“Harry, what is this.”

“It’s called Pokemon Go. You can walk around catching pokemon on your phone”

“That seems stupid. That seems like what Loony Lovegood talks about all the time.”

“…maybe. But I promise it’s fun! Please just try it with me?”


*2 weeks later*

“Draco, you haven’t come home in three days please just take a break.”

“hArr Y I still haven’t gotten a Lapras we’re not going anywh – wait I scheduled a Portkey to New York for tomorrow.”

“What?? Why? And why didn’t I know about this?”

“I neEd a Tauro s, Harry. But don’t worry; you’re coming, too.”

“…I’m taking your phone away.”

“n O.”

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- But we can’t know if a child wants to be born, who it will be or what kind of life it will have.
- I guess not.
You just… show them the way.


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280-288/? suga solo twitter selfies (in chron order)


So today, my mom tells my dad in the afternoon that there were baby ducks stuck in the sewer. Apparently they fell down the hole and we’re calling out to their mom. Their mom disappeared. I guess she was in such distressed that she left.

Anyways, my dad goes outside and so do I. We hear them calling out. My dad pulls the grate from the drain. There are like 7 babies down there. So at first we tried a net but they would fall right through the holes.

So then we tried a basket with strings and we made sure it went right below the waterline. We threw bread. I went online and found the breed of duck then I found the mother calls. So I played it on repeat. They started coming out and my dad caught them with the basket.

So we caught all of them. Then I wanted to go to the park because it’s across the street from my house. Usually there are a lot of ducks there. So we went looking for a duck that is all black with like two or three babies. I put them in a small pet crate.

I looked for about 30 minutes and then I found the mother with another mother and her own set of babies. The babies were calling out. The mother would turn her head and look right at me and the crate. I let them out. I backed away and the mother came towards them. She wagged her tail. She seemed excited to have her babies. She went and smelled them. She didn’t attack them or anything of that sort. So they must have been her babies because they would follow her.

So I’m glad I saved them and found their mom. Thanks to my dad, my neighbor, and myself!