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As many of you know, Bernie did much better than predicted on Super Tuesday, taking two states that he wasn’t predicted to, my home state of Colorado being one of them. It was a huge victory for Bernie but the fight isnt over. There are still 35 states that need to vote/caucus. Make sure to spread this even if you dont live in the following states, because you may know someone that does.  For more voting information go to

Bernie will probably take the West Coast, and a large portion of the East. The midwest and the deep south are a little bit tougher. If you get involved, and spread this message you can make a difference. My city of Colorado Springs was labeled in 2015 as the 4th most conservative city in the US but on Super Tuesday I saw what a political revolution can do. Record numbers of young voters, and just overall voting turnout in general. Caucusing can be annoying and painful, but it is well worth it. Almost everyone on my side of town went out for Bernie, it was an amazing site to see. From personal experience I know that you can make a difference. Call your friends, call your family, go volunteer. Spread the message on social media, and let the Bern spread like fire. Bernie can lead this country in the right direction. 


Regardless of Hawaii overwhelmingly supporting Senator Bernie Sanders with 70% of the votes, these super delegates still are pledging to support Hillary at the national convention. 

If you live in Hawaii, call them and let your voice be heard. Let them know that you would like your voice to be represented to the fullest at the DNC and want them to pledge their support for Bernie Sanders!

people are saying bernie’s out of the race and i will not fucking stand for it

the main stream media sites and stations are trying to focus on the general election to remove the attention that bernie’s getting

they’re saying hillary’s got too much momentum, but who raised over $5,000,000 in one day? unless she gave a few more of her lovely speeches to corporations, it’s definitely not her

most of hillary’s big win states are out of the way now, bernie is favored in late march

and he’s got nothing but money and time now, more and more people will discover his message as their primaries/caucuses apporach

this race isn’t over

vote, donate, phone bank

bernie is depending on people like you


The Nevada Caucus: 64 Bernie Sanders delegates were not allowed to participate

The Nevada Democratic Party said that 64 Sanders supporters were denied because they either were not registered Democrat voters by May 1 or their information (address, date of birth, name, etc.) could not be verified.

I want to scream. They’re rigging the election. The media ignores it because they’re bought out.

Sanders supporters were denied the right to vote since their paper work was apparently not in order but not one Clinton supporter had their paper work out of order. These people however had their paper work in order the last go about. #Hate it!