GOT7 | Dating Im Jaebum | REALLY LONG | I’m not even sorry | You’re welcome
  • his hands always on your waist or his hand on the small of your back when in crowds
  • doesn’t like PDA but will peck you in front of the guys from time to time giving them a shock (jackson getting all, like shippy over you two)
  • singing and dancing together at award shows
  • being caught on camera
  • you hiding your face in the crook of his neck and him chuckling at you and pointing it out to the other guys 
  • so now they’re laughing at that and that fact that you got caught on camera
  • them all clapping their hands like seals at your embarrassment
  • he would hit your ass sometimes around the guys giving them a shock and a laugh
  • he would not so subtly check you out if you walk by him when he’s with the guys 
  • you’d go up to the group after finishing what task you were doing previously and he’d wrap his arm(s) around your waist and pulls you into him resting his chin or cheek on your head
  • when they see someone flirting/chatting or eyeing you up he would go up to you, wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you into him kissing your cheek or forehead
  • protective af
  • him being immensely proud to have you as his gf
  • couple selfies | pics mid-tickle fight | PHOTO BOOTHS | silly props | coco
  • his phone background would either be you two or just you
  • would take random pics of you (at different places, when you’re asleep or really concentrated) thinking you look beautiful
  • looking at them when he misses you on tour
  • would take pics of places he goes (travels to on tour) to send to you and tell you that he wishes you were there with him
  • small sentimental gifts from the places he goes 
  • him not wanting to leave for tour
  • neither of you would want to let go at the airport (tight loving hugs)
  • him wiping away yours and his tears before he leaves
  • him on the plane pinching the corner of his eyes and closing them not wanting to let the tears fall
  • the others comforting him 
  • him tickling you 
  • looking after each other when ill and kissing each other even though you know the other would get ill
  • cuddles
  • him burying his head into the crook of your neck when he crawls or lays on top of you on the couch
  • morning voice ugh
  • tired, slightly grouchy if you’re not in bed next to him
  • until he sees you already up, with your cup of coffee (or tea) in the living room
  • him giving you a morning kiss on the forehead
  • him brushing his teeth in the morning and sweeping his hair back off his head and checking his appearance in the mirror
  • you coming in and brushing your teeth with him whilst he looks at you in the mirror 
  • him looking up from the sink and catching your eye
  • him casually slipping his hand into yours slowly intertwining your fingers with his 
  • sharing earphones on car journeys with them others
  • gives you his sunglasses and coat when it’s either too bright or too cold
  • you being at his photo shoots, music video shootings and some dance practices
  • you trying to make him laugh whilst at these and he’s trying his hardest not to laugh
  • him always smiling when he’s around you
  • going shopping and him picking up clothes out for you, telling you what he likes and doesn’t like
  • making that face if he doesn’t like it sometimes holding in a laugh as you strut your stuff and make a joking runway of it twirling and posing
  • sometimes buying them for you if you don’t have your money on you or it’s too expensive for you even though you’ve refused to let him buy them for you he does it anyway bc he lovesssss you and you’re left there feeling guilty
  • him getting them without you knowing and coming up to the counter to see him buying them for you and you hitting his arm playfully and him pretending to be hurt 
  • everyone thinking you are couple goals (which you are)
  • carries your shopping bags
  • him getting you jewelry
  • him being a gentleman 
  • always holding/touching (like touching your back) you when he’s greeting someone 
  • the fans loving you
  • him introducing you being SO proud and looking at you with a smile on his face, putting you forward, showing you off
  • failed cooking and baking attempts = food fight
  • you both leaving the mess to clean up later whilst you go cuddle or bang. either one is great tbh
  • JB sulking when he misses you on tour and the guys cheer him up (well at least trying to)
  • the guys texting and calling you telling you that you broke their leader
  • the boys teasing about how their leader’s gone soft (JB proves they’re wrong by playfully fighting and chasing them)
  • Him being soft only for you 
  • the stare
  • the guys saying you’re actually a really cute couple
  • “it makes us want girlfriends”
  • JB laughing and smiling, looking down and shaking his head slightly embarrassed 
  • being asked about you in interviews and the boys teasing hit, hitting and tugging at him playfully,showing the camera and audience just how red his cheeks are
  • him ding aeygo on camera and getting really embarrassed that you’re probably going to see it
  • him involving you in videos
  • you sitting on his lap a lot around the guys when you’re all out and about
  • being really close with the guys and them openly saying that they would beat the shit out of JB if he ever hurt you (which he most definitely wouldn’t) tbh jackson and bambam would say this
  • the guys imitating you two when you’re over and when you’re not getting a playful hit from JB
  • when you’re there though he may risk and kiss you laughing when the guys stop, laugh and turn away until you’ve stopped
  • skype calls, meaningful texts, good morning/goodnight texts
  • occasional sext when both of you are lonely and you know horny 
  • him picking you up from the airport when you come to visit him/or picking you up for dates/or to just stay over his
  • his hand on your thigh whilst driving
  • staring at his perfect side profile, admiring him, whilst he’s concentrated on the road and him noticing teasing you about it and ask you if you see something you like to which you obviously reply sarcastically
  • his forearm on the window ledge with his fingertips against the top of the car/window bit tapping along to the music playing 
  • singing for almost all of the car journey
  • comfortable silences
  • his fingers playing and intertwined with yours on you thigh or lap
  • going through his CD’s
  • him turning his head and telling you yes or no, which ones he likes
  • movie days, either flicking through programmes or netflix 
  • him looking through DVDs on his or your living room floor calling out and asking if you want to watch ________________ movie
  • couple halloween costumes
  • lots of skinship 
  • backhugs
  • him giving you backhugs when cooking and resting his head in the crook of your neck
  • love bites / neck kissing / collar bone kissing / tongue trails
  • lip bites/tugs when kissing 
  • ear kissing, biting, tugging
  • cheeky winks
  • that tongue though
  • constant forehead kisses
  • kisses on the top of your head
  • him loving the smell of you (your perfume, hair, e.t.c)
  • him loving your sense of style
  • him holding your hands during car journeys with them group
  • him getting in and one of the guys going to sit in the seat next to him and him going “aiye Y/N’s sitting here”
  • him comforting you when you’re on
  • you asking him to get you pads and tampons, he hesitates before going, but goes and picks up loads of different ones bc he’s not sure which ones to get
  • also gets ice cream, chocolate, ramen (to share) and pink milk for himself (to add to them collection he already has in your fridge)
  • you ask for one 
  • “ahhh” 
  • you pull them puppy dog eyes out and beg and he reluctantly gives you one, tipping his head back and letting out a big sigh/huff in defeat
  • you have a mini celebration and he gives you his judging looks and then just starts laughing turning around and shaking his head to not let it show that you affected him and broke his serious expression
  • him catering for your every need
  • wearing his clothes after sex
  • wearing his clothes in general
  • keeping some of his shirts when he’s on tour so you can smell like him
  • stealing his clothes 
  • him going in to your draws when he’s looking for a shirt that he can’t find in his
  • him only wearing sweatpants or shorts around you
  • him in cuddly jumpers, wrapping his arms around you on the sofa as you snuggle into his side 
  • him leaning his head down and whispering sweet nothings into your ear
  • him spraying you with his cologne when you go to award shows to let people know your his
  • the guys laughing at this
  • the guys purposely flirting with you to make JB jealous and irritated bc they find it funny and you find it/him cute 
  • although he’d show you who’s ‘cute’ later on ;)
  • shower sex
  • passionate sex
  • rough sex
  • angry sex
  • make-up sex
  • coming home from tour sex
  • daddy kink (don’t even try to deny it)
  • him pinning you against the wall if you’ve teased him at any events or if he’s just had a bad day and wants to relieve the stress
  • ass grabber / boob grabber / everything grabber
  • i mean his orgasm face cum on < see what i did there? aye? aye?
  • him playing with the bottom of your dress or upper garment if he likes your outift
  • sometimes this signalises that he wants you then and there
  • but he can’t have you then and there so you’d have to wait until you get home and he’d be stripping you down and (somehow passionately) fucking you senseless
  • whilst telling you how hot you looked that day, what you did to him, and how your clothes were great and all but they’d look better on the bedroom floor or on the kitchen or living room floor
  • baths together
  • showers together
  • cooking for each other 
  • lots of ramen
  • him always singing
  • you guys playing just dance
  • singing and dancing together
  • him walking around with you whilst he backhugs you, swaying from side to side
  • snuggling on the couch with hot chocolate and blankets, watching movies
  • cuddles - legs tangled, bodies wrapped around each other
  • footsies
  • him singing and playing with your hair to help you sleep 
  • being supportive and comforting on an other
  • him teaching you some of the groups dancing 
  • him being him around you
  • a lovable ball of sunshine
  • him being silly
  • getting a pet together
  • him randomly gazing at you wondering how he got so lucky
  • the others being jealous that he got such hot, lovable, funny gf
  • him buying you a coffee or food for after work 
  • picking you up from work vice versa for both
  • you making him food and him trying to make you food
  • him feeding you and vice versa
  • everyone is jealous of you guys

i’m just going to say it

  • drunk JB
  • looking after drunk JB 
  • trying to get drunk JB into cab 
  • him trying to talk to you whilst your trying to talk to the cab driver or other people
  • him being all touchy and lovey in the club
  • you trying to help him get out of his clothes when you get back to the dorm but he’s like “stop, no, i have a girlfriend” whilst pushing you away making you smile and laugh
  • “it’s okay, it’s me JB, Y/N, your girlfriend”
  • he just wraps his arms around you and dumps you both on the bed
  • and he’s out like a light
  • the guys who are sober helping you 
  • everyone crashing at one persons place for the night
  • group breakfast
  • looking after JB and they others when they have hangovers

sorry back to it

  • the guys finding you guys asleep on the sofa together at their dorm 
  • they take a picture 
  • them all commenting and huddled in a group in the room looking at the picture and commenting on how cute you guys look
  • not noticing that JB has awoken and is now coming over to them 
  • “aiii what are you guys doing” rubbing his hair and checking your still asleep on the sofa
  • him seeing what they’re looking at (the picture)
  • him grabbing the phone (the member who took the pic complaining quietly) and sending it to himself 
  • big spoon, little spoon (you decide who)
  • him randomly playing with your hair, twisting it between his fingers
  • gets so fascinated he ends up on youtube looking up hair tutorials
  • sighing/huffing when he misplaces a few strands or gets it wrong
  • him messing it up, grunting, groaning, cursing and getting agitated
  • him giving up
  • you laughing at him and him pulling a face at you an joining in laughing and hiding his face in the crook of your neck embarrassed that he got so overwhelmed by it
  • sweet dates 
  • seeing him waiting for you from afar and thinking about how cute he looks
  • he catches your gaze and smiles and starts walking over to you
  • taking out one earphone and giving one to you
  • him doing aeygo in front of you from time to time, just to make you laugh, and you recording it and sending it to the guys
  • this leaves a pouty JB bc he knows the guys will tease him about it endlessly and won’t let it go, replaying it sometimes just to tease him and sometimes to get an advantage or benefit out of it
  • the guys can tell how much you love each other
  • JB loving you and you knowing it
  • he may not always say it but his actions show it / you’re the same
  • after all ‘actions speak louder than words’

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I started reading The Raven Boys recently and you can guess which two characters have stomped all over my heart already (T▽T)b

my mom has gotten SUPER into star wars lately and we rewatched all of the movies this past week

and the morning after we watched attack of the clones, we’re sitting at breakfast and she’s cutting up a pear and she suddenly goes LOOK AT MY JEDI POWERS

and throws a hunk of pear across the table at me

The Signs as Types of Gamers
  • Aries: GRRL GAMER - Only plays games she thinks will get her the most praise. Lives for the attention.
  • Taurus: REC GAMER - Has a life outside of gaming. Plays anything.
  • Gemini: POKEBAES - Actually caught them all.
  • Leo: RETRO GAMER - Still plays the N64.
  • Virgo: CHEATER - Uses cheats everywhere to win and exploit the games.
  • Libra: SUPRACASUAL - Plays Sims on their iPhones.
  • Scorpio: BRO GAMER - Says BRAH a lot. Plays mostly Sports Games or Call of Duty.
  • Sagittarius: ELITE GAMER - Can't live without gaming, it's a drug for them. Makes sure you know how good he is.
  • Capricorn: ARTISTE - Plays for the graphics, the looks of a game. Doesn't care what it is, as long as it's pretty.
  • Aquarius: PRO GAMER - Actually likes gaming, and knows his shit. Has skills, unlike most gamers.
  • Pisces: CASUAL GAMER - Owns a Wii.
wips you should be reading

heres some wips im following atm. all harry/louis! some more reliable abt updating than others, ha

  • i’ll fly away by juliusschmidt (the small town au where they grew up together) 
  • shake me down by agreatperhaps12 (the uni au where harrys just come out of conversion therapy)
  • the actor by velvetoscar (the historical au where harrys an actor and louis is a stage hand)
  • that sounds fake but okay by dancingonthe ceiling (the one where harrys a journalist and louis is an actor and together theyre…fake boyfriends)
  • with a whimper by kidundercover (the dystopian au where harry and louis dont trust each other until they do) 
  • you slow it down by aloequeera (the one where harrys a photographer and louis is a footballer)
  • behind the glass by happilylarreh (the one where harrys a popstar and louis is a junior management assistant) 
  • cold by realname (the one where louis is the ministers son and they have a lot of history)
  • falling into you by stylinsoncity (the abo au where theyre in high school and in love)

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re doing any kind of httyd AU, the dragons kind of…can’t be human?  not unless you want to change up their relationship with the “vikings”.  I mean, it’s not as though the dragons in canon are exactly…subservient, but at the same time there’s this feeling of “and now everyone has one!” that wouldn’t sit well with me were they, you know, human people.

so the conclusion would have to be just a simple “and now we’re all friends” instead of “and now we have augmented our society with the powers of these former enemies!!”  also, the whole “we’ve killed thousands of them” thing would be a lot harder to just gloss over.


X//ss < *ac can’t handle all the dang cute people that she knows, not even just jake or the guys!!!*

://ss < is it just a unifursal fact that efurryone who efur plays sburb has to be so hot??? i mean come on, it just isnt fair for a heart player to be surrounded by all these hotties


zexion week ◦ day iv ◦ emotions


arrow social media au

ladies of arrow on instagram