of control, but her arousal wasn’t hurting anyone. If anything, it was helping the game. Jean could feel the change of pace. Scott started looked even more attractive and she saw Kurt and Jubilee subconsciously shifting closer.

Ashley and Peter were the ones who felt the most heat. While everyone else was feeling aftershocks, Ashley and Peter got the full earthquake. Ashley wanted to kiss this sassy silver boy from the second she sat down, and touching Peter wasn’t exactly quelling her mood. As soon as their lips touched, Peter felt it too. Ashley’s hands cupped Peter’s cheeks; Peter’s arm wound around her waist, pulling Ashley closer to him and keeping their lips firmly connected. The mood started getting heavier and heavier. One hand drifted up to tangle in silver hair, the other was moving for the zipper of Peter’s jacket. The only thing between their bodies was clothes, and if their emotions held out, that barrier would rapidly fall.

Ashley. Jean infiltrated Ashley’s thoughts. You’re feeling too much. We’re going to end up having an orgy on the grass if you don’t cool it.

Would that really be so bad?

Though it was a challenge for her to get out of her own head long enough to tell Ashley to quit it, Jean made herself stop looking at Scott long enough to firmly press the reason back into Ashley’s head.

When Ashley (grudgingly) pulled away from Peter, her lips were red and they were both breathing heavily. Ashley looked into Peter’s eyes, trying to decipher the feelings currently coursing through her. She was so busy trying to figure her own emotions out, she completely missed the message that his were sending.

While keeping her eyes locked on Peter’s gorgeous brown ones, she tossed the bottle behind her and spoke.

“Scott, truth or dare?”

“Oh, yes!” He cheered, clearly pleased with the mindset of the new mutant. “This is what I’m talking about. Truth.”

Without missing a beat, Ashley had a question.

“Who was the best kisser and who did you like kissing the most?”

“Does zat not count as two… truths?” Kurt asked timidly, taking his eyes of Jubilee at the start of the new game. Scott ignored Kurt’s question, and answered Ashley with hardly a hesitation.

“I think we all can agree that you’re the best kisser, Ash. But I actually liked kissing Jean the most.”

The circle erupted with a quiet “ooooh”. Jean flushed, but smiled none the less.

“Alright, alright, whatever. Kurt, truth or dare?” Scott was looking a little pink in the face too, but changed the subject effortlessly.

“I do not understand?” Kurt looked to Ashley for help, but she shrugged at him.

“For this one, I suggest learning by immersion.”

The game got interesting when Peter got shirtless.

Jubilee was on her back, laughing until she was red in the face. Then she’d sit back up, look at Peter, and fall back down again. She had dared Peter to race into the house, grab a bra from a girl’s room, come back down to them, and put it on.

He had been parading around in a lacy white bra and his silver skinny jeans for the past five minutes, and Jubilee still thought it was the funniest things.

“Peter, whose bra is that?” Jean asked, smiling.

“I’m pretty sure it’s yours.” He teased. That earned him a shove from Scott and a dandelion thrown at him from Jean. “I don’t know, actually. I went to the first empty room and took one out of a suitcase.” Peter sat back down and looked around the circle, searching for the perfect victim. “Ashley. Truth or-”


“Go skinny dipping with me.”

The rest of the group followed this interaction like a game of ping pong. Everybody was grinning and having  an awesome teenage time.

“You’re on.”

Everyone in the circle nearly lost their minds when the two stood up and started stripping. Peter made a show of unclipping his bra, twirling it, and launching it at Jubilee, which sent the circle into a fit of giggles. Ashley was shamelessly dropping clothes left and right, walking towards the lake when she was down to her underwear and socks. Peter was right behind her, in his underwear and encouraged by the hoots and hollers of the group.

“You know, if you want, we can leave the underwear on.” Peter suggested as Ashley pulled off her socks. She stood back up, flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder, and gave Peter a mischievous smile.

“I don’t play these games half-ass.”

With the cheers growing louder every inch they descended, Ashley dropped her panties and dove neatly into the lake. Peter followed with a cannonball, grinning like the cheshire cat.

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